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14 Tools to Create Engaging Infographics and Images for Social Media Posts  It's no secret that images are increasingly important for social media success.

14 Tools to Create Engaging Infographics and Images for Social Media Posts 

It wasn't long ago that Twitter added inline image previews to its official apps, and it's including even more image focus in the latest redesign. At Buffer, we've done tests on our own Twitter account previously that showed images make a huge difference to engagement: In a recent research study we conducted, we found that images can increase retweet rate by up to 150%: Images aren't just useful for Twitter, either. Facebook and Google+ posts look great with images in them, and Pinterest and Instagram are all about images. To make the visual side of your social media strategy a bit easier, here are some tools to help you create awesome pictures. 1.

PicMonkey is a really easy-to-use photo editing tool that runs in your browser. Free Pictures from - 100-00-0. Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise. From the beginning of time, people have been expressing themselves through visuals.

Four Types of Visual Content That Cut Through the Noise

It is very natural for us to pay immediate attention to illustrations and graphics. And in an increasingly noisy digital landscape, marketers must use them to stand out. "Blogs were one of the earliest forms of social networking where people were writing 1,000 words," says Dr. William J. Ward, social media professor at Syracuse University. Now, I do believe that blogs, as well as micro-blogging, still have its place and are not going away any time soon. Besides just an image or a video, I would also consider multiple instruments of visual aggregation and curation of information.

Here is an example of my paper on Our customers are hungry for good content, but any more they expect it to be presented in a snackable and quickly-consumable format. Types of Visuals. Visual Literacy: An E-Learning Tutorial on Visualization for Communication, Engineering and Business. Presentation Tools. Design Downloads: Download Free Web & Graphic Designer Resources. Graphic Design Inspiration - Tutorials & Web Design Resources. 10 Wicked Freebies That Every Designer Should Download.

Sometimes designing your own graphics from scratch can be a timely and daunting task, and going to the professionals can be very costly.

10 Wicked Freebies That Every Designer Should Download

In this post I have assembled an amazing collection of well designed free graphic elements that we do think are worth mentioning…for example; Flat icons, Flat design UI Kit, PSD website template and PSD Business card template… just to name a few. These high quality graphic elements and PSD templates can be very useful and save you lots of time with your web design project without reinventing the wheel. You can download and use any of these free graphics for personal or commercial use. Most of these templates may include editable files. So why not start benefiting from these great resources by downloading them now. 1. Give your flat design a boost with this Flattastic UI kit, designed by Vlade Dimovski, free to download and simple to use. 2. [adsense] 3. 48 Flat designer icons 4. 12 Flat SEO icons 5. 6. 500 Vector Mega Icon Pack. MyFonts: Fonts for Print, Products & Screens. Photographic Libraries. Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles.

As designers, we often focus on the practical aspects of design above all else.

Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles

We focus on what works, with little regard for why it works. And in our day-to-day work, that outlook serves us well. It lets us get our work done in an efficient, professional manner, and generally nets good results. Before and After: A Craft Resource for Graphic Design. One of the best things about working with students in digital platforms is that they have an opportunity to bring visual design to their writing, leveraging talents, interests, and modes of expression that would not otherwise find a place on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of lined paper.

Before and After: A Craft Resource for Graphic Design

The opportunity to work on the text, but also express the text visually, seems to draw in many writers who otherwise might have held back from a writing task. But this also opens up the question of finding resources to enrich their understanding of the craft of design...something that might not be readily at hand in many writing classrooms. While some students might be very adept at design, many are 'enthusiastic novices' (like me). One resource I've found that succeeds in making principles of graphic design accessible to novices is Before & After Magazine. Before & After does just what its name suggests: it takes readers through a simple makeover process to illustrate an element of practical graphic design.