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Tutorial sobre captura, tratamento e visualização de dados. 6 ferramentas digitais para incluir no seu kit de jornalismo de dados. Trabalhar com bancos de dados extensos e extrair deles boas histórias exige habilidades que não se restringem à clássica prática de apuração e redação jornalística.

6 ferramentas digitais para incluir no seu kit de jornalismo de dados

Muitos profissionais têm se aventurado no mundo dos códigos e dos softwares e buscado conhecimentos de diferentes campos - da estatística ao design - para explorar este novo gênero de reportagem, que desperta cada vez mais interesse em redações ao redor do mundo. Para contribuir no processo de disseminação e ensino do jornalismo de dados, o Centro Knight tem oferecido cursos - o MOOC "Jornalismo de Dados: Noções Básicas" está com inscrições abertas - e publicado manuais e dicas sobre ferramentas de visualização de dados, como aprender a programar, raspagem de dados, conversão de arquivos PDF e outros temas. Na investigação guiada por grandes quantidades de dados, acessá-los é apenas a primeira batalha a ser vencida. First Look Publishes Open Source Code To Advance Privacy, Security and Journalism.

The Intercept and its publisher, First Look Media, strongly believe in the benefits of free and open source software — in part because we rely on such software every day.

First Look Publishes Open Source Code To Advance Privacy, Security and Journalism

To keep our journalists and sources safe, we use secure communication tools like the data-encryption system GnuPG, the Off-the-Record secure messaging protocol, the SecureDrop communications platform and the secure calling and texting app Signal. To publish on the web, we use the GNU/Linux operating system; the Apache web server; OpenSSL, a web encryption library; WordPress, the open-source blogging engine; and Piwik, which tracks web traffic. The list goes on. We greatly appreciate the hard work of developers who give away their code to benefit the internet and the world. And today we’re excited to contribute back to the open source community by launching First Look Code, the home for our own open source projects related to privacy, security, data, and journalism.

Fiverr: Gráficos, marketing, diversão e muitos outros serviços online por $5. International Symposium on Online Journalism. Untitled. Which chart or graph is right for you? Tableau Software helps people see and understand data.

Which chart or graph is right for you?

Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. More than 29,000 customer accounts get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites. The Year’s Best Social Media Tools for Journalists. It’s no surprise that social media are on the rise.

The Year’s Best Social Media Tools for Journalists

For example, 59 percent of journalists across 15 countries use Twitter in 2013, compared to 47 percent last year, according to the Oriella Digital Journalism Study. The more that journalists use social media, the more tools pop up to help them search multiple platforms at once, showcase content in a new way, follow social media chatter by location and more. Here are IJNet’s top picks of social media tools we’ve covered this year: 1. Rebelmouse. How to be a data journalist. Data journalism is huge.

How to be a data journalist

I don't mean 'huge' as in fashionable - although it has become that in recent months - but 'huge' as in 'incomprehensibly enormous'. It represents the convergence of a number of fields which are significant in their own right - from investigative research and statistics to design and programming. Syllabus: Critical thinking, ethics and knowledge-based practice in visual media. Storytelling through videography and photography can form the basis for journalism that is both consequential and high impact.

Syllabus: Critical thinking, ethics and knowledge-based practice in visual media

Powerful images can shape public opinion and indeed change the world, but with such power comes substantial ethical and intellectual responsibility. The training that prepares journalists to do this work, therefore, must meaningfully integrate deep analytical materials and demand rigorous critical thinking. Students must not only have proficient technical skills but also must know their subject matter deeply and understand the deeper implications of their journalistic choices in selecting materials. This course gives aspiring visual journalists the opportunity to hone critical-thinking skills and devise strategies for addressing multimedia reporting’s ethical concerns on a professional level. It instills values grounded in the best practices of traditional journalism while embracing the latest technologies, all through knowledge-based, hands-on instruction.

5 Tools to Track Dark Social Sharing. Today, marketers focus a lot on understanding how social media drives their business.

5 Tools to Track Dark Social Sharing

Reporting, results, revenue, and return on investment are four R’s that are part of every social marketer’s life, and they’re here to stay. Sometimes they face problems on this approach though. The first is that they’re failing to fully understand the analytics, metrics, and ROI behind their digital marketing initiatives. The second, and as a consequence of the first, is that they’re struggling to optimize their social media spending due to the lack of proper reporting.

This gives to the notion that marketers fight with so much, which is that social media is a cost, not an investment. Sparknews. International Symposium on Online Journalism. Reporting on the NSA Before It Was Cool. Big Data Made Simple – A gateway to Big Data environment. In The Newsroom.