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Visual Arts

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With Just Four Paintings, This Renaissance Master Changed the Course of Art. New Museum and EEVO Collaborate on New Mobile App for Virtual Reality Artworks. The exhibition-cum-app grew out of the First Look program, a digital commission and exhibition initiative co-organized by New Museum and its affiliate Rhizome since 2012.

New Museum and EEVO Collaborate on New Mobile App for Virtual Reality Artworks

Quick and precise analysis of the trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of your patients. How Art Fairs Expanded the Contemporary Art Market. In 2015, art fairs generated an estimated $12.7 billion in profits for exhibiting galleries.

How Art Fairs Expanded the Contemporary Art Market

But why do collectors attend fairs in droves? And what’s behind their rapid international proliferation? The fourth installment of “The Art Market (in Four Parts)” tracks how the art fair has transformed from a trade show into a platform where all aspects of the art market—galleries, collectors, curators, and artists—converge, and why they keep coming back. Fair directors and art-world influencers like Noah Horowitz, Matthew Slotover, Elmgreen & Dragset, Michele Maccarone, Josh Baer, and Sarah Thornton provide their insights.

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Gorilla - The 6 principles of good design illustrated. Whether by conscious decision or force of habit every designer has a formula for creating new work.

Gorilla - The 6 principles of good design illustrated

Overtime they develop a set of rules which guide the creative process to what they believe to be a successful outcome. While these unwritten rules are unique to each individual they are likely to focus on 6 key areas. We’ve illustrated these below for you. Media — BRAVE NEW CAMERA. How we teach the arts is as important as the fact we're doing it. I think we should be cautious about the claims we make for the arts in education.

How we teach the arts is as important as the fact we're doing it

We need to make sure that how we do the art is as important as the fact that we're doing it. After all, it's quite possible to do arts in education in ways which, say, undermine children. The New Contemporary Art Magazine. Apps in the Art Room - The Digital Art Room. 2.

Apps in the Art Room - The Digital Art Room

Google DriveLots of schools are now using Google Drive. Drive is a cloud based application which allows you to create, share and manage a variety of documents, slide shows videos etc. By effectively using Google Drive, teachers and students can increase their productivity tremendously. Drive allows us to collaborate and communicate on a whole new level. 9 Amazing Artists to Follow on Twitter. Today's artists aren't limited to creating with paint or clay.

9 Amazing Artists to Follow on Twitter

Many of the most inventive people in the art world are thinking on a much larger scale and using unexpected materials in their work. And the best thing is that you can find many of them sharing their unique views of the world 140 characters at a time on Twitter. These nine people aren't just artists. They're also illustrators, authors, designers, speakers, bloggers and activists. Swivl. ShowMe Online Learning. ShowMe Online Learning. Gestalten TV. Art Talk. CODA Along with a team of Cornell University graduate students, Caroline O'Donnell of CODA recently entered the MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program, which gives emerging architects an opportunity to build projects conceived for PS1's space in Long Island City, Queens.

Art Talk

The History of Photography, Animated. Digital Moving Image - Diocesan School for Girls. The production of moving image, short film and animation is an area of Visual Art education that is growing rapidly.

Digital Moving Image - Diocesan School for Girls

In an era when digital technology is changing fast, the sharing of ideas, experiences and approaches is especially valuable. We are happy to publish this article by Katie Blundell, a teacher from Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland, New Zealand. Katie is part of a team who has initiated the teaching of Visual Art digital moving image at her school as part of NCEA Level 1 - a qualification typically taught to Year 11 high school students (15/16 years of age).

In 2012 we launched the NCEA Level 1 Visual Arts Digital Multi Media Programme at Diocesan School for Girls. Online Portfolios on Behance. The Psychology of Writing and the Cognitive Science of the Perfect Daily Routine. Smarthistory: a multimedia web-book about art and art history. Define genome. Street Art Project, by Google Cultural Institute. The death of photography: are camera phones destroying an artform? Pbs off book channel. Frame By Frame: The Art of Stop Motion. Online Portfolios on Behance. Grisaille Painting from Beginning to End. Contemporary Art Daily. Why Every Entrepreneur Should Unleash Their Inner Artist. The artistic process is very similar to the entrepreneurial path.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Unleash Their Inner Artist

Both artists and entrepreneurs create something from nothing, face rejection and fine tune their approach to succeed. Since our journeys are so similar, entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two from our artistic brethren. Here are five places to start: 1. Cultivate a willingness to fail. You have to be willing to fail so that you can learn what works and what doesn't. That public acknowledgement lets the audience shift gears and be receptive for the next joke. 2. Carlton Cuse: 6 talks that help me create. 9 Reasons to Study Art in High School.

Teachers are often asked why students should study Art in high school.

9 Reasons to Study Art in High School

The common responses relate to creative thinking, broadening the mind and feeding the soul: all of which do little to address fears about ‘soft’ subjects, university entrance, careers and long-term financial well-being. Stuart Jeffries on installation art. There was a bit of a fuss at Tate Britain the other day. A woman was hurrying through the large room that houses Lights Going On and Off in a Gallery, Martin Creed's Turner prize-shortlisted installation in which, yes, lights go on and off in a gallery.

Suddenly the woman's necklace broke and the beads spilled over the floor.

Moving Image

Fashion of Artists.