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Data Relationship Visualization and Analysis. Tom Sawyer Software products are used to build and deploy sophisticated data relationship visualization and analysis applications.

Data Relationship Visualization and Analysis

Backed by twenty years of pioneering research and development, Tom Sawyer Software products address the needs of the most demanding visualization and analysis application projects. Leading software companies, systems integrators, global enterprises, and governments use data relationship visualization and analysis applications to detect hidden relationships, identify critical trends, and find key patterns in their complex data sets. Tom Sawyer Software is the industry leader in data relationship visualization and analysis, providing software with excellent quality, range, performance, and scalability. Our products utilize a common reference architecture that is designed to support efficient and scalable applications.

Tom Sawyer Software products support the enterprise requirements of high performance and scalability. 21 Ways to Visualize and Explore Your Email Inbox. Email has grown to be a huge part of our lives and is very much commonplace.

21 Ways to Visualize and Explore Your Email Inbox

We can connect with others in just a few clicks. With all the email sent per day, how can we understand these connections? How can we visualize the type of email we've been sending? Can we tell a story somehow with the thousands of emails we've sent, received, and deleted? These 21 email visualizations investigate. Exploratory We almost always think of email in list-form - read, unread, spam - but here are a group of visualizations that show you email differently and encourage users to explore their inbox. Mountain It's the mountain of email by Fernanda Viegas from the IBM group. Enron Explorer I posted about this in 6 Influential Datasets that Changed the Way We Think. Themail Themail splits your emails into keywords and phrases. Contrasting Portraits Analytic.

25 Tools To Boost Your Content Strategy [Infographic] Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles Content Marketing By Louis Foong, Published March 30, 2014 I keep hearing that digital marketing continues to be a significant focus of marketing and lead generation campaigns.

25 Tools To Boost Your Content Strategy [Infographic]

As we have all heard before, successful digital marketing requires fresh and high quality content. Content is king – there is no doubt behind that notion. In the infographic titled “25 Outstanding Content Marketing Tools For Your Brand” by the Social Media Strategies Summit, we can view numerous tools that enhance content marketing strategies. I invite you to consider the following list, which is summarized by the Social Media Strategies Summit’s infographic: 2013: The Year of Intelligent Content Marketing in the UK [Infographic] In November, we launched a short online survey to find out more about the state of content marketing in the UK.

2013: The Year of Intelligent Content Marketing in the UK [Infographic]

More than 70 people responded – three-quarters of them marketers of whom nearly two-thirds work client-side – to give us an overview of how businesses in the UK approach content marketing and give us an insight into their plans for 2013. The results show UK businesses realise the importance of content marketing and plan to boost investment in the next year – as our new infographic shows.

The picture right now Businesses are starting to understand the potential power of content marketing. With big brands like Coca-Cola publicly outlining their plans to invest significantly in content marketing, it’s no surprise that other organisations are following suit: 78 per cent of respondents to our survey said their companies invest in content marketing.

Content Marketing in the UK: 2013 marks the year of intelligent content marketing (click to open a larger version) 32 Ideas for IT innovation. Here Comes the First Real Alternative to iPhone and Android. If you talk to enough people at the Finnish mobile startup Jolla, at some point it occurs to you that the company it most resembles is Apple.

Here Comes the First Real Alternative to iPhone and Android

Not the Apple of today, which is basically a half-trillion-dollar supply chain with a design appendage, but Apple back when it was Steve Jobs obsessing over the creation of the Macintosh, which was radical in its focus on the user. In demos, at least, Jolla’s decidedly different new mobile operating system (OS), called Sailfish, looks that good. Sailfish, Jolla insists, will become a legitimate alternative to the Coke and Pepsi of smartphone platforms: Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Microsoft would like to accomplish the same thing, and has spent billions trying, with limited success; it has already cut back production for the new tablet running its latest OS, Windows 8. So what makes this group of fewer than 100-odd Finns, most of them refugees from the sinking ship that is Nokia, think they stand a chance? A radical user interface. Genes to Cognition Online. Simple Mapper We developed Simple Mapper to power this web site on the brain.

Genes to Cognition Online

Now, you can use it to organize what comes out of yours! With Simple Mapper create and save concept maps, network diagrams, or flowcharts for personal use or to share with others. START MAPPING! G2C Blog: Thoughts on Thinking The Epigenetic code and brain development Epigenetics has been a hot topic in molecular biology for several years and it´s fascinating to see how it is now trending in general news as well. 3-D Brain The G2C Brain is an interactive 3-D model of the brain, with 29 structures that can be rotated in three-dimensional space.