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How Instagram Is Changing the Way Brands Look at Photography, Online and Beyond. Call it the "Instagram Effect"—that filtered, shadowed, sharpened, brightened, tilted, faded, structured, saturated way of seeing life through a lens.

How Instagram Is Changing the Way Brands Look at Photography, Online and Beyond

It's changed the way people portray themselves and see others. And it's having the same impact on brands. Design teams are beginning to see the benefit of moving away from over-lit, over-staged and generally over-edited photography for their campaigns and instead are favoring a more organic (albeit filtered) look and feel that matches the medium—on Instagram itself, obviously, but also in print and across an array of other media. "We kind of call it 'perfectly imperfect,'" said Nathan Iverson, evp and design director at Deutsch LA.

"People will call you out pretty easily if your food looks overly propped or overly perfect because that's not how it is. " Iverson said Instagram certainly isn't pioneering the use of effects, but it is resurrecting and evolving an old-school aesthetic. Not every agency sees Instagram as the cause of this shift.

20 Great Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design. We can all agree that, in most cases, there's more than one way of doing something.

20 Great Examples of PowerPoint Presentation Design

For example, some people default to the "loop, swoop, and pull" method when they tie their shoes, while others swear by the "bunny ears" technique. Either way you swing it, your shoes get tied, right? Trouble is, in some areas of life, different approaches don't always return the same results. 10 Pro Tips for Instagram From Top PR Pros & Marketers. Graphic Design - Seven Tools for Creating Infographics Without Using Photoshop. How can you create beautiful infographics without using Photoshop?

Graphic Design - Seven Tools for Creating Infographics Without Using Photoshop

I'm not a Photoshop expert, so I take days to create a basic infographic. I'm a Paint ninja, but I can't create nice infographics by using Paint. So I searched for fast, easy, and cheap (even free) alternatives. I've outlined the most important aspects of each tool I found: Blog » 4 Mobile Photography Tips to Up Your Insta-game. What makes the ever-talented Kirsten Alana so influential?

Blog » 4 Mobile Photography Tips to Up Your Insta-game

Well, for one, she’s just that. A bona fide influencer; one of those powerful voices guiding social conversation through an artistic view of the world. Everything she snaps turns to Insta-gold. But Kirsten is much more than an influencer. She is also a creator and a storyteller – one of the talented few who can turn a cluttered city street, a lonely farmhouse or a lowly plate of burgers and fries into a stunning work of art. 10 Types of Visual Social Media Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy. Do you want double your social engagement and get your content shared like crazy?

10 Types of Visual Social Media Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy

For small businesses and brands everywhere, posting multiple images on social media has been proven to have massive traction It seems simple right? But if it was so easy wouldn’t everybody do it? Like most good things, in life – there’s a catch. And it isn’t not needing a huge budget or incredible graphic design skills. When it comes to content creation, many people make this simple mistake: they add more visuals just for the sake of it. For Work. Rock and Roll's Drawing Fable (A quick lesson on how to draw anything…

Erika Heald on Twitter: "Awesome visual notes from the REI #CMWorld session #visualcontent... 5 Free Content Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing. Are you looking for new ways to grab your fans’ attention?

5 Free Content Tools to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

When was the last time you changed the way you share news and updates? When you present your content in new, engaging and interactive ways, it stands out in a constant stream of competing information. In this article you’ll discover five free tools to help you avoid the same tired ways of sharing content. #1: Make Your Images Interactive ThingLink‘s fun, dynamic, visual format draws attention to your updates. You can add text or multimedia overlays to any of your photos or images, but what makes this tool more interesting than others is that the results are interactive. Viewers hover over icons to watch a video, listen to an audio file, link externally, complete a poll and more. Home Depot uses ThingLink images to share room and home décor DIY suggestions and tutorials.

. #2: Crowdsource Your Digital Story Show off content as a story. #3: Test Your Audience’s Knowledge Everyone loves a good quiz. Ask readers to test their knowledge. 3 Ways Any Business Can Market on Pinterest. Are you looking for a way to fit in on Pinterest?

3 Ways Any Business Can Market on Pinterest

Do you know how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool? Pinterest is built around beautiful pictures and that can be a problem for some companies. If you don’t think your business is Pinterest-friendly, it’s time to reconsider. In this article you’ll discover three Pinterest marketing tactics you can use to entice followers to click through, no matter what your industry or niche. #1: Highlight Your Strengths The challenge on Pinterest is to be as irresistible as possible. Realizing that pictures are not their strength, The Wall Street Journal has gained a Pinterest following by posting noteworthy quotes from their articles. Linking to online articles transforms this pin into a creative call to action.

These bold, text-based images stand out in a user’s feed and highlight share-worthy quotes. . #2: Share Valuable Data Unless you’re sharing an infographic, the image-heavy nature of Pinterest makes data-based content marketing a challenge. 1. 2. 3. 4.

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