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Visual Novels and Otome

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Otome Jikan. Play Nowhere Safe 2. Project Page Notes Full work translation.

Novelty - Visual novel maker. Download (v.1.1) - Love Revo Guide. . sanctuary . Haa..

. sanctuary .

Somehow this the hardest route to get through without skipping so far. Not because I don't like Kaede or because the story is boring, but simply because I can't stand Yurika at all. Unfortunately, this girl was everywhere in Kaede's route. Otome game. Sim Date RPG - - The Top Visual Novel Games Site. Hanako Games - Download Anime Games. 4 Shiki. Star Project - Galaxy Games. Index page. Ren'Py Games List : Home Page. My Candy Love, a game of love and flirting for girls!

List Of Free Otome Games in English. Otome Games in English.