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Visual Novels and Otome

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アリスと夢の国の住人たち。~子守り編~|ノベルゲームコレクション-無料で遊べる. CloudNovel - Visual Novel Maker. FANDOM powered by Wikia. Is there a page not made yet?

FANDOM powered by Wikia

You can contribute to the wiki by using the box below to create a page! Be sure to read the Manual of Style before starting! Your help is much appreciated here! Don't know where to go? Browse these pages and look around! Visual Novels. Monogatari. Visual Novel Engine for the Web - WebStory Engine. Date Nighto - Visual Novels in Your Browser. Date Nighto Date Nighto was founded in 2013 by Conrad Kreyling and Lindsay Woods with one goal in mind: allow independent creators to deliver high-quality, Japanese-style visual novels to a Western audience.

Date Nighto - Visual Novels in Your Browser

We want to create a community of friends who love beautiful art, compelling stories, and playing games wherever and however you want. More about our founding at Polygon Conrad Kreyling Founder, Technical Lead. Eldarya - Free Romance and Adventure Fantasy Game. Otome Jikan. Novelty - Visual novel maker. Download (v.1.1) - Love Revo Guide. . sanctuary . Haa..

. sanctuary .

Somehow this the hardest route to get through without skipping so far. Not because I don't like Kaede or because the story is boring, but simply because I can't stand Yurika at all. Unfortunately, this girl was everywhere in Kaede's route. 4 Shiki. Index page. Ren'Py Games List : Home Page. My Candy Love, a game of love and flirting for girls! List Of Free Otome Games in English. Otome Games in English.