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Experience the power of a bookbook™

Experience the power of a bookbook™

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Thinking Outside the Bin: Why labeling books by reading level disempowers young readers Illustration by James Steinberg A child enters the library, looking for something to read. She wanders the aisles, glancing at book spines, running her finger along the shelf, and lingering at a display of new titles. “Can I help you?” Fast Track to Modern Marketing Copyright © 2018 Limited. All rights reserved. OverviewModulesBook now - Start today! @EvgenyMorozov @NewYorker #ShowUsTheMissingPages — Taming the American Idol After the Eno Tweet, Morozov largely went silent on Twitter. He has not responded in any formal way to demands that he better recognize Medina's book, and he certainly hasn't publicly apologized. To my knowledge, The New Yorker has not responded either. The void left by Morozov and The New Yorker has been filled in part by Janet Browne, the Chair of Harvard University's History of Science Department, where Morozov is a doctoral student. Browne has recently become interested in the history of computing, and so, last week, she joined the mailing list of SIGCIS, the world's foremost organization of computer historians.

"The Good Stuff": Why Arguments about YA Matter Years ago, after weeks of urging teachers to come to me for student book recommendations, an English teacher dropped by to take me up on my offer. I asked her what kinds of books she wanted for her 8th graders. “Good books,” she replied promptly. And then, looking over her shoulder as if checking for the library police, “None of that Young Adult literature…just, you know, the good stuff.” At a conference a few years later, a high school librarian lowered her voice and leaned towards me.

This LinkedIn Power User With 10K Followers Shares His Best Social Selling Secrets “How do you use LinkedIn for social selling?” It’s a question several of my LinkedIn connections have asked me. Perhaps because I’ve received business and speaking opportunities from folks who found me on LinkedIn. But this story isn’t about me. This comic is an homage (or perhaps ripoff, if you are feeling less generous) of Monty Python's classic skit, "The Philosophers' Football Match". Sartre's "radical freedom" is explained in the notes on comic 17. Similarly, Derrida's joke is explained in the notes of comic 23. Hey, I have a limited subject matter, I'm going to reuse jokes, get used to it.

How to Reach the Dormant Readers Can Books Compete with VR? Dormant vs. Reluctant Readers As with most things Donalyn Miller (a.k.a. The Book Whisperer) writes, I wish I had thought of it. The Ultimate Cheat Sheets for Photoshop and Lightroom Shortcuts The design team at have created a series of incredibly handy cheat sheets for all Adobe Creative Cloud programs. Below you will find the ultimate keyboard shortcut cheat sheets for Photoshop and Lightroom. If you use either of these programs, learning the keyboard shortcuts for the tools you most commonly use can save you a LOT of time and improve your work flow. You’ll also feel like a boss by minimizing your mouse usage :) If you’re interested in a high-res PDF, you can nab them here: PHOTOSHOP | LIGHTROOM

untitled “Hey mate, you’re studying marketing at uni. Can you help me with my business?” For many people, the answer to that question is probably “no”. I was asked this recently, which really put into perspective the fragile connection between these two concepts - studying marketing at uni and actually being able to do something. English Language Learners + Graphic Novels Beginner’s Mind Recently I had a powerful if uncomfortable experience. I spent a month in Italy taking Italian language lessons. 3D Reconstruction – Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory Short Summary Symmetry is a ubiquitous concept and repetitions are very common in many man-made objects because of its impact on economical and functional considerations and aesthetic concerns. The goal of this project is to explore the notion of symmetry as a means to provide non-local coupling between geometric computations and to extract semantic information in order to improve the 3D reconstruction quality, specifically in the context of urban reconstruction. Project Description

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