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Rompe las barreras del idioma con el Traductor de Google: • Traduce a 90 idiomas.• Habla con naturalidad y deja que Google traduzca.• Traduce con tu voz, cámara o teclado, y también con la escritura táctil• Traduce sin conexión mientras viajas. No necesitarás conexión a Internet.• Guarda tus traducciones y recupéralas desde cualquier dispositivo. Imagen de Novosibirsk Metro del usuario de Wikipedia Sskz, utilizada de acuerdo con la licencia CC-BY-SA 3.0,

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Microsoft Windows is now free for mobile devices under 9 inches Today is the first day of Microsoft’s Build conference and that means the company will be sharing plenty of news about the future of Windows and other Microsoft products. Earlier Microsoft not only revealed it is making several changes to the desktop version of Windows such as finally bringing back the start menu, they also announced plans to allow cross-platform compatibility between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 modern apps. While both of these changes are pretty crucial, the most massive change Microsoft is introducing is in regards to its pricing structure for Windows. Play Movies & TV You always wanted to play video files for free.You always searched for that media and video tool that plays all kind of video formats.Now you need to stop right there because this amazing video player for android is based on one of the most famous video players of all time "VLC MEDIA PLAYER". We know how frustrating to get the best video player for all format because we have been trough the same routine of finding that one particular streaming video for android to make us happy.Enough said we present you the most powerful video player in the Android market. First thing you will notice about this HD video player is that the ability of auto detect video and audio files to make it much easier to enjoy the maximum of your quality videos or either your stored music.If you are looking for a free streaming pro software this is it.Including the feature of opening a link in full HD you can enjoy streaming music or streaming movies as long as you got the link for them.How cool is that ?

Flux d'actu. Google☆4.1 NewsHunt, India's #1 mobile newspaper app brings together the News from 80+ regional newspapers in 11 languages, and the largest collection of regional language ebooks from the world. *Large Collection of Indian language eBooks on ‘NewsHunt: India News | eBooks*Now, ‘NewsHunt : News | eBooks’ lets you browse, download and read the largest collection of regional language eBooks. Read authors including Surendra Mohan Pathak, Chetan Bhagat, Rajesh Kumar, Sudha Murthy, Kannadhasan, and Deepak Chopra as well as international best selling authors. Features:• Read Free Books—Choose from thousands of free ebooks such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to Alice in Wonderland* Shop for Books—Easily shop for ebooks, including new releases* Pay using your mobile phone in addition to your credit/debit cards - Buy eBook using your mobile operator.

Cross Browser Compatibility Check Tools Cross browser compatibility is a must if you are working as a web designer, you need to test all your design in different web browser. As today top web browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. And not all the browser have the same render result to your design code. You have to test and tweak your html code and css code. Wi-Fi Protected Setup The WPS push button (center, blue) on a wireless router Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS; originally Wi-Fi Simple Config) is a computing standard that attempts to allow easy establishment of a secure wireless home network. WPS has been shown to easily fall to brute-force attacks.[2] A major security flaw was revealed in December 2011 that affects wireless routers with the WPS feature, which most recent models have enabled by default. The flaw allows a remote attacker to recover the WPS PIN in a few hours and, with it, the network's WPA/WPA2 pre-shared key.[3] Users have been urged to turn off the WPS feature,[4] although this may not be possible on some router models.[5] Methods[edit source | editbeta] The standard emphasizes usability and security, and allows up to four usage modes aimed at a home network user adding a new device to the network:

Chrome User Agent CHROMECAST READY! Play videos from Split Browser on big screens! Imagine if you could watch videos and write emails at the same time using your tablet! Or compare two web pages side by side, or take notes alongside a web page. Firefox Beta Opera browser for Android Get the best mobile browser for Android. Opera looks great, loads pages super fast, and keeps you safe on the web. Sync and share: Do more with Opera for Android. Now, you can sync your phone’s tabs and bookmarks with your tablet or computer. Open Source Initiative (OSI) announces new Affiliate Members By Deb BryantMarch 12, 2014 Palo Alto, California — The Open Source Initiative ( is very pleased to announce two new organizations have joined the OSI as Affiliate Members: inBloom ( and LinuxFest Northwest ( The OSI Board of Directors offers a warm welcome to both! With inBloom and LinuxFest Northwest joining as OSI Affiliates, our membership of non-profit organizations supporting our mission—to educate about and advocate for the benefits of open source, and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community—increases to thirty. OSI Affiliate Members help define the direction and development of, not only the organization itself, but the open source community as well. "inBloom intends to become a champion of open source software development in the context of educational tools for K12 and fully uphold the Open Source Definition.