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Funny Pictures, Humor, Funny Videos, Internet Comedy

Funny Pictures, Humor, Funny Videos, Internet Comedy
The Game of SMOSH We've turned all of SMOSH into a game. The Game of SMOSH. The more you play, the more you level up. The more you level up, the more cool rewards you win. …All For Free! It's completely free and easy to play.

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Quickfix Archive Over the past few weeks, several major fast food chains have introduced new and visually disgusting additions to their morning menus, prompting what experts are calling the "breakfast wars." Why? Because apparently there is $10 billion to be made off of Americans who can't crack their own eggs in the morning. Clearly, we had to see what the fuss was about, so we sent one lucky researcher to find out which is the least of three evils: the stalwart (McDonald's Egg White Delight McMuffin), the faux elite (Starbucks Bacon and Gouda Sandwich), or the crazy-eyed, shit-stained new kid (Taco Bell Sausage Waffle Taco)? Made By White Blog We spent a lovely weekend away on the south coast a few weekends ago. As you can see Mollymook beach was a little choppy (in fact we lost Wilfred’s favourite frisbee in that there surf…can’t you tell from the look of disappointment on the boys faces?), but it was lovely at Callala Bay where our holiday house is. We ate delicious burgers at Pilgrims in Milton, always a highlight. I do live for an amazing veggie burger, and this is close to the best!

Rage Comics - Express Your Rage - rage comics Most Upvoted 243 votes This 78-Year-Old Granny Has the Reaction to Roller Coasters We Can All Relate to 188 votes What on Earth is Tomodachi Life? Bel-Air (Fresh Prince) About To Bel-Air, when used as a verb, means to copy a story that another Inter user has posted online and switch out the last half of the story with the lyrics to opening theme song of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” an American sitcom series starring Will Smith as a street-smart teenager from West Philadelphia who lives with his relatives in Bel Air. On 4chan, the lyrics of opening theme song is used as a popular “bait and switch” copypasta. The Featured Creature Habitat: common in deep, temperate and equatorial oceanic waters Status: Not Listed Looking at the drawing above, you’re probably thinking it’s from some Hitchhiker’s Guide to the… Read Article → Join me on my hunt for a Spanish Shawl nudibranch! Read Article →

10 Torturous Methods of Execution Browse Categories Webmaster Login Webmaster Sign Up Tantalizing Tiffany TothTiffany Toth was born and raised in Southern California. 10 Torturous Methods of ExecutionExecution of criminals and political opponents has been used by nearly all societies—both to punis... Creativitarts Tanbo – The art of drawing in rice In order to last, a masterpiece should always be written in stone. If this is not possible, than rice should definitely be taken in consideration. Small towns like Inakadate, in Japan, are famous for their way of growing rice. For more than years, all these people were capable of doing to survive was to […] 20 colorful tattoos to celebrate the sea

Supercell Build and defend your village Dominate the Realm Battle with thousands of players across the world! “The game is awesome. There is about nothing better! And if there’s something better I don’t know it.” author “One of the greatest games that I have ever played in my entire life.” author “Worldwide there are players who can not stop playing.” Schrute Facts fourtoe: Woo! So x atheist x!!!I have been barefoot 99% of my life now that I am no longer in school.Also, is it bad to have my plate number on the internet like this? 8 Children's Movies Studios Don't Have the Balls to Make For my day job, I work for a major feature animation studio, and one of their coolest and most dangerous policies is that any employee can submit a pitch for a movie idea. They're looking for what they call in the biz four-quadrant movies, or what you would think of as "family" movies: Something with enough wit or thrills to keep adults interested, but doesn't involve penis jokes or disembowelment. I've come up with quite a few ideas that were all unfortunately rejected. Not by management, technically, as I wasn't able to get as far as submitting them, but by my co-workers, who physically prevented me from hitting the "submit" button on the computer. They said something about "career suicide" and how they were "saving me from myself."

Focus Focus on the Red Dot and give us a like if the blue circle disappeared. This is a practical demonstration of the word 'focus'; when you focus on a thing, the remaining thoughts and objects should disappear.

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