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That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E‬‏

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E‬‏

Homeopaths offer to rebrand products as 'confectionery' | Martin Robbins | Science 'There would of course be media repercussions,' said the homeopathic pharmacy Helios of its plan to market its remedies as 'confectionery'. Photograph: Corbis Under current UK law*, it is an offence for a lay homeopath to supply or sell unlicensed homeopathic medicines for which they do not hold a certificate of registration from the MHRA. This has come as something of a shock to many homeopaths, who apparently only became aware of it in the last year or so, when UK medicines legislation was about to be consolidated under the Human Medical Regulations Act, which came into force in July. We only have the Society's description of that meeting, but it fits with the Coalition's rejection of Parliament's homeopathy 'evidence check' - short version: "We checked, there wasn't any!" If regulation was applied to homeopathic medicines as understood in the context of conventional pharmaceutical medicines, these products would have to be withdrawn from the market as medicines.

Malleus Homeopathicum News - The Nightingale Collaboration Medicines regulator cancels product licences for non-medicines — now covered by food regulations They look like medicines: they have a licence number after all and come in a little glass bottle with a dropper and lots of detailed instructions, precautions, restrictions and warnings and even Boots, that trusted pharmacist on the high street, is in no doubt what they are: There are a very precise 38 'remedies' in the set of original Bach Flower Remedies, all made from different flowers, invented in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach (pronounced 'Batch'), a medical doctor who studied at University College Hospital, London. …early morning sunlight passing through dew-drops on flower petals transferred the healing power of the flower onto the water. Exactly what healing power of the flower he was referring to is not clear but the remedies were: …intuitively derived and based on his perceived psychic connections to the plants He gave them all their own little description, like this one for Pine: ®logo.

Burzynski: killing without care? | Josephine Jones A guest post by Keir Liddle^ Skeptics and critics of Dr Burzynski’s antineoplaston treatment have been scratching their heads of late at the removal of all references to ANP on the clinics website. Why did a reference to Dr Burzynskis miraculous brain cancer cure suddenly disappear? That seemed the obvious explanation until @medtek on twitter discovered that the FDA had been doing a lot more than simply sending the clinic letters. According to a Burzynski patient blog*, the clinic has been undergoing an FDA audit. From the blog: The Burzynski Clinic is going through some issues right now. But why has the clinic been prevented from taking on new patients? The FDA stopped new pediatric patients because a child had went into a tumor related coma and did not get enough water during treatment, thus spiking the sodium level to a fatal level The risk of hypernatraemia arising from ANP treatment has been well documented during the investigations of skeptics and critics into the clinic. Like this:

...Whatever. — Wrote this for reddit because a story about... Wrote this for reddit because a story about aspergers made the front page and I can only listen to “How is being socially awkward a disability, fucking fakers” for so long before I flip my shit. Next time you have a conversation with a person, try to take manual control over everything. Eye contact, reading gestures, analyzing tone of voice, continually mentally polling to determine if it’s your turn to speak yet, keep a background check to make sure you don’t “go on too long” when you are speaking, take manual control over your own facial expressions and vocal modulations. Even meaning is obscured, remember to check every phrase they say manually for subtext or secondary meanings too. Yes, now you’re thinking about it, you’re probably also thinking that this is how life is for you every day, but the difference between you and me, is that all this is at the front of my mind, being hand-cranked and it is exhausting.

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Faith in alternative therapy delays cancer treatment Even though cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, patients waste precious time in using alternative therapies before going to a hospital for treatment. Almost 70% of new cancer cases at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)'s Dr BR Ambedkar Institute-Rotary Cancer Hospital are beyond the critical stage two, when the cancer can be treated easily. Of these, half have been using an alternative therapy for months. Most private hospitals say one in four patients have tried alternative medicines before coming for treatment. "It is a very common problem that we face. There is no scientific evidence about the efficacy of these therapies but people seem to blindly follow them. "It obviously affects the outcome of the treatment outcome," Dr Julka added. Apart from consuming certain dubious drugs, these people use varieties of churan, apply herbs such as aloe vera, drink gomutra (calf's urine) and even use of burning coal to destroy the tumour.

Second Week of Fundamentals Training Begins in Belle Anse, Haiti | Here I am, on my second trip to Haiti with Homeopaths “Sans Frontières”—I spiffed up my French to be able to communicate with the Haitian people better. My Creole is basically nonexistent but if you know the words “meci” (thank you) and “enpils” (a lot), you can get pretty far. More on that, later. We all arrived on the same flight, allowing us to bond early in our adventure. We left the next morning at 7.30 a.m. for Belle Anse. We arrived in Marigot on the Caribbean, where we boarded a boat for a one and a half hour boat ride to Belle Anse. However, the Fundamentals of Homeopathy program offered by HWB attracted a lot of people. Wendy (a first time volunteer) and I ran a clinic for children in “La Place,” a sort of Gazebo in the center of town. Wendy is an outdoorsy type and knows how to survive in the wilderness. Finally, the Haitians are really amazing and are true survivors, who do not complain about their lot. ~ Marina Braun

Honey Boo Boo My son has been coughing for several weeks, and the cough will probably persist for another 2 or 3 weeks. Coughs last a long time. Patients think a cough will go away in less than a week but in reality they are likely to last several weeks. Coughs are a pain for the patient and an annoyance for the people around them. I tend to leave most symptoms alone if the they are not life threatening or otherwise unbearable for the patient. If there are benefits to suppressing the cough associated with acute respiratory infections I can’t find any and we have all seen people who, because of inability to cough secondary to rib fractures, develop severe pneumonia. I suffer from a mild form the the naturalistic fallacy. Not only has my son been coughing, but, thanks to flu-like illness season, almost everyone around me is coughing as well and someone asked me about honey as a cough treatment, pointing to a recent article in Pediatrics. I like honey. The study was simple and really, really flawed.

Bringing a new perspective to infectious disease Studying infectious diseases has long been primarily the domain of biologists. However, as part of the Ragon Institute, MIT engineers and physical scientists are joining immunologists and physicians in the battle against HIV, which currently infects 34 million people worldwide. The mission of the Ragon Institute—launched jointly in 2009 by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), MIT and Harvard University—is to develop new HIV vaccines through better understanding of how the immune system responds to infection. Bruce Walker, the MGH physician who directs the institute, says it was important to enlist engineers and physical scientists, who have usually been excluded from traditional HIV research, to help in this effort. "It seemed to me that if we could break down some of those silos, there were probably tools in the toolbox that could be applied to the problem right now that weren't being applied," Walker says. Single-cell analysis New vaccine targets Special delivery

Integrated medicine makes no sense There are few subjects in the area of alternative medicine which are more deceptive than the now fashionable topic of “integrated medicine” (or integrative medicine, healthcare etc.). According to its proponents, integrated medicine (IM) is based mainly on two concepts. The first is that of “whole person care”, and the second is often called “the best of both worlds”. Whole patient care or holism Integrated healthcare practitioners, we are being told, do not just treat the physical complaints of a patient but look after the whole individual: body, mind and soul. The truth is that all good medicine is, was, and always will be holistic: today’s GPs, for instance, should care for their patients as whole individuals dealing the best they can with physical problems as well as social and spiritual issues. It follows that the promotion of IM under the banner of holism is utter nonsense. The best of both worlds The second concept of IM is often described as “the best of both worlds”.