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Augmented Reality

NEW: You Can Now Download Layar for Google Glass Engage with your audience and stand out from the crowd by connecting print with the online world. Learn more about interactive print The Layar Creator Over 80,000 publishers The quickest and easiest way to createand publish Interactive Print.

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Anatomy 4D Changes the Way We Learn About the Human Body Anatomy 4D, a free mobile app from DAQRI, gives students and educators the ability to explore every detail of the human body and all its systems in stunning detail. The app, which has been incredibly popular with the education community, allows users to isolate bodily systems: muscular, skeletal, circulatory and more, to see every detail and how each one works together. All you need to do is print the targets below and scan them with your phone’s camera. Search results for book box We celebrated World Read Aloud Day all week long at Van Meter by joining LitWorld's global reading movement of making a difference in the lives of others through books, sharing, and reading. All week long we brought wonderful new books, authors, illustrators, friends, students, teachers, and schools around the country into our library and school community. 21 Skype connections to be exact!

Augmented Reality: Here's Our Wishlist of Apps, What's On Yours? There's another dimension present, everywhere we go, that a growing number of technologists are working to uncover. These people aren't talking about theoretical physics or a magical world of fairies and gnomes - they're talking about information that could offer more context to traditionally physical lived experience. Augmented Reality (AR) is the phrase being used and this practice of making layers of data available on top of real world experiences could be a big one soon. Improvements in geolocation, bandwidth, mobile devices and APIs are the foundation of this feeling that a useful Augmented Reality may be more realistic today than ever before. AR isn't new, but it's been pretty hokey so far. Now there's a movement to make it really worth doing.

SeeMore Interactive – The Augmented Reality Retail App SeeMore Interactive brings retail to life, facilitating e-commerce and mobile shopping from virtually anywhere. It helps brands to allow their customers see more. This augmented reality retail app uses an advanced image recognition application to allow buyers to activate an interactive experience instantly through the camera of their smartphone. This smart technology is beyond augmented reality that allows real-life objects, products and prints to be displayed along with interactive content such as product details, offers, recommended products for purchase, loyalty points and more. To experience this technology, you need to hold your smartphone camera using this augmented reality app over the image. The AR technology of the app will activate automatically to provide a unique experience.

Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes. erase Draw Add Image curricular Apps based on augmented reality technology for high school students and teachers Dear Zientia user, Today we are excited to announce an important change at Zientia. After a fantastic year with you, receiving feedback about Zientia and your experience with us, we have collected all of your ideas and transformed them into a new high-quality product for education called Arloon. Arloon is our participation in the digital education revolution.

What I Learned By Visiting Bookstores in Colorado Over Christmas Happy New Year, Everyone. I hope your holiday break was filled with peace, happiness, and lots of fun. And of course a lot of wonderful books and reading too. When I went to Colorado over Christmas, I looked for places with books. transmedia storytelling Undoubtedly, all of the entertainment industries—dance, theatre, gaming, comic books etc—have had to adjust to technological and cultural convergence. The music industry’s decline exemplifies the power of such phenomena. But the television and film industries, though primed to fully transition into the digital age, have neglected to make the quantum leap for two reasons. First, media executives have viewed the development of new technologies as threats to the industry, rather than gateways for new possibilities.

The Layar Reality Browser is a mobile application. It shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality. This digital information is called a 'layer'. Layar Reality Browser is available for iPhone and Android phones (201101), free and easy to install. There are hundreds of layers; both international and local. Have a go and experience it yourself. by pauldedigitect Jan 23

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