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Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave)

Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave)
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tiki_toki_Beautiful web-based timeline software Mind Mapping in My Classroom with MindMeister Editor’s note: Winners of the MindMeister giveaway are announced in the Comments! Mind Mapping is one of the hot buzzwords being thrown around in the world of pedagogy. What exactly are Mind Maps? Personally, mine were always much less colorful and dynamic! However, Mind Mapping has come a very long way in recent years, especially with the assistance of technology. In this post I want to highlight my favorite Mind Mapping program – MindMeister — and talk about several ways I use mind maps in my classroom. There are many similar products out on the market today (both free and fee-based), but what sets MindMeister apart (in my mind) is that it provides simultaneously collaborative brainstorming and visualization tools using cloud technology. As you can see, MindMeister has numerous features and allows a great deal of flexibility and creativity. MindMeister in the Classroom The classroom, however, is a different story. Mind Mapping class discussions How would you use MindMeister?

Etherpad Foundation › Live Document Collaboration What is Online Collaboration? - A Definition of Online Collaboration These FAQs will try to answer some of your questions about online collaboration and working collaboratively online. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below, please feel free to get in touch. Question: What is online collaboration? Question: How is online collaboration different from web conferencing? Question: What are the key features in an online collaboration tool? Question: Is online collaboration secure? Question: Is online collaboration for everyone, or is it only effective in larger organizations? Question: How can online collaboration help business?

AGORA EX MACHINA : Démocratie Liquide A propos de nous… Partant du constat que les solutions actuelles permettent de rapprocher les gens et de simplifier les échanges, nous pensons qu’il est opportun de redéfinir nos modes de direction. Le principe est simple : tout ce qui impacte les membres doit être étudié, formulé et voté par les membres. L’analyse que nous avons menée nous pousse vers une idée novatrice : mettre en place une plateforme de démocratie dite « liquide », c'est-à-dire participative, directe, transparente et évolutive. Il est important pour nous, de diffuser et de partager notre travail. Vous retrouverez donc en bas de page, la documentation complète, fonctionnelle et technique de notre plateforme ainsi que les sources, et un manuel d'installation. Vous avez dit démocratie liquide ? La démocratie liquide est un système dans lequel la plupart des décisions sont votées par un référendum direct, et le vote par procuration est facilité. Nous vous accompagnerons à chaque étape. Ne soyons plus spectateurs. Nous suivre

Features and Formalities of Collaboration Tools Evidence of collaboration's importance is quickly evolving as online communities sprout up within the workplace and public websites. Sharing your ideas, providing a resource to your team, coordinating the content for a presentation to your biggest client are among many reasons to know more about and make valuable connections. Here are several resources to help you learn the basics of collaboration, to answer questions about collaboration tools from a buyer's perspective, and to understand group preferences and tips for building an online community. Essential Features of Collaboration Tools The three most sought after features in collaboration tools are group connections, communications services, and document libraries. Group connections help you keep in touch with your group on a frequent basis. 5 Reasons Collaboration May Help or Hold Us Back Suppose you just joined your company and need to find a subject matter expert. Do You Upgrade or Buy New Tools Tips for Building Online Communities ->tools You are currently not logged in. | Login | Sign Up ParticipateDB Home | Tools | Projects | References | About | FAQ | Contact | Blog Tools This section provides a growing list of tools and services that have been used for web-based participation in the past (also referred to as e-consultations, e-participation or online public engagement). Are we missing anything? Best Online Collaboration Tools - Free and paid tools for online collaboration Previously, businesses were confined to their offices, where employees dutifully clocked in, worked their eight or nine hour shifts, then clocked out. Now, employees grab their BlackBerrys, laptops or iPads, find wi-fi access, and are good to go at anytime and anywhere ... with the help of online collaboration tools to get the job done. To help businesses make the most of their mobile workforce, many collaboration tools have been created with a variety of features to suit any company, whether large or small. Choosing the right tool will help you not only share documents easily, but also create the right atmosphere for team-building, regardless of where team members are located. Here are five of the best online collaboration tools available, which help businesses make the most of their mobile workforce through easy document sharing and creating a great team-building atmosphere: 1. 2. The interface is very simple, perhaps too much so, as it is so plain that at times it looks unfinished. 3.