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Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave)

Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave)
SExpand Google Wave is shutting down and merging into other Google projects. Even if the app itself didn't gain traction, it made us think about the tools we use to collaborate. Here are some of the best non-Wave project and communication tools around. Note: We wrote this Top 10 long before Wave's imminent closing was announced—before Wave was even publicly available, even. We're reposting this morning to remind Wave users, and those wondering what the heck Wave was about, about other great collaboration tools available free on the web, and tacking on a relevant bonus item, too.

Related:  WebTools neutres Après DEMocratiques - after democracy ->tools You are currently not logged in. | Login | Sign Up ParticipateDB Home | Tools | Projects | References | About | FAQ | Contact | Blog Tools This section provides a growing list of tools and services that have been used for web-based participation in the past (also referred to as e-consultations, e-participation or online public engagement). 15 Free Tools for Web-based Collaboration No man (or woman) is an island – and this statement can’t be any truer if you’re a designer or developer. Though paid/subscription services like Basecamp and Zimbra are great, individuals strapped for cash have a ton of alternatives that provide similar (if not better) features. In this article, you’ll find 15 free tools to help you facilitate remote/web-based collaboration. Whether you need basic whiteboarding/brainstorming tools or fully-featured project management applications – you should be able to find a tool or two that’s worth checking out. Google Docs

8 Online Noticeboards - Wallwisher and more There are a lot of different online notice boards available these days. It started with sites such as Wallwisher, but there are plenty more out there right now, and I keep seeing new ones appearaing. Online notice boards are a neat way of getting a shared space to collect ideas from your class for a brainstorm. Or for a teacher to post resources for a topic. References You are currently not logged in. | Login | Sign Up ParticipateDB Home | Tools | Projects | References | About | FAQ | Contact | Blog References Here's where we collect any kind of related information on the web that can provide more context and detail to the tools and projects covered on ParticipateDB (e.g. product brochures, white papers, video tutorials, any kind of research, case studies, interviews etc.). « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next » This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

untitled VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos, and to which other users can add voice, text, audio file, or video comments. You can post your VoiceThread on your website or save it to an MP3 or DVD. VoiceThread allows those with hearing impairments to collaborate through webcam commenting and sign language. What’s VoiceThread quotes Brenda Dyck, moderator of MiddleTalk, a listserv sponsored by the National Middle School Association, who says "teachers and students are using VoiceThread as a storytelling tool, a deep thinking tool, a research tool, an expository communication tool, and even an assessment tool." VoiceThread provides an educator’s version, which allows for privacy controls.

Ontology editor Decision criteria for software choice[edit] Example editors[edit] Ontology knowledge base example editors[edit] OBIS (Web based user interface that allows to input ontology instances in a user friendly way that can be accessed via SPARQL endpoint) External links[edit] Why Google+ Is an Education Game Changer - Education It's been a week since I snagged a Google+ invite, and while it's fun to hit the reset button on my personal social media life, what I'm really interested in is how the service is going to impact teaching and learning. There's a good chance that Google+ is going to become a powerful communication and collaboration tool in the classroom. In fact, it could end up being a serious education game changer.

Online deliberation Online deliberation is the fostering of serious, purposive discussion over the Internet through research and the use of dedicated software. It has similar aims to e-democracy. Online deliberation is very interdisciplinary, and includes practices such as online consultation, e-participation, online deliberative polling, online facilitation, online research communities, interactive e-learning, civic dialogue in Internet forums and online chat, and group decision making that utilizes collaborative software and other forms of computer-mediated communication.