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Process Après démocratie: mise en oeuvre - after democracy

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Transnational Institute.

Démocratie directe - direct democracy

WebTools neutres Après DEMocratiques - after democracy. 7- Open Gov & E Democracy. Réseaux de Lucidaires , de personnes qui veulent mieux faire. Droit- droit naturel et renfort de justice. Demosalithia. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on google_plusone_share Share on email Map data ©2014 Basarsoft, GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google, basado en BCN IGN España Terms of Use Report a map error.


Digital Economy Bill. Les maîtres ignorants » Liens/Bibliographie/Bibliothèque. Board Game about Principles of Democracy and Politics - Garcia, Orlando David. The present invention relates generally to board games, and more particularly to an educational and entertaining board game for teaching principles of democracy and politics and providing an overview of fundamental factors that interact in a democratic society.

Board Game about Principles of Democracy and Politics - Garcia, Orlando David

Political strategy games and presidential election games are known in the art. Generally, these games are electronic games with a complex internal model that may represent the population of specific states or countries; these games are directed toward young adults with specific interest in politics, making them unsuitable for younger students. Due to the complexity of these games they fail to engage players in a manner that focus on the basic principles of democracy, thus failing to make the understanding and retention of such principles both easy and entertaining.

Declassified Government Documents. Declassified Government Documents About Declassified Documents | Security Classification | Guides | FOIA Information | Collections at UC Berkeley | Internet Collections and Indexes | Presidential Libraries About Declassified Documents Documents may be classified for many reasons - issues of national security or privacy.

Declassified Government Documents

A popular misconception is that when a document is declassified, it is somehow systematically made available to the public, for example, distributed to depository libraries. This is most often not the case. A highly-publicized document is published as a part of an investigation. As there are no clear patterns of publication for most declassified documents, it falls to the researcher interested in a document that is declassified to research which agency created the document, who may have researched the document originally, and where it might be now. Security Classification The government has had many reviews of security classification. Dans les entrailles de la machine à expresso mondiale « INSTITUT MOMENTUM.

Seuls les plus obtus écolo-sceptiques nient encore le risque d’effondrement envi­ron­nemen­tal qui guette nos sociétés : du change­ment cli­ma­tique en cours à la six­ième extinc­tion de masse, en pas­sant par l’épuisement des éner­gies fos­siles et des métaux, la pol­lu­tion général­isée ou la destruc­tion de la terre arable (par éro­sion et par arti­fi­cial­i­sa­tion), tous les clig­no­tants sont désor­mais au rouge.

Dans les entrailles de la machine à expresso mondiale « INSTITUT MOMENTUM

Rétroac­tions pos­i­tives et accélération En l’espace d’une ou deux généra­tions, nous devrons affron­ter l’ensemble des ces fac­teurs con­comi­ta­m­ment, et c’est bien le prob­lème : com­ment relever à la fois tous ces défis, dont cha­cun pour­rait suf­fire à mobiliser toute notre énergie ? N’idéalisons pas la péri­ode qui a précédé notre entrée dans l’anthropocène. Les dom­mages envi­ron­nemen­taux, pour la plu­part irréversibles, y furent nom­breux. Cer­tains ont beau jeu alors d’accuser le « décol­lage » des pays émer­gents, Chine en tête. Philippe Bihouix, mai 2011. Quadrant Ken Wilber.

VOTE ! .. but vote well with arguments and for decisions

Beppe Grillo Blog. Groupe de discussion - Mouvement des indignés. Réflechir ensemble & dire ce qui compte. Resource Center. Bibliothèque - Bibliothèque Laboratoire. LABORATOIRES. Ideen om styringslaboratorier er udviklet ud fra tre grundlæggende antagelser En mere eksperimenterende tilgang til forandring er nødvendig.


Vi står i et vadested, hvor New Public Management som dominerende tænkning har nået sit klimaks og nu overalt søges suppleret og erstattet af nye mere samarbejdende modeller bl.a. symboliseret i nye forskningsbegreber som collaborative government, New Public Governance, Digital Era Governance og nye modeord som partnerskaber, crowdsourcing og kollektiv intelligens. LAB Eau Bien Public. 2L'Eau, Bien public, Bien commun — pour une gestion démocratique et durable / Le Laboratoire des idées / Juin 2011.

LAB Eau Bien Public

Laboratoire de recherche - PERƒEVAL. Consultez en ligne nos publications et communications sur les trois axes de recherche du laboratoire PerƒEval ainsi que la banque de données de rapports d'évaluation participative du projet de recherche « Pratiques exemplaires en évaluation participative : développement d'un coffre à outils à l’intention des décideurs et des évaluateurs du gouvernement du Canada »

Laboratoire de recherche - PERƒEVAL

Aux laboratoires de contrôle - une façon pour le renouvellement du secteur public: la FTF. [ FTF Dokumentation ] De fleste er enige om, at der er behov for en ny og bedre styring af den offentlige sektor.

Aux laboratoires de contrôle - une façon pour le renouvellement du secteur public: la FTF

Men få har et bud på, hvordan man kan udvikle det. I dette notat, som Henrik Hjortdal, Henrik Bendix og Aleksander Stii har udarbejdet for FTF, gives et nyt og spændende bud på, hvordan man med styringslaboratorier kan udvikle meningsfuld dokumentation, styring og ledelse. I notatet beskriver forfatterne, hvordan man tidligere har eksperimenteret med offentlig styring, og hvad tankegangen er bag styringslaboratorierne. La naissance de la Vème République.

Identités Multiples IMs comment ?

The Emerging Fourth Sector - The Three Traditional Sectors Businesses create and distribute goods and services that enhance our quality of life, promote growth, and generate prosperity.

The Emerging Fourth Sector -

They spur innovation, reward entrepreneurial effort, provide a return on investment and constantly improve their performance responding to market feedbacks. They draw on the skills, effort and ingenuity of individual workers, and share with them the economic value created by the enterprise. Non-profit organizations give us ways to celebrate, build and protect the many human values that give rise to healthy, thriving communities. They have worked to ensure that all people have adequate necessities of life, including clean air, water, food and shelter; an equitable share of wealth and resources; and opportunity to develop their full physical, mental and spiritual potential. The Blurring of Sectoral Boundaries Businesses are dedicating more resources to delivering social and environmental benefits. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Supportive Ecosystem - With such a broad array of activity taking place in the emerging Fourth Sector, why is this sector not thriving yet?

Supportive Ecosystem -

This is mainly because there are powerful institutional and structural impediments to the change that is occurring. In order to accelerate the development of the Fourth Sector, a robust ecosystem of support services and infrastructure is required that is tailored to the particular needs of Fourth Sector organizations. The scope of this undertaking is considerable. Fourth Sector organizations challenge conventional thinking about capital markets, legal and regulatory constructs, metrics, ownership, leadership, and more.

New instruments, new institutions, and not least of all new understandings are required. Financial Markets. SOL echanger _en_monnaie_Complementaire_20110918.pdf. The Art of Compromise: Scrum and Project Governance - The Architect Insider. The concepts of agility and project governance are not fundamentally opposed. Each is an attempt to improve the finished product.

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Pirate-politics - An open-source framework for political organizing. Pirate-Politics is a software platform designed to act as an infrastructural lattice around which the social network of a modern political organization can be built. Pirate Politics will be: A system through which users will be able to deliberate over and decide upon a cohesive set of objectives for the organization (adaptive platform) A system that will enable users to actively organize and grow the organization in the real world, and influence and win elections (electioneering system) A showcase of innovative computer learning and collective intelligence techniques that are designed to facilitate direct democracy and consensus decision making within a very large social network.

Objectives Broad Use: Although the system is targeted for adoption by independent groups, it should be packaged for deployment by any political organization that could benefit by using it, including political parties and grassroots organizations. Open Assembly. Open Assembly.