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WebTools neutres Après DEMocratiques - after democracy

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Les outils qui se développent actuellement seront sans doute les supports neutres de nos prises de décisions et cela dans une vision démocratique/panarchy ou demarchy .. ce type de logiciel va remplacer la structure démocratiqur représentative en laissant à chacun le pouvoir de se représenter et de faire proliférer ses idées au même titre q'un personnage politique actuel.Ceux-L-ci vont devenir les des acteurs de théatre afin d'exposer les idées de chacun et de les mettre en valeur ou de les descendre (comme ils-L le font actuellement), leur donnant l'opportunité de garder leur poste en leur enlevent expressement leur pouvoir actuel démesuré !

Gamestorming – A toolkit for innovators, rule-breakers and changemakers. Budget Allocator: Participatory Budgeting Software. Debates and exchange of ideas Teragora. Pensée collective sur Comment instaurer une gouvernance véritablement démocratique ? -Politique-Monde. Your Priorities. ->tools. Votre voix, vos choix. Airesis - Make a decision. Au service des citoyens Archives - Civic Tech.

Liquid democracy

Décisions communes Sociocratie Holacratie. La Fabrique des colibris. The global coalition for democracy. Rbjarnason/open-active-voting. Sondages_poll_opinions. Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave) Ushahidi. - Vous êtes le red-en-chef. — Get a Free Blog Here. Comment refonder la démocratie locale ? - Débat. Créer un forum gratuit - Dipity - Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines. PCI NationalPolicyConcensusCenter - Tools. Logiciels libres. State legislative tracking, bill tracking, policy proposals, public policy & community. [Public Comment Analysis Toolkit] Home Page. DOcoords = Défrichages - Organisations - Coordinations. The law in plain sight. Sopinspace. Active projects - Metagovernment - Government of, by, and for all the people.

TransifeX - Traductions collaboratives de logiciels en ligne directe. PICOLA Features. PICOLA Deliberative Poll(R) One objective of our software development is to create the next-generation of Computer Mediated Communication tools for online structured dialogue and deliberation.

PICOLA Features

An audio/video synchronous environment is complemented with a multimedia asynchronous environment (containing, for example, threaded, audio-based Bboards). A general gateway (the PICOLA) contains access to these communication envrionments as well as registration areas, background information, and surveys (polls). Etherpad Foundation › Live Document Collaboration. Pad. Tiki_toki_Beautiful web-based timeline software.


LOOMIO. For Government. What is Assembl?

for Government

Assembl is an online application that enables hundreds or even thousands of people to work together effectively on the definition of new ideas. The application supports the belief that with the proper conditions, people working together can think smarter than any one member of the group could alone. There are two key factors for the creation of collective intelligence: The larger the group of people, the larger the number of ideas that will be generated. This is why Assembl is designed for groups as large as several thousand people.The more people believe their views are being treated with respect, the more likely it is that creative ideas will emerge. Traditional collective intelligence software tends to refine ideas from one person. Assembl is designed to facilitate the co-creation of new ideas by many people. In terms of public policy, collective intelligence allows officials to engage with citizens in order to better take into account their ideas and needs.

E-Voting Taskforce - E2D International. Members of this task force are in charge of helping develop an open-source e-democracy system to be adopted by any E2D party or other organizations for electronic direct democratic decision-making.

E-Voting Taskforce - E2D International

Basic general information about solutions related to e-voting: authentication, voting, amongst others. Requirements (in construction) List of features. Search vote Apps & Reviews.


Social Science. The VAP social science program was designed to make a significant contribution to debates about the capacity of information technology (IT) to facilitate deliberative democracy.

Social Science

In particular, we hoped to learn which psychological and social processes will come to bear most forcefully in online civic discussion, and what may happen when the expanded use of and improvements in IT give the general public access to quality political information and make possible high telepresence discussion among large numbers of people. The research program proposed to look at two sets of consequences of central importance to understanding the effects of online political discussion: community effects and decision quality effects. Examples of questions relevant to the former are: Our Convictions. Votorola. PlaceSpeak - Claim Your Place Speak Your Mind. Module Drupal Priorities. Democracy Technology. LiquidFeedback - more than Liquid Democracy. Liquid Democracy e.V. - Adhocracy. Related projects - Metagovernment - Government of, by, and for all the people.

Opengovernment/govkit. InstaGov. (3) govkit. Aether. AGORA EX MACHINA : Démocratie Liquide. A propos de nous… Partant du constat que les solutions actuelles permettent de rapprocher les gens et de simplifier les échanges, nous pensons qu’il est opportun de redéfinir nos modes de direction. Le principe est simple : tout ce qui impacte les membres doit être étudié, formulé et voté par les membres. L’analyse que nous avons menée nous pousse vers une idée novatrice : mettre en place une plateforme de démocratie dite « liquide », c'est-à-dire participative, directe, transparente et évolutive. Il est important pour nous, de diffuser et de partager notre travail. Vous retrouverez donc en bas de page, la documentation complète, fonctionnelle et technique de notre plateforme ainsi que les sources, et un manuel d'installation.

E2D International. The Premier Online Debate Website. Κλήρωση.org. Le projet diaspora* Decentralization Instead of everyone’s data being held on huge central servers owned by a large organization, diaspora* exists on independently run servers (“pods”) all over the world.

Le projet diaspora*

You choose which pod to register with, and you can then connect seamlessly with the diaspora* community worldwide. Living Voters Guide, Washington 2013 Election. Written by the Office of the Attorney General The Law as it Presently Exists In general, federal law regulates the safety and quality of food shipped between states, while Washington law regulates the safety and quality of food produced and sold within the state.

Living Voters Guide, Washington 2013 Election

Both federal and state law identify and regulate foods that are "misbranded" or "adulterated," but neither state nor federal law requires any specific labeling of foods produced using genetic engineering. Under Washington law, the director of the state Department of Agriculture is authorized to condemn, seize, and destroy misbranded or adulterated foods and food items. Washington law defines food and food products as "misbranded" where labeling or packaging is false or misleading, and "adulterated" if they contain some added substance that is poisonous or harmful to health, or if they are contaminated, diseased, putrid, or otherwise unfit as food or injurious to health.

Participedia. The Bitcoin of governance could be coming soon? From a discussion on the pho mailing list: “After late-night discussions with my classmates acknowledging this reality, six of us started a project called Bitgov which ?

The Bitcoin of governance could be coming soon?

Enables citizens to vote on proposed legislation anywhere and anytime, regardless of nationality. It aims to make it easy for people to understand legislation, but also to express their opinions and join in the decision-making process. Here’s how the technology works: Public opinion is gauged using algorithms to find the most significant social media posts and the opinion leaders. ? We also provide policy makers with clear insights into the sentiments of voters. Two critiques, the first from the list itself: Agreedis - Solve the World's Problems! Frequently Asked Questions. About Agreedis We seek to bring people together to solve problems!

Frequently Asked Questions

Agreedis enables people with vastly different opinions to come together and agree on compromise solutions that may not be their preferred solution, but represents a reasonable compromise that everyone can live with. Yeah, we are still working on that one. The first step is to get people to actually compromise on how to solve a problem. The next step of actual implementation is currently beyond our reach. Not at all! Nope. Any good compromise solution will necessarily include ideas that appeal to members of all parties — otherwise it would not be a good compromise. Good question. Ethelo. government monitoring tool (EVomni) A New Method « PublicForums. Introducing Ethelo… Decisions can be costly when they divide a group.

A New Method « PublicForums

All too often contentious issues polarize a community, government or organization. After endless debate and much money spent, executive or majority-based decisions can lead to ill-fitting solutions. Existing polling and voting software simply divides people into piles; the majority often rules, but the decision can be deeply unsatisfying to a large portion of the community. Ethelo_ registering for beta. UserVoice. Become A Hero At The Fitness Social Network. PArticipate dB Tools.

You are currently not logged in. | Login | Sign Up ParticipateDB Home | Tools | Projects | References | About | FAQ | Contact | Blog Tools This section provides a growing list of tools and services that have been used for web-based participation in the past (also referred to as e-consultations, e-participation or online public engagement).

PArticipate dB Tools

We're in the process of seeding the database with a few records of our own before we open up to the general public later this Fall. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Padlet (Wallwisher) The Brussels Business Online. The Brussels Business Online. Réforme de la Politique commune de la pêche, recapitalisation bancaire, quotas de gaz à effet de serre, registre de transparence, réglementation sur les emballages du tabac, données personnelles, biocarburants … Entre le 5 février et le 5 avril 2013, ce site a hébergé huit débats sur des questions européennes abordées à ce même moment au Parlement européen. Parlement et Citoyens. Web Discussions: Flat by Design. It's been six years since I wrote Discussions: Flat or Threaded? And, despite a bunch of evolution on the web since then, my opinion on this has not fundamentally changed.

If anything, my opinion has strengthened based on the observed data: precious few threaded discussion models survive on the web. Putting aside Usenet as a relic and artifact of the past, it is rare to find threaded discussions of any kind on the web today; for web discussion communities that are more than ten years old, the vast majority are flat as a pancake. I'm game for trying anything new, I mean, I even tried Google Wave. But the more I've used threaded discussions of any variety, the less I like them.

A part of me says this is software Darwinism in action: threaded discussion is ultimately too complex to survive on the public Internet. Before threaded discussion fans bring out their pitchforks and torches, I fully acknowledge that aspects of threading can be useful in certain specific situations. Online deliberation. Online deliberation is the fostering of serious, purposive discussion over the Internet through research and the use of dedicated software. Ontology editor. Decision criteria for software choice[edit] Example editors[edit] Ontology knowledge base example editors[edit] OBIS (Web based user interface that allows to input ontology instances in a user friendly way that can be accessed via SPARQL endpoint) External links[edit]

IB synthetics site central en test ..pages perlées

Learn More - Regulation Room. Consumer Debt Collection Practices (ANPRM) Opened Closed The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) believes debt collection is an important issue for consumers. In this discussion, CFPB asked for input about the debt collection system, about consumer experiences, and about how new rules for debt collectors might better protect consumers without imposing unnecessary burdens on industry. During the time commenting was open, 8480 people visited RegulationRoom and 224 people posted 956 comments. bCisive Online. Free patent _ DIRECT DEMOCRACY FRAMEWORK. Collective hierarchical decision making system. DIRECT DEMOCRACY FRAMEWORK - Kincaid, Ian. This patent application claims the benefit of U.S. Free software downloads. My General Assembly. Omröstnings test. References.

Objectiu 10. Prevenció, proactivitat i lideratge: de la resposta puntual a la resiliència. CivicEvolution - Think together to act together. Idea Management - Innovation Management - Crowdsourcing - Suggestion Box - Customer Feedback - IdeaScale. Rationale by Austhink: Critical Thinking and Argument Mapping Software. Is on the way of those other softs.. you may .. or not know .. : improveUPRISER. Infographics.