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London Walk

London Walk
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Little Red Riding Hood All around the world children love listening to and reading fairy tales in their mother tongue. Whatever the reason, fairy tales provide both children and teachers with a familiar starting point from which to explore stories in a second language. This kit contains a variety of resources, from text and tasks to illustrations, flashcards and presentations, for you to download and use in your classroom. Activities – a collection of activities related to the story Chants – a collection of spoken drill type activities Let's go to Grandma'sPlease don't play in the woodTummy, teeth and tailWhat a good girl! Flashcards – to help you to build up vocabulary and support understanding Working with flashcards (notes for teachers)CharactersBodyClothesFoodHomeLittle Red Riding HoodWoodWord cue cards Play – to help you to use the materials to produce a short play Working with plays (notes for teachers)Making masks (black and white)Making masks (colour)Play – version 1Play – version 2Play – version 3

London If you live in London, are visiting England's capital, or are studying London, why not bring... This is Activity Village's collection of original London colouring pages. Take a tour around... Here's a brand new collection of printable word search puzzles, mazes and word scrambles for... Use these fun London postcards - quick and easy to print onto paper, cut out and stick - as a... Just for fun, these simple illustrated posters for younger children feature some of London's... Our London I Spy booklets have lots of uses. Use our printable story paper for all sorts of writing activities, in the classroom or at home. Use these writing pages - available in colour or black and white - for writing about these famous... Kids can have fun with these printable step by step drawing tutorials for some of the best known...

England profile - Overview 13 December 2012Last updated at 11:48 ET England is the largest constituent part of the United Kingdom, and accounts for 83 per cent of its population and most of its economic activity. Issues affecting the United Kingdom as a whole therefore also apply to England in particular, especially in the case of identity politics. England's continuing contribution to world civilisation is significant, ranging from language to sport, music and law. The various kingdoms set up by Germanic settlers in the 5th-6th centuries were finally united into the Kingdom of England between 927 and 954. Oxford University is England's oldest university Continue reading the main story Politics: England has no governmental institutions separate from those of the UK. Country profiles compiled by BBC Monitoring England gradually annexed Wales and established hegemony over Ireland and Scotland. Curry houses in London: Immigration has added to England's ethnic and cultural diversity Identity Culture Law

Konsten att ge strategier för att lyssna Det pratas mycket om att vi lärare måste bli bättre på att ge eleverna modeller/strategier för att förstå hur de ska göra för att nå ett mål. Vi har pratat mycket om läsandet och även skrivandet med olika stöd för det och jag har även skrivit en del om det på LR-bloggen. Om du vill läsa dem hittar du dem här i arkivet. Jag tänkte i detta inlägg skriva lite om hur jag ger stöd för lyssnandet i klassrummet. Att lyssna är den förmågan som eleverna kan uppleva som mest stressande att utsättas för då man ofta bara får höra en gång. Det är en konst att ge strategier och vi måste börja delge varandra hur vi gör i våra klassrum för att utveckla vår undervisning och bedömning. Först och främst så måste vi ha i minnet att förmågan att lyssna bedöms av två aspekter. Receptiva strategier När eleverna ska tränas i den receptiva förmågan brukar jag utgå från olika hörförståelser som finns ligger digitalt. Ett exempel för att få strategier för att lyssna: Interaktiva strategier

English Success Story: Nicola at Berlin and Other Stories - English Outside The Box As this year comes to an end and a new year is quickly approaching, you may be one of the people making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions are the promises you make to yourself that you’ll make effort to do/change something that you now you should do/change. These are common in the new year, and often include promises about weight loss, exercise, education, and other self-improvements. Last year I wrote about why these are silly, and why you shouldn’t make these resolutions. If you missed that article, you can read it here. Instead, you should focus on more long-term lifestyle choices that don’t have a start or an end date, or some unrealistic result. So think about some long-term goals you have for your English skills. To help motivate you, and show that success in English is possible when it’s not your first language, I’d like to share an interview with you from Nicola. How did she accomplish this? Before you start the video, don’t forget your pen/pencil and paper. About Nico:

Tripppin - Learn English Around The World London maps - Top tourist attractions - Free, printable city maps - Map of top 10 must-see historical places in central London - Locations of other major landmarks including most popular sites, famous old destinations, best free museums, must-do spots - London top tourist attractions map You can view, download or print a full, high resolution (detailed, large) version of this image by clicking on the plan itself Printable walking map of favourite points of interest to visit, metro stations, great historic spots, detailed road guide & street names plan - London top tourist attractions map Download London map for children - Fun things to do & interesting ideas where to go with your kids - Free download DIY jigsaw puzzle plan - London top tourist attractions map Interactive, printable detailed travel visitors' guide map of inner London showing places of interest along with street names & bus numbers - Must-see destinations - London top tourist attractions map Colourful map of great family things to do with kids - London top tourist attractions map Keywords St.

EDUCATION in ENGLAND British children are required by law to have an education until they are 16 years old. Education is compulsory, but school is not,children are not required to attend school. They could be educated at home. Full-time education is compulsory for all children aged between 5 and 16 (inclusive) across England. This can be provided by state schools, independent schools, or homeschooling. About 94 per cent of pupils in England, and the rest of the UK, receive free education from public funds, while 6 per cent attend independent fee paying schools or homeschooling. (Homeschooling numbers uncertain - BBC report) All government-run schools, state schools, follow the same National Curriculum. The school year runs from September to July and is 39 weeks long. For many areas the year is divided into six terms: September to October October to December January to February February to March April to May June to July (Some counties in England still follow the traditional three terms a year.)

Arbetsuppgifter kopplade mot Europeisk språkportfolio Om ni använder er av Europeisk språkportfolio i er undervisning i språk så har jag tips på en sida där ni kan hitta material på den nivå eleverna befinner sig, dvs A1, A2, B1 och B2. Sidan hittar ni British Council och den är sorterad efter förmågorna (skills). Nedan ser ni vad varje nivå motsvarar för årskurs; nivå A1-A2 ska du ha nått till i slutet av år 6 och nivå B1/B2 år 9, som motsvarar nivå 5. Det kan jämföras mot att det andraspråk eleverna läser i grundskolan är satt till nivå 2, dvs B2 och SVA som ligger på B2 i år 9. Läs mer här. Ni hittar fler sidor här som använder sig av nivån intermediate (där upper motsvarar B2/C1 och lower A2/B1 fritt tolkat). agendaweb Om här finns hörövningar då nivå 0 motsvarar år 6 eller A1/A2 och att nivån höjs en nivå per årskurs. BreakingNewsEnglish Med glosor till

Klondike - Rush for Gold In the summer of 1897 two ocean going steamers landed on the west coast of the United States. One ship, The Excelsior, landed in San Francisco and three days later The Portland landed in Seattle. Down the gangplank of these two ships went a rag-tag group of men and women carrying sacks of gold. Some walked down the docks with $5,000 worth of gold while others had over $100,000 worth. The miners told of the rich claims they had staked one year earlier on a series of small creeks flowing into the Klondike River. The Dawson City Museum presents a glimpse of the journey to the harsh north country of Alaska and Yukon.

London Fly Through 17th Century London M@ Fly Through 17th Century London A group of students at De Montfort University created this fly-through of 17th century London (skip to 0:50 in the video to get to the juicy stuff). The model focuses on the area around Pudding Lane and the bakery of Thomas Farriner, where the Great Fire of 1666 started. Although most of the buildings are conjectural, the students used a realistic street pattern and even included the hanging signs of genuine inns and businesses mentioned in Samuel Pepys' diary. The project is an entry in the Off The Map competition, in which students were invited to build 3-D digital models based on maps at the British Library, and using software by Crytek.

Polar Express Lesson Plans, Themes, Printouts, Crafts Polar Express Lesson Plans, Polar Express Themes, Polar Express Printouts, Polar Express Crafts The Polar Express Lesson Plans and Thematic Units Take the Polar Express to Learning Five lessons for teaching the story. Has a reading log, crossword puzzle, word search puzzle, and craft idea. A Teacher's Guide to the Polar Express From HoughtonMifflin. The Polar Express-Mini Unit Book summary and several ideas to go with the story. The Ploar Express Movie Page The official movie site. The Polar Express Theme Songs and poems, literature extensions, writing prompts, and craft ideas. The Polar Express Teaching Theme Several ideas to incorporate aspects of the story into your classroom. The Polar Express Read Online Click through more stories to find "The Polar Express" read by an actor. The Virtual Vine Express Train theme that also includes The Polar Express. Classroom Activities for The Polar Express Ideas for Warner Bros. The Polar Express Interactive Whiteboard Resources The Polar Express Clip Art

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