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KABOOM! The Game that Every Classroom Needs - Saddle up for Second Grade. Hey Ya'll! Happy Friday! I'm popping in to share with you my kids favorite game/center this year! This is a MUST HAVE for your classroom. Its called KABOOM!!! Catchy right?!? I currently have my 1st and 2nd grade sight words out right now. Here is what you need: popsicle sticks (LOTS of them!) Permanent markers cups With a permanent marker, color the tip of the popsicle stick. How to play: Place all of the sticks in the cup with the colored end sticking up.

Simple! My kids always asked to play this during free time. I let them play today. Have a good weekend everyone! Loading.. Automobiles from Busytown! Some months ago, the Australian company Makedo sent me a free kit to play with. They wrote and mentioned the words "cardboard" and "play" in the same sentence, so of course I said yes!!! This week we found the perfect project for it - the girls asked to make cardboard cars. Actually, this is how it started - the girls, particularly Jenna and Kate, adore Richard Scarry's Busytown. Jenna got the Busytown board game for Christmas, and she fell in love with the tokens. "Mum" she whispered (Jenna always whispers when she wants to suggest an idea - it must be because it is a solemn moment), "Can we make cardboard cars? " There I am, with my mental list of errands to run, finally finished unloading the dishwasher and about to grab my car keys, and I pause.

Cardboard. "What kind of cars, Jenna? "No - like Huckle Cat's. " Nobody, least of all her mother, can look into Jenna's face and say no. I sat down beside her and mentally took stock of our cardboard box collection, while she waited. Duh. "Emily! Hospital Dramatic Play: Paging Dr. Preschooler! Another month means another fun dramatic play center for our preschoolers! The area is our kitchen, and we leave it as a plain housekeeping center for a week or 2 each month. During the other weeks, though, we invite our kiddos to serve pizza or pancakes at a restaurant, fly to far away places in an airplane, sell cookies in a bakery, and shop at the grocery store.

Of all these awesome dramatic play choices, our favorite center is always the Hospital. When patients arrive, they have to sign in with the receptionist at the welcome desk. Save Then our patients sit in the Waiting Room until the Nurse calls them back. Save Each Hospital employee (and the patients too!) Save Then they can find their lab coat and a bag of medical supplies in the dress up closet. We keep all of the medical records on clipboards. Save The hospital offers a full range of services including casts, blood pressure screening, (lots of) shots, and vision exams. Save Baskets of medical tools are located around the hospital. Dessin à colorier de marionnettes de doigts, les USA -

Doctor Pretend Play Free Kids Printables. Let’s open up a doctor’s office with these fun Doctor Pretend Play printables! Your kids can also open up a Vet office with vet pretend play printables “next door”! Free Doctor Pretend Play Printables That doll in the corner that might be missing a hand or that teddy that has some stuffing coming out sure need a visit to the doctor’s office! These printables will let your kids become “true” doctors and will let them take care of their dolls and toys (and friends) while also working on their reading and writing. The Doctor Pretend Play Printables set includes: 1 page with symptoms chart.1 page doctor, pharmacist and ambulance driver ID cards.1 page with Snellen (eye) chart.1 page with prescriptions. Click to download and print: Doctor Pretend Play Printables More Fun Pretend Play Printables and Activities Want more cool pretend play printables?

Dramatic play Archives - Pre-K Pages. French Dramatic Play (Vet Clinic)/ Chez le... by Madame Emilie French resources. Voici des outils vous permettant d’intégrer un coin « vétérinaire » dans votre classe. Ce thème est idéal lors de votre étude du thème des animaux ou au printemps. Vous retrouverez dans ce document: des affiches pour un réseau de concepts des affiches pour organiser la clinique vétérinaire des étiquettes pour les rôles à jouer des étiquettes pour organiser le matériel des fiches à photocopier (prescription,feuille de rendez-vous, rapport vétérinaire) de la monnaie à imprimer une banderole décorative. Veuillez noter que ce document est compris dans French Dramatic Play (Growing Bundle)/ Ensemble grandissant {Jeu symbolique} ***************************************************************************Autres produits de la même série Si vous aimez ce produit, vous aimerez sans doute:French Dramatic Play (Farm)/ À la ferme {Jeu symbolique} Voir mes autres ressources sur le thème des animaux Pour ne rien manquer de mes nouveaux produits: Cliquez sur la petite étoile verte FOLLOW ME!