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Alt Codes - How to make those Smiley Faces

Alt Codes - How to make those Smiley Faces
For those who would like to know how to do the copyright symbol © or the Registered Trademark symbol ® or other things like funny faces etc. For all of these you press the ALT key and while the ALT key is pressed down you put in the numbers from your NUMBER PAD on your keyboard- (it won't work using the numbers at the top of the keyboard) make sure your NUM LOCK is ON. There are all different kinds of codes, from those drivers use in a truckers report forum to Alt codes like those found here. Of course when truckers report in on a truckers report forum their codes are very different from those found below, they don't comment on copyright codes but rather codes of the road...even still codes are extremely important in various occupations. Below you'll find a comprehensive list to help you learn more about Alt Codes. ¤ - Alt 15 ¶ - Alt 20 § - Alt 21 | - Alt 124 Ç - Alt 128 ü - Alt 129 é - Alt 130 ƒ - Alt 131 ä - Alt 132 à - Alt 133 ¶ - Alt 276 § - Alt 277 ! Here's Some Others B's: 0223:ß

The Best Of: Windows Software As a Windows user, you have access to countless free applications. Which ones can you trust and which ones are the best? Consult this list for ideas and discover apps you didn’t know existed. We’re continuously seeking out the best Windows software, and places to download them, for all your needs. Most applications recommended here are free and you can quickly find what you need by browsing the listed programs by category. Note that some installers pack bloatware, useless adware that’s pre-selected to install.

Professional Deluxe Downloads Click here to get the AeroFly Professional Deluxe Patch to Version (3.07 MB) for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP and Vista / 7. This patch is for all AeroFly versions including any installed AddOn. Note: This patch introduces quite a few changes and requires at least OpenGL 2.0. Please only install this patch if you have a 3D-card with OpenGL 2.0 driver support.

Online : Open Source Hardware Gift Guide It’s been a year since our last open source gift guide – this year there is so much going on in the world of MAKE, open source, and beyond that we have a series of gift guides for this holiday season. The first one is our open source hardware gift guide – these are physical things you can buy that fit in to the new and exciting category of hardware we call open source hardware. What is open source hardware? Glad you asked – we have a very long and detailed article you can check out here, but a good way to think of it is: source code and hardware under a license (or arrangement such as the public domain) that permits users to study, change, and improve the software and hardware, and to redistribute it in modified or unmodified form.

The Light Bulb Effect - Bulb Candles by Helbert Ferreira & Remi Melander The Light Bulb Effect Let me put on my monocle and tell you a story. You see long ago before Swan or Edison invented the lightbulb, people used candles. When lightbulbs became the norm, the candle went the way of the wind. DUH right? Well I’m feeling a bit nostalgic so I’m keen on The Light Bulb Effect – a wax candle shaped like a bulb. 19 Tips Every Windows 7 User Needs to Know Your OS drives your whole PC experience, so it's your job as an enthusiast to keep it in a high state of tune Twist cap carefully. Only pour into Maximum PC-approved computer tanks. After installing a new OS, most people just jump right in and start driving it through all their favorite applications and games. Makes sense, right? The operating system, after all, should be a background player in the computing experience—a means to an end, with the end being web surfing, content editing, and wanton destruction in the first-person shooter of one’s choice.

How to Download Youtube Videos via the Command Line I don’t purport this tutorial as being the ideal way to download Youtube videos to your computer. A simple Google search will lead you to an assortment of options that requires less technical expertise. However, if you’re like me, and are relatively new to the command-line (think your OS without the GUI and a mouse), this might be an interesting way to accomplish something relatively useful (download Youtube videos to your computer) and also obtain a better understanding of how your computer works.

22 Most Useful Free Applications for your PC Use your Computer, Not your Wallet The recession is hitting everyone hard and money is tight. That doesn’t mean that can’t get the most out of your computer. There are so many great free applications that can help you do just about anything. I’m going to take a look at 22 applications that I use all the time with wonderful results. I’m going to identify the free applications that I use in the following categories: Rain Shield A 2012 red dot award winner for design concept, Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang's Rain Shield could make carrying an umbrella 1) somewhat stylish and 2) more than an exercise in futility. Its shield-like construction uses a single curved steel wire and telescopic rod to create both overhead protection from water falling from the sky and, more importantly, lateral protection from water, mud, and motor oil tidal waved at your being from assholic buses and SUVs barreling through puddles. On top of its increased functionality, the Rain Shield's simpler design eliminates traditional umbrellas' pointy ends and sharp edges, as well as their propensity to blow inside out and make users look like poor saps that passersby sympathize with, but can't help but chuckle at. It also conquers portability, folding and compressing into a 7" diameter disc that tucks snugly into bags and purses. To collapse, just retract the telescopic pole, and swirl the shield surface inward. Muchas danke to Yanko Design.

Pack for Linux: Our List of the Best Linux Downloads @gearkraft: 1) Power. In 10 minutes, I can create a script to accomplish almost anything on Linux, Solaris, BSD, AIX, HP-UX, and many other *nix flavors. 2) Linux is free unless you want commercial support. Even then, you can pay whoever you like to provide the support, not just a single company or "approved" subjects from the home office. 3) Using Linux doesn't give either Apple or Microsoft any more money (usually).

Top 1,000 Songs To Hear Before You Die <div><iframe width="_width_px" title="Top 1,000 Songs To Hear Before You Die" height="_height_px" src=" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"><a href=" title="Top 1,000 Songs To Hear Before You Die" target="_blank">Top 1,000 Songs To Hear Before You Die</a></iframe><p><a href=" target="_blank">Powered by Socrata</a></p></div> This view is currently private. You can preview it, but you will need to make it public before people will be able to see it. 425x425 is the minimum size The Socrata Open Data API (SODA) allows software developers to access data hosted in Socrata data sites programmatically.