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1000 FREE High Resolution GIMP Brushes - Noupe Design Blog

1000 FREE High Resolution GIMP Brushes - Noupe Design Blog
Last week we published our first GIMP post “30+ Exceptional GIMP Tutorials and Resources” and saw a great appreciation from our readers. So this week, i would like to share with you 1000+ high-Resolution GIMP brushes that will be perfect for any project you may happen to be working on. Also you will find some useful tutorial to teach you how to create your first GIMP brush-set and how to convert Photoshop brushes into GIMP brushes and more. Please note that Photoshop Brushes are now Fully Compatible with Gimp 2.4 and up. Important: Licenses of every brush set varies, so be sure to check that information before using them. 1. 1.1 GIMP Grunge Brush Pack 2 10 grunge GIMP brushes. 1.2 GIMP Scratchies Containing all six brushes in this set for the GIMP 1.3 Grunge brush set 3 Includes an imagepack and brushes for Gimp. 1.4 More grunge brushes 13 grunge brushes; includes .gbrs for Gimp and an imagepack. 2. 2.1 Floral I 2.2 Floral Part 2 There are 6 big brushes of flower brushes. 2.3 Floral Brushes 3. 4. - Gimp , tutorials , brushes , downloads, forum. April 2012 Calendar - Printable Monthly Calendar of April 2012 Online Calendar is a place where you can create a calendar online for any country and for any month and year. You can either download or print these calendars. We provide 2014 holiday calendar with state and national holidays for more than twenty five countries which includes Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States. In our Online calendar section Monthly Calendar and Yearly Calendar can be generated with some very useful options. You can add 2014 holidays of any country and the week number to your calendar while generating it. Apart from that you have the option to choose your week starts from Sunday or Monday.

Awesome GIMP tutorial websites you shouldn’t miss GIMP is a free and open-source image editing tool. With a large community of open-source admirers, it is no secret that GIMP is growing in popularity at an astonishing rate. GIMP is bundled by default on many Linux distros. Of course, you need to know how to use GIMP well. You might also want to look at our previous posts about GIMP: Beginner’s guide at MaximumPC GHUJ Tutorials A few tutorials to get started: Fade Out EffectCanvas effect GIMP Tutorials Design and code a website in GIMPMaking a realistic Yahoo logo Graphics tutorials at GIMP Talk tutorials GIMPology Tutorials

More Texturing Photoshop Tutorial on Photoshop Contest By: ledirlo This tutorial demonstrates an effect that gets so photorealistic it led to some cheating controversies in the past. Aside from the interest of the created effect it also gives key layer technique information. The only material needed is these two photos, the crumpled paper and what we want printed on it. Let's start by opening the two photos and moving the grass photo above the paper's layer; you can turn the grass layer into multiply mode and transform it to get the correct placement. In this case I chose to avoid the darkest tree parts as they don't produce a great effect on the paper. Once finished, press CTRL+I so you invert the layer mask. The selection's edges have very little chance of being perfect already so I used the smudge tool with a large soft brush to push or draw the layer mask so it fits the paper edges perfectly. Now time for using the layer blending modes. You can now flatten all the texture layers to make a single object above the original background.

Using templates in Inkscape The FAQ flavored series of Inkscape tutorials continues. Another popular question I keep hearing is in the lines of "Um, how exactly do I set a default page size?". Welcome to the world of templates. A template in Inkscape is a regular SVG document such as you create every time launch it. What actually happens when you start Inkscape is that it looks for a file called default.svg in your local Inkscape directory and loads it. The same thing happens when you press Ctrl+N or use "File > New > Default" menu item: Local directory? A local Inkscape directory is the one that is created per user in a system. For Linux and Mac it is ~/.config/inkscape For Windows it is %APPDATA%\\Inkscape (just use it in Explorer as is) So if you want to have default documents with e.g. a different page size, all you need is to create a new document, change page size and save this document as default.svg inside templates folder of your local Inkscape folder. 1. 2. 3. 4. That's all, really. Defaulting 1. 2. 3. 4.

Gimp tutorials - Amazing GIMP Tutorial inspired by the Mario Gala AddThis Sharing FacebookTwitterEmailPrintMore Hide Show AddThisPrivacy Recommended for you Adobe Photoshop tutorials - Two Tone Silhouette Adobe Photoshop tutorials - Adding Faces To Inanimate Objects Windows Vista tutorials - Fix for Append these DNS suffixes is gr Adobe Fireworks tutorials - Create a Planet from Scratch wi... AddThis Share Toggle Dock Share Close AddThisPrivacy Gallery - gps-gimp-paint-studio - Example artwork created with GIMP+GPS - Gimp + GPS (gimp paint studio) My favorites ▼ | Sign in Project Home Downloads Wiki Issues Source Comment by, May 8, 2010 Comment by Seraphim... fantastic . download GPS Comment by timeshi... Very, very nice! Comment by bdolfwit... its great... wow Comment by project member mirandagraphic, Sep 24, 2010 thanks for the comment Comment by rukhsana... I am blown away by all the art above...I have only recently downloaded GIMP, and a few extra plug-in's..But i seriously didnt realise that Gimp along with GPS, would be capable of acheiving art/pieces like this.. Comment by project member mirandagraphic, Oct 3, 2010 Hi Miss Pinky, thanks a lot for the comments and encouragement. i hope you enjoy GPS as much as i enjoyed doing it.let me know how goes your experimentation and dont be afraid to show what you do. Comment by yugal20k... Good one Comment by bitbyte0... OMG! Comment by jjtech... Excellent! Comment by twobai... Hi, these are mindblowing. Comment by project member mirandagraphic, Jan 2, 2014

Download free GIMP brushes GIMP is an open-source image editing program, one of the most popular image-editing programs. GIMP has a large library of free brushes that can be downloaded, to improve functionality of GIMP. Here is a large collection of GIMP brushes that you will find useful for various purposes. You may also be interested in related posts: Free GIMP brushes collection Feathers for GIMP NeverWinter Snowflakes I WinterBreeze GIMP Scratchies brushes Grunge Brush set 3 Grunge Brushes Splatter Brushes GIMP water brushes Butterflies brushes Butterflies brushes Blood brushes GIMP Brush sets/collections Grunge Brush pack Dead Trees Cubes

The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions | Developer& Saving repetitive tasks as Photoshop actions can save you a lot of time, allowing you to automate your work and improve workflow efficiency. A Photoshop action is a recording of a sequence of commands and operations that you can save and access later on. We’ve searched for the best downloadable Photoshop actions that can help you improve your workflow and perform complex techniques with the push of a button. In this collection, you’ll find more than 350 free hand-picked Photoshop actions that you can use to speed up your graphics creation. Quick Introduction to Photoshop Actions Link For those unfamiliar with Photoshop actions, they’re simply pre-recorded tasks that you can save and reuse anytime. Image Effects and Graphic Creation Actions Link Cross-processing ATN1 Simulate the Cross-processing2 (Xpro) photography technique using this Photoshop action. Lomo Give your images a “Lomo” look and feel with this excellent Photoshop action. Photo Enhancement and Processing Actions Link (al)

30 Poster Design Tutorials for Photoshop Photoshop allows designers to create amazing posters that can be used for a variety or purposes like movie promos, product promos, event promos, as well as just for fun and practice. There are a lot of quality tutorials out there that teach the process of designing a poster in Photoshop. In this post we’ll feature 30 poster tutorials from a variety of different designers. In this collection you should find at least a few tutorials that teach something that could be helpful in your own work. Looking for hosting?

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