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30 Windows 7 Hotkeys: Ultimate Guide

30 Windows 7 Hotkeys: Ultimate Guide
Apart from so many new features in Windows 7, Microsoft has also added new hotkeys to give individuals better control over their operating system. We have covered 30 hotkeys for Windows 7 which we believe everyone should know about. Master them all to increase your daily productivity. Windows + Up Arrow It is used to maximize the current window which is in focus, whether it is a windows explorer, a web browser, or any other application. Windows + Left Arrow Adjusts the current window to the left side and hence the window will cover almost half of the desktop space. Windows + Right Arrow It will adjust the current window to the right and thus it will cover half of the desktop space on the right. Windows + Down Arrow Minimizes the windows to the Task bar. Windows + Space All windows become transparent so you are able to see your desktop. Windows + T Shows the thumbnail preview of the running applications. Windows + P Windows + (+ / -) (Add/Minus) Shift + Click a Taskbar item Windows + F Windows + X

Windows-7-FAQ C.) Installation 1.) Ruft das BIOS Eures Computer auf und aktiviert darin einerseits den USB Legacy Support, andererseits stellt bitte sicher, dass das CD-/DVD-Laufwerk in der Bootreihenfolge vor der Festplatte steht. Wenn Ihr eine Installation von einem USB-Laufwerk, einem USB-Stick oder einer SD-Speicherkarte vornehmen wollt, setzt diese Bootoption bitte ebenfalls vor die Festplatte. 2.) Drückt an dieser Stelle eine beliebige Taste, um den Start der Windows-7-Installation einzuleiten. 3.) 4.) a) Falls dieser (Neu)installation eine Schädlingsinfektion vorausging, klickt hier bitte unten auf "Computerreparaturoptionen". b) Im nun folgenden Fenster wählt bitte die "Eingabeaufforderung" aus: c) Tragt dort hinter "X:\Sources>" bitte folgendes ein: Code: bootrec.exe /FixMbr Bestätigt diese Eingabe mit einem Druck auf "Enter". d) Schließt bitte die Eingabeaufforderung mit einem Klick auf das kleine "Schließen-Kreuz" oben rechts in der Ecke. Dadurch wird das Setup gestartet: 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.)

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Addictive Tips - Tips to make you smarter! - Part 2 When we talk about micro-blogging, Twitter comes to the mind. The popular social media network has gained a lot of praise since its inception for offering an ubiquitous place to celebrities, firms, athletes, and general users to easily connect with each other and keep up with the latest news. What’s still lacking about Twitter is a standard desktop application for Windows. One of the best things I like about Android is how awesome it is at handling multiple tasks. The middle mouse click in your browser performs two very useful functions; it lets you open a link in a new tab and it closes tabs when you click on them. Twitter is slowly, and steadily adding Facebook-like features and the latest feature the micro blogging site announced was the ability to tag photos. Facebook is a social network, an all-consuming hole, the cause for a lot of drama, and possibly an excellent tool in helping you make poor relationship decisions when you are drunk. Read More

How To Change The Windows 7 Logon Background Windows 7 comes packed with a lot of new and interesting backgrounds. However Windows 7 fails to include an easy way to change the background you see every single time you login to your computer. Perhaps you want a little flavor, or maybe you just don’t like the built-in background. Whatever the case may be, with this groovy trick you can change the background for both your Windows 7 logon screen and the menu you see whenever you hit CTRL+ALT+DEL . [learn_more caption="Editor Update 7/27/11"]After much feedback in the comments, if you’re not comfortable updating the system registry – I recommend you read this groovyPost which reviews the process of updating the Winodws 7 logon background using a freeware tool instead. A few things to note about your background image Okay… that handles the fine print, lets get started. How To Change The WIndows 7 Logon Background And CTRL+ALT+DEL Menu Background Step 1 On your Start Menu, Type in regedit and Press Enter or Click the regedit program shortcut.

The 50 Best Ways to Disable Built-in Windows Features You Don’t Want - How-... Over the years, we’ve written about loads of ways to disable features, tweak things that don’t work the way you want, and remove other things entirely. Here’s the list of the 50 best ways to do just that. Just in case you missed some of our recent roundup articles, here’s a couple of roundups of our very best articles for you to check out: If you’ve already been through those, keep reading for how to disable loads of Windows features you might not want. Disable Context Menu Items After you start installing a bunch of software, you’ll notice your context menu starts filling up with more and more items, becoming bloated, slow, and even more annoying—it starts taking up the whole screen. You’ll probably notice that the first article is an in-depth guide to help you get rid of just about any item, whereas the rest are more specific for some of the more annoying items. How to Disable Caps Lock Key in Windows 7 or Vista How to Disable Caps Lock Key in Windows 7 or Vista

Reset Windows 7 No-Activation Period for 360 days Free Trial Microsoft Corporation offers the most popular Computer Operating Systems, from Windows XP to Windows 8 (in Alpha stage now). While Windows Vista was a bitter disappointment in terms of market expectations and the results delivered by the OS, Windows 7 silenced everyone by adding blazing speed to the lethal mix of features like Windows Aero Graphics, BitLocker Encryption and ReadyBoost apart from several invisible background services like Automatic Defragmentation and Windows Backup. Windows 7 Perhaps the only two things deterring Windows XP users from switching to Windows 7 were: The bitter experience trying out Windows Vista, which had most of the fancy features like Windows Aero Graphics and ReadyBoost, but had very poor resource management structure, making the system excruciatingly slow and heating up computers which worked fine with Windows XP.The excessively high cost of Windows 7 Ultimate as compared to Windows XP Please follow these steps carefully: slmgr -rearm regedit \Microsoft

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error code 43 when USB not recognised Found this helpful 1 Have you run the troubleshooter? Click Start > type Troubleshooting > Configure a device under Hardware and Sound. Code 43 Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. One of the drivers controlling the device notified the operating system that the device failed in some manner. If you have already run the Troubleshooting Wizard, you might want to check the hardware documentation for more information about diagnosing the problem. Cheers! 'Tis all a chequer board of nights and days, Where destiny with men for pieces plays; Hither and thither, and mates, and slays. In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?! Found this helpful 0 thanks for the advice. I tried and had no luck. I also am running into this problem on a laptop. Hello, If you're seeing a code 43 for one of your USB devices or a USB controller/root hub, some additional information is needed to diagnose this issue. 6) Search on the machine for “USBForumTrace.etl” Thanks, Mark

Windows 7 90 Tage Testversion verlängern Hallo Windows Vista und Win7 kann man normalerweise 30 Tage nutzen, ohne eine Aktivierung durchzuführen. Man kann aber mit dem Software-Lizenzverwaltungstool Slmgr.vbs und dem Parameter -rearm diesen Zeitraum 3 mal zurücksetzen, so dass man max. 120 Tage ohne Aktivierung arbeiten kann. Auch auf CHIP Online dürfte sich der Tip finden. Wenn man, wie ich derzeit für meine MS-Zertifizierung, ein Betriebssystem mehrmals innert kurzer Zeit auf mehreren (virtuellen) Rechnern installiert, um die Schulungs-Szenarien nachzubauen und auszutesten, finde ich das auch eine gute Sache. CU Caleb