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70 creative Gimp tutorials

70 creative Gimp tutorials
Gimp Tutorials in this review include a handpicked selection of creative Gimp tutorials for intermediate and advanced users. Gimp is a free multiplatform image editing tool, using Gimp you can achieve pretty much everything what can be done in pricey Photoshop. These Gimp tutorials will help you to learn text, Gimp photo editing, advanced photo manipulations such as changing colors, background, remove objects, proper black and white conversion in Gimp. You’ll also learn by following these Gimp tutorials how to design poster, website, wallpaper, logo and icons with Gimp. Gold Plated Effect Gimp One of the best Gimp tutorials explains how to convert image colors into golden sun color shades. Speed Effect with The GIMP Tutorial Turn a static car photo into a speeding car with this Gimp Tutorial. Vintage look in Gimp Create your own vintage image with one of the best gimp tutorials. Text filled with image Gimp tutorial How to fill in text with image in Gimp you’ll learn using this tutorial.

60+ Best GIMP Tutorials of 2010 The Gimp is a fantastic and free piece of software that can run on all major operating systems and can do nearly any graphic related task! I have been using GIMP for over two years now and really appreciated the many tutorials I had at hand for when I was starting out. Since the early days I have produced my own tutorials in an effort to give back to the open source community and so the purpose of this post is to share and acknowledge the hard work that people have put in into making these great tutorials of 2010! Best GIMP Tutorials of 2010 Photo Manipulations The Catch – going beyond the frame of photographs Reaching out from the frame Attack of the Clones – Cloning Attack of the Clones! Wedding Photo Enhancement Wedding Photo Enhancement Just to Big – Panoramic like photo Just Too Big! Enhancing the colors of your photos Enhancing the colors of your photos Glow FX extreme Glow FX Extreme The creepy zombie hand of death The creepy zombie hand of death! How to turn a photo into a Sketch drawing

JillyBeads all sections Jump Out in GIMP This is an easy and nice GIMP trick, so easy that anyone can follow it just with a bit of patience, and I try to present it in to the very detail for beginners. Basically we will do this: [click to enlarge] Follow those steps:Add a transparent layer on top of your image and if you want a background another layer at the bottom: [click to enlarge]Make a rectangular selection on the transparent layer about the size of the desired frame and fill it with white: [click to enlarge]Shrink the selection (Select - Shrink, I used 15 pixels): [click to enlarge]And clear the content (Edit - Cut): [click to enlarge]Make a rectangular selection around the frame and use the perspective tool (Shift+P). [click to enlarge]And we are done! [click to enlarge] Leave the picture transparent, with a solid background or with a textured one, just as you like. That was all! Fell free to make your own better looking photo manipulation, show the world what GIMP wizard you are! Feedback Update: a

Garmahis Design Magazine Free Gimp tutorial PDFs Issue 128 of Linux Format magazine carries the last instalment of our Gimp tutorial series. It's been going on-and-off for years now, with the latest batch running from June 2008 until now. Although we're sad to see the Gimp tutorial go away for the time being, we'd like to thank its author - the incredibly prolific Michael J. Hammel - for all the awesome work he's done over the years, and we're happy to announce that we're releasing high-res PDFs of Michael's 18 most recent GIMP tutorials for everyone to enjoy. LXF readers have, we hope, learned a lot following in Michael's footsteps over the years, and it's great to be able to share these tutorials with an even wider audience. Read on for download instructions and more information about what's inside... What's inside We're giving you the high-res PDFs - the same ones we use to actually print the pages of the magazine - which means they'll look awesome on your screen, or printed out. Here's a full list of the tutorials: How to get it

Jewelry Making  with Wire and Beads Intro -- What a Beginner Needs to Know In our web site we provide a lot of information on how to make jewelry with wire and beads. In some people's opinion, we provide too much information and it becomes difficult to find a place to start. In this web page, we will simply try to provide information on where and how to get started making jewelry with wire and beads. There are a lot of things to learn when you are beginning a new hobby. making jewelry with wire and beads. First, you can get an overview of how to make jewelry with wire and beads by watching the WigJig Basics You Tube jewelry making video here. Second, most people need to know what tools they require. After viewing the information on the above web pages links, you can view our selection of tools with links to these tools in our WigJig Store in the following web pages: Third, everyone will need to understand the jewelry making supplies required to make jewelry. If you have reviewed all of the above information, you should be ready to make some jewelry.

HDR photos with the GIMP A tutorial on making High Dynamic Range photos using the GIMP or similar software. This instructable is aimed at a range of people, so you can skip to the bits relevant to you with the information below. I apologise for the verbosity of the main instructions, but I figure you can skip parts you already understand, and I may as well put in the detail for people who don't. If you don't know what High Dynamic Range (HDR) is or how it works, read on.If you are comfortable with the concept of HDR and want to know how to do it in photo editing software, go to step 3If you are familiar with the process of making HDR images and just want details of how to do it in the GIMP, go to step 4If you are familiar with the interface of the GIMP and just want a quick set of instructions on how to make HDR (for instance if the theory bores you and you just want to make some HDR images), go to the recap stage in step 10. If you know the theory, how to make HDR images and are familiar with using the GIMP..

Make a Nifty Soda Can Fisheye Lens Bhautik Joshi, the guy who made the Phone-O-Scope that we tweeted a while ago, has a new do-it-yourself project for those of you who enjoy this kind of hack-ish photography project. His latest project involves building a cheap fisheye lens using a peephole lens and a soda can. Here are some sample photographs taken with the “tin cam”: Built using a fisheye peephole as the main lens element and a decapitated soda can as the lens body (!) To learn how to build one of these for yourself, head on over to the tutorial through the following link: The fisheye tin cam (via Photojojo) Image credits: Photographs by Bhautik Joshi and used with permission

20 Awesome Photo Manipulation Tutorials For GIMP There’s nothing better than free open source software that can do a lot of the same things and sometimes more than your professional overpriced software can do. I don’t know, it just feels good and that’s why I love GIMP. The tutorials below are some great examples of GIMP in use and several are Photoshop tutorials converted for GIMP use. Well, minus the $700 you had to pay to do it with Photoshop. You’ll learn how to transform a stock image – into a fireball and explosion scene. Article Link Advertisement This tutorial was converted from Giackop’s tutorial at Article Link This tutorial will describe how to make a colorful photo manipulation using a parrot picture, two flower stock photos and two texture background. Article Link This tutorial has been converted from the original Photoshop tutorial into Gimp. Article Link In this GIMP tutorial we will transform this stock bulb photo into a switched on 2watt? Article Link Convert a photograph to a pencil sketch. Article Link