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Repositories of Primary Sources

Repositories of Primary Sources
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National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC), Celebrating Fifty Years, 1959-2009, Library of Congress Jay Hyland, an archivist at the Jewish Museum Milwaukee says, "the NUCMC project has enabled us to display catalog records of many of our archival collections worldwide at a faster rate than if we had tried posting catalog records on our own. Also, the association with the Library of Congress helps give further credence to the Museum and shows that we are serious about collecting materials." >> learn more Robert Roblee collection of William N. Bell family materials, ca. 1850s-1910 Location: Museum of History & Industry, Sophie Frye Bass Library (Seattle, Wash.) Background: William Nathaniel Bell (1817-1887) and his wife, Sarah Ann (Peter) Bell (1819-1856) arrived at Alki Beach in present-day West Seattle with the Denny party and other pioneers on the schooner Exact in 1851. Contents: Legal and business documents, correspondence, and ephemera related to the Seattle pioneer Bell family, together with photographs of early Seattle.

National Art Inventories What are the Inventories? The Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture document more than 400,000 artworks in public and private collections worldwide. The Inventory of American Paintings includes works by artists who were active in America by 1914. The Inventory of American Sculpture has no cut-off date and includes works from the colonial era through contemporary times. These online databases are supplemented by a photographic collection of over 80,000 images. The photographs are available for study purposes in our Washington, D.C., office. Report, Change or Add Art to Inventories We have compiled the Inventories from exhibition and collection catalogs; reports received from individuals, collectors, and family members; and data gathered from special surveys-including the Save Outdoor Sculpture! Daily we add and update records in the Inventories, so we welcome your additions and corrections. Contact Us Please send us your comments and suggestions.

Rare Book School Receives Mellon Foundation Grant to Expand Fellowship Program Rare Book School at the University of Virginia has received a second grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to expand the reach of an ambitious fellowship program that is reinvigorating bibliographical studies within the humanities. The $783,000 grant, announced earlier this month, will fund 20 additional three-year fellowships in the Andrew W. Aiming to encourage humanities scholars to look at books as physical artifacts worthy of study beyond the text on their pages, the program was launched last academic year with an $896,000 grant from the Mellon Foundation. During their three-year fellowship tenure, fellows receive intensive classroom training in weeklong seminars held annually at Rare Book School, located within U.Va.’s Alderman Library and at other major special collections libraries nationwide. Hannah Marcus, a doctoral candidate in history at Stanford University, is a member of the Rare Book School Mellon Fellows program’s inaugural cohort.

AIC WIKI Main Page New Deal Network Usenet and discussion list archives Discussion lists These are also referred to as mailing lists or list-servs, but whatever they're called, they mean the same thing. A mailing list is a glorified email 'cc' - sending copies of exactly the same email or, when referring to mailing lists or Usenet post to a large number of people. Rather than having to know the email addresses of all of the people you want to send a post to, the hosting service does this for you. The image above shows in a graphical format how a mailing list works. Advantages and disadvantages of discussion lists Advantages A quick and easy way to talk to a lot of people who share your interest Speedy responses - often within a couple of hours A good way of keeping in touch with current events A good sounding board for other peoples ideas and opinions. Disadvantages A frighteningly easy way to waste time Personal disputes can escalate into 'flame wars' Possible confusion arising from a personal opinion/company viewpoint What information can you get?

Directories - Libraries Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web Directories: Libraries See Also: Librariana Africa Research Central - California State University, San Bernardino. A search for library as a repository type retrieves 87 results. Archives Hub - A national gateway to descriptions of archives in UK universities and colleges. Les bibliothèques sur Internet en France dans le monde Association des Directers de Bibliotheques Departmentals de Pret. University Libraries Italian Internet library catalogues (OPACs) Special Libraries Government Libraries Australian Libraries Gateway - National Library of Australia. - Database contains location and descriptive information about a wide variety of health and biomedical resources. The European Library - Portal to The European Library British Library integrated catalogue, Biblioteca Nacional (Portugal), Online-Katalog Der Deutschen Bibliothek, Helsingin Yliopiston Kirjasto (main catalogue), SBN OPAC (Italy), Koninklijke Bibliotheek (main catalogue), Africa

The University of Oklahoma College of Law: A Chronology of US Historical Documents Links marked with an asterisk (*) are to other websites and will open in a new window. Pre-Colonial To 1600 The Magna Carta (1215) Letter from Christopher Columbus to the King & Queen of Spain (1490's) The *Iroquois Constitution 17th Century 18th Century The Albany Plan of 1754 The Resolutions of the Stamp Act (Oct. 19, 1765) 19th Century First Inaugural Address of President Thomas Jefferson (1801) Second Inaugural Address of President Thomas Jefferson (1805) The *Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress *Thomas Jefferson Online Resources at the University of Virginia Information on *Monticello First Inaugural Address of President James Madison (1809) Second Inaugural Address of President James Madison (1813) The text of the Star Spangled Banner (Sept. 20, 1814) First Inaugural Address of President James Monroe (1817) Second Inaugural Address of President James Monroe (1821) The Monroe Doctrine (Dec. 2, 1823) Inaugural Address of President *Rutherford B.

Emily Dickinson Archive Terms of Participation, Archives and Archivists Listserv (Revised August 10, 2009) Note: Instructions for subscribing to A&A may be found at the end of this document. Background and Mission The Archives and Archivists (A&A) List was established in 1989 by Donna Harlan and John Harlan as an open forum for all topics relating to archival theory and practice. Audience The principal audiences include archivists, archival educators, and students enrolled in graduate archival education courses and programs. Scope of the List Subjects that are appropriate to the list include all aspects of the theory and practice of the archives profession. Messages that are unrelated to the archives profession are off topic and are prohibited. * Excluding those nonprofit archives and allied associations listed online at Regarding humor: The posting of humorous anecdotes (a.k.a. Netiquette Participants are expected to follow the core rules of netiquette. Blog Postings Copyright and License Agreement Copyright Infringements List Ownership

Primary Sources: Overview of Collections One of the nation’s top collections of rare law books is housed in the Paskus-Danziger Rare Book Room of the Lillian Goldman Library at the Yale Law School. The collection is particularly strong in Anglo-American common law materials, including case reports, digests, statutes, trials, treatises, and popular works on the law. Other strengths include Roman and canon law, international law (especially the works of Hugo Grotius and Samuel Pufendorf), and early law books from most European countries. Of special interest ... Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.Location: Sterling Law Building, 127 Wall St., Level L2, Room 003 Phone: 203 432-4494 Web site: (back to top)

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