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There's more to every story.

There's more to every story.

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Stories About People (Biographies) in Easy-to-Understand English There are 265 fifteen-minute MP3 files and 11 shorter MP3 files. That is about 66 hours of listening. Activists & People Important to Social Reform Betty Friedan - Women's RightsCesar Chavez - Labor ActivistFrederick Douglass - African-Americans's RightsJane Jacobs - Activist, Writer, Moral Thinker And EconomistLabor Leaders: Samuel Gompers, John L. Lewis, Walter Reuther, A. No. 28 Long before the triumph of Stand Your Ground gun legislation, the overlapping Grand Guignols of the Iraq invasion and ISIS’s rise, or the release of the latest cinematic blood orgy at the multiplex, America’s political id was drenched in blood. We devised all manner of new American-branded mayhem during our long passage from a frontier republic into, well, a frontier mass republic, as historian Richard Hofstadter notes in a strikingly timely essay abridged in this issue: lynchings, riots, vigilantism, and political assassinations, along with garden-variety domestic knifings, shootings, and bludgeonings carried out on a scale of gruesomeness pretty much unprecedented in the soi-disant civilized West. In the pages of The Baffler no. 28—“Battle Hymns”—we give the last word to the hapless souls targeted for elimination by our nation of carnage-happy hot-heads.

Novel News: Broadcast Coverage of Character, Conflict, Resolution, and Setting ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Funny Newspaper Generator with Your Own Picture Use this free online newspaper generator to create your own spoof newspaper articles. Just upload a photo and add your own text. Here’s an example of what your funny newspaper article will look like: The actual page will be full US letter size, and you can download it as a high quality pdf to print on your home printer.

10 Resources for Teaching With Primary Sources I'm looking forward to next week's LOC virtual conference on teaching with primary sources. Thinking about the conference prompted me to put together the following collection of resources related to teaching history with primary sources. Before students can work with primary sources they need to understand the differences between primary and secondary sources. The Best Blog Name Generators - WP Dev Shed There are many components that go into creating a good website or blog, but one of the most important – and sometimes overlooked – factors is having a good domain name. Something that fits well with your business name and purpose, something that’s memorable and not prone to misspelling, and something that taps into your targeted keywords to enhance your SEO efforts. Enter a keyword or brand name to generate available blog names: You can spend hours brainstorming the right business, website or blog name, but there are some great tools available online to give you a huge range of suitable options in a snap.

Learning to Go: Lesson Ideas for Teaching with Mobile Devices, Cell Phones, and BYOT Every day, people around the world communicate, connect, and learn digitally on the go. Our students spend hours with their devices and digital tools. Imagine if some of that time was spent learning your content. Librarydoor: Got Primary Source "Sets" from LOC? If you haven't visited the LOC site lately, check out how they have bundled Primary Sources for ease of access! I have my favorites. In fact, I love the idea of using this "Patriotic" set for lower grade levels and get them used to using historical artifacts from our past.

Mobile App Reviews PCMag Australia | Cell Phone Reviews | Mobile App Reviews The 30 Best Windows Phone Apps Latest Intelligent assistants Viv, Siri Creator's New AI Platform, Can Almost Think for Itself Viv, the brainchild of Siri co-creator Dag Kittlaus, is less of a chatbot and more artificial intelligence that can think for itself. News Tips for Using Technology to Stay in Touch Do you wish you could be organized enough to regularly check in with far flung family and friends? These tips can help you keep in touch. Titans' Digest - May Issue - Slipp by TitansDigest - I also enjoy taking in the natural beauty of the land (Cloud Catcher Canyon in Azerbaijan, for example, or Yosemite & Bryce Canyon National Park in the US) and exploring the magnificent architecture of a place (The Taj Mahal, Ahambra Palace, The Great Wall of China, Abu Simbel Temple, The Colosseum, The Parthenon, Angkor Wat, Sydney Opera House, Bibi-Khanym Mosque)… What was the most unforgettable or amazing thing you have seen during your travels? Amazing as in...nature ? The ice sculptures in Antarctica are breathtaking - absolutely unbeatable in beauty. Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil is larger than life - it’s a spiritual experience to visit that magnificent place. And a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia highlights the stunning rock spires there.

Primarily Speaking: Tips and Tricks for Integrating Primary Documents into Teaching & Learning Presented by Connie Williams, National Board Certified Teacher Librarian for Petaluma High School Sponsored by Libraries Unlimited and ABC-CLIO Solutions Come and experience primary documents as tools for inquiry, project based learning, and critical thinking lessons. In this webinar, teacher-librarian, NBCT, and past President of CSLA, Connie Williams, led an interactive session on several different strategies for teaching with and teaching about primary documents. Connie shared ways to help students think critically about primary documents in a variety of content areas. The webinar was packed with tips and tricks that are ready for immediate implementation.

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