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Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet by Supermechanical

Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet by Supermechanical
The Kickstarter is over, but if you missed out on backing us, not to worry. You can still join the thousands of other awesome Twine owners by pre-ordering on Supermechanical. It's the next best thing to being an original backer! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Want to hook up things to the Web? Maybe you want to get a tweet when your laundry's done, or get an email when the basement floods while you're on vacation. Twine is the simplest possible way to get the objects in your life texting, tweeting or emailing. Twine lets you create Internet-connected systems and objects anywhere you have WiFi. Twine is a wireless module tightly integrated with a cloud-based service. The Spool web app makes it simple to set up and monitor your Twines from a browser anywhere. Because the hardware and software are made for each other, setup is easy. Right out of the box, Twine has an internal temperature sensor and accelerometer. Holiday note:

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Shigeru's Geiger Counter - News by Emcee Grady | March 29, 2011 | 20 comments These past few weeks, the world's eyes have been closely monitoring the situation in Japan. After a devastating earthquake and tsunami, the country now faces issues from a damaged nuclear power plant. Printrbot: Your First 3D Printer by Brook Drumm I designed the Printrbot to be the simplest 3D printer yet. There are some great kits out there - the Makerbot, the Ultimaker, the Prusa Mendel, and others - but none as small and simple as the Printrbot. This all-in-one 3D printer kit can be assembled and printing in a couple of hours. Other kits will not only take you many more hours to build, they will also have hundreds more parts, and they will cost more.

Kevlar Smokejumper Belts Manufactured exclusively for Best Made in New Jersey by a 136 year old high performance textile manufacturer, our smokejumper belts are built for life (in every sense of the word). The Best Made Smokejumper belt is extremely resistant to abrasion, cuts, and UV damage, low electrical conductivity, high chemical resistance, and is cinched tight with a hot-forged alloy steel parachute harness that is 100% proof load tested at 2500 lbs.You may not be parachuting onto a fiery gulch anytime soon but — no matter where life takes you — you can operate with yet more confidence knowing you have the ultimate in utility, strength, and reliability securing you. Deployed by parachute into the maw of raging forest fires in the most remote of wildernesses, it would go without saying that the smokejumper is naturally obsessed with his equipment: the failure of just one component, big or small, can be cataclysmic.

Remee - The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask by Bitbanger Labs Like Bitbanger Labs on Facebook Remee has been selected as a finalist for the William McShane Fund, by Buckyballs & Brookstone! If you think Remee deserves to be available at Brookstone, vote here! Yes, really! For nearly as long as recorded human history, the idea of consciously recognizing and controlling our dreams has been around. From the Hindu Upanishads to Aristotle's On Dreams, people have been puzzling out the mysteries of lucid dreaming for centuries. blink(1), the USB RGB LED by ThingM Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Saved Trending

Building Wireless Sensor Networks Create distributed sensor systems and intelligent interactive devices using the ZigBee wireless networking protocol and Series 2 XBee radios (available here). By the time you're halfway through this fast-paced, hands-on guide, you'll have built a series of useful projects, including a complete ZigBee wireless network that delivers remotely sensed data. This resource- and reference-packed book is ideal for inventors, hackers, crafters, students, hobbyists, and scientists.

B9Creator - A High Resolution 3D Printer by Michael Joyce Color Voting Update - 06/11/12 at 6:11 AM MST The Voting is Over, we have a winner! Black - 32, Blue -11, Clear - 9, Red - 2, Gold - 2, Green - 1 Right from the beginning I wanted the B9Creator to be different. Anodized aluminum construction, stainless steel hardware, many thoughtful features that enhance normal operation... all these things set the B9Creator apart from the DIY 3D Printer herd. Gakken Home Planetarium Throw 10,000 bright stars onto the walls of your living room with the Home Planetarium kit by Gakken. Easy to assemble, the pinhole planetarium uses a small light bulb and a micro-perforated dodecahedron to cast the stars, galaxies, and constellations of the northern hemisphere onto your walls. Three years in the making, the planetarium was designed using records from JAXA, a Japanese space and aviation research institute, to ensure high accuracy and a comprehensive collection of cosmic bodies. Kids love seeing their room covered in stars, but the planetarium also adds a very cool atmosphere to studies, living rooms, or bedrooms. The Home Planetarium Kit features:

revolights. join the revolution. by Kent, Adam & Jim Dear Kickstarter Supporter, Thanks for checking out our project. We hope you are as excited about revolutionizing the bike light industry as we are. With your help, we will morph the Revolights bike lighting system into an innovative solution used worldwide. Open Source Poetry ~ A book of poems made out of websites by Aaron Zemach $1500: DIGITIZED LEVEL! If we raise over $1500, I will vocode one of the poems from the book (on a stolen vocoder) and perform ambient music behind it, which will get sent as an MP3 to every backer at the $5 level and up. ACHIEVED! Freaklabs - Open Source Wireless - Weatherproof Wireless Enclosure Build Tutorial Hi all. No, I haven't been dead these past few weeks. I've actually been spending a lot of my free time researching how to build a weatherproof enclosure for the rice farm sensing project in the Tokyo Hackerspace.

Community Guidelines Are those the only guidelines? Those are the main two, but read on for specific uses of Kickstarter that are not allowed, and note that Hardware and Product Design projects have additional guidelines below. We don't curate projects based on taste. Instead, we do a quick check to make sure they meet these guidelines. Who can create a project on Kickstarter? Creating projects is currently open to creators over the age of 18 and based in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands (see full details). Light Table by Chris Granger Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Trending The Bright Eyes Kit - DIY LED glasses to inspire programming by Daniel Hirschmann What is the Bright Eyes Kit? Bright Eyes is DIY technology kit that encourages people to learn programming because it is so cool. It is a pair of glasses which have 174 LEDs (light emitting diodes) on them for you to program.

Sensors Right out of the box, Twine has an internal temperature sensor and accelerometer. We're also making additional external sensors. That brings the initial total to: internal temperature sensor internal accelerometer (for vibration, impact, and motion detection) a magnetic switch (useful for doors and anything else that moves) moisture sensor (detect the presence of water) breakout board --- provides analog or digital input, power and ground (allows you to easily wire up other sensors that you think up — no soldering required!) by trackingnewtech Jan 2

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