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futurescaper:futuregrapher package Futuregrapher Network Visualization Javascript Library This library combines a number of D3 and custom features into a dynamic graph visualization library. It allows you to work with collapsible clusters as a way of grouping nodes. Non-app Mockup - Brainstorm and express your ideas on paper. Non-app Mockup is a beautiful printable PDF that will help you brainstorm and explain websites, mobile/tablet applications. It includes: A web application thumbnails overview Isomorphic JavaScript: The Future of Web Apps By Spike Brehm This post has been cross-posted on VentureBeat. At Airbnb, we’ve learned a lot over the past few years while building rich web experiences.

Adobe Kickbox Kickbox is all about getting big ideas off the ground through simple, concrete steps. So, let’s break down how we deployed Kickbox at Adobe which you can use as a blueprint for bringing Kickbox at your organization. Phase 1 reveal.js – The HTML Presentation Framework The HTML Presentation Framework Hello There reveal.js enables you to create beautiful interactive slide decks using HTML. This presentation will show you examples of what it can do. Vertical Slides Using D3, backbone and tornado to visualize histograms of a csv file After being procrastinating for weeks the learning of D3.js and backbone.js I have finally made my first example using both libraries to explore (via histograms) a pandas DataFrame. The reason of the procrastination is very simple: I love python to much, because is probably the only language who is great in all areas (that I am interested at least): Great web frameworks as Django and Tornado - "fighting" with ruby (rails)Great Data Analysis packages such as pandas - "fighting" with RGreat machine-learning libraries such as scikit-learnProbably not the most successful but has a good gaming library pyGameIs a great general purpose language - I use it to program a robot for a NASA competition using a PS3 controller, serial-ports, web-server, cameras, and all in one languageAnd the list could go for hours The Javascript community is in a similar condition everyday new libraries come up and change how people do stuff, such as D3.js changed how people do interactive visualizations.

Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network Planning a front-end web application is about more than just picking a few JavaScript solutions to aid in the architecture and testing of a web application. While this might be where much of the front-end community focuses, seasoned developers know that building enterprise-grade software is much more than this. In this article, I am going to describe 16 steps that front-end developers should go through when planning a front-end web application. These steps aim to cover the entire life-cycle of a front-end application. However, before diving in, I need to clarify a few front-end terms that remain unsettled in the industry.

ECMAScript 6 collections, Part 1: Sets Posted at September 25, 2012 07:00 am by Nicholas C. Zakas Tags: Arrays, ECMAScript 6, JavaScript, Set For most of JavaScript’s history, there has been only one type of collection represented by the Array type. Arrays are used in JavaScript just like arrays and other languages but pull double and triple duty mimicking queues and stacks as well.

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