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L'incroyable impact de la pollution numérique : constats et solutions * Entièrement dématérialisé, le numérique pourrait être une formidable solution aux problèmes écologiques mondiaux. Si seulement. Les communications, transmissions et récoltes d’informations ont beau se passer en ligne, les impacts sont, eux, bien réels. Nb : Dans la vidéo, une erreur d’interprétation s’est glissée sur le 4ième chiffre. Ce constat est d’ailleurs assez simple à poser : pour que l’usager puisse communiquer, travailler ou payer en ligne, il a besoin de machines bien physiques. Comment changer la donne ? Découvrez dans notre dossier les chiffres de la pollution digitale et les recours que vous avez pour consommer autrement. Le numérique pollue-t-il vraiment ? En 2018, tous les experts sont formels : internet pollue. Des structures très gourmandes Quelle industrie est la plus polluante ? La construction d’outils informatiques impacte la quantité de ressources naturelles disponibles. Des usagers peu informés Connaissez-vous l’impact d’un email ? – 5 740 kWh d’énergie primaire

NICOLAS LAICK DESIGN © OFFICIEL Ecology is a science that matters Ecology is the study of interactions among living things and their environment. It provides new understanding of these vital systems as they are now, and how they may change in the future. Why is ecology important? Ecology enriches our world and is crucial for human wellbeing and prosperity. It provides new knowledge of the interdependence between people and nature that is vital for food production, maintaining clean air and water, and sustaining biodiversity in a changing climate. Can we conserve a habitat and its biodiversity? Yes. Can we predict the ecological effects of pollution and climate change? Governments and citizens around the world are increasingly aware of the consequences of atmospheric pollution and climate change. Can we fish the ocean without depleting its riches? It is possible, but does depend on where we are in the world. How does forest destruction affect bird populations? About one third of forest bird species cannot live in small remnants of forests. Donate

How I Fight: Stand Up To Cancer - Active Theory Case Studies - Medium This created an abundance of beautiful content, that was to be splayed out over a virtual canvas, allowing the user to explore and interact. Dynamic Layout For the layout of the illustrations, we wanted to create a natural structure that didn’t feel grid-based or follow a visible pattern. Our solution was to create a physics-based layout using our in-house physics engine. Here is an extremely slowed-down version of how the simulation works under the hood. This meant that generating unique layouts for different devices and screen sizes was a painless task. We saved the layout positions in a JSON file and simply referred to them whenever a user accessed the site, changing the order of the images to add another degree of randomness. Often we find that putting the effort in early and choosing the more difficult or complex path towards a solution rewards us greatly in the long-run, ultimately saving time and not restricting ourselves creatively. Reveal Animation 3D Interaction

Hello (3D) World - coderbunker - Medium I recently needed a custom way to show geographic location data that would pop a bit for a CV site. The end result being as seen in the GIF below. This article will walk you through the steps from inspiration, data preparation and implementation using WebGL through THREE.js. The example code will be a stripped down version of the globe I needed for my specific use case, but will render the same geometries, but not go into the panning and animations — allowing for a more coherent and sequential code. I wanted to have something that would have a similar feel to it as a wire-frame model, while being clearly recognizable as geographical locations. A few years ago, there was a geographical visualization of world population going around the internet, that was used as a cover for some sort of geographic society (I couldn’t find it before finishing the actual 3D implementation, but then I recalled the word population lines before writing this article making it just a quick google search away).