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Twine : Listen to your world, talk to the Internet by Supermechanical The Kickstarter is over, but if you missed out on backing us, not to worry. You can still join the thousands of other awesome Twine owners by pre-ordering on Supermechanical. It's the next best thing to being an original backer! Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Want to hook up things to the Web? Maybe you want to get a tweet when your laundry's done, or get an email when the basement floods while you're on vacation.

Competitive Landscape Report Today, intellectual property and patent data is widely available, but the sources of data and the formats in which these data are presented are not practical for quickly and efficiently deriving meaningful business intelligence. Various software tools address these challenges, but typically require a specialist to extract useful information and analysis. With the aid of Ocean Tomo Ratings™ system our Strategic Analytics division offers standardized IP research reports that are packaged to deliver immediate impact. The Competitive Landscape Report contains all of the relevant information required to assess the competitiveness of a given technology in the marketplace. Focusing on a set of narrowly defined patents, the Report provides a set of patents with which to compare, a review of the companies who are currently holding patents in the space, and a comparison of the market position of each company’s technology.

Trend Alert: Concrete Jewlery - inaccessory Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a concrete jungle out there. The first words that might come to your mind probably include gray, heavy and boring, but you’re about to be surprised. Concrete is a wonderful, hard and neutral material with a real presence, and combined with materials such as stainless steel, silver and gold, the results are clean, minimal and unique Concrete Jewelry items for men and women. Hadas Shaham is an Israeli jewelry designer, whose designs consist of contemporary jewelry formed by simple geometric shapes combining concrete, silver and gold to an art. We love the way the concrete is combined with the other materials, to create surprising, organic shapes which are the opposite of what you think of concrete.

Online Broker, Investment Ideas, Online Stock Trading The Exchange Traded Funds prospectus contains its investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses and other important information you should read and consider carefully prior to making an investment decision. Please review the current prospectus, available from the Prospectus link. ETFs have unique features that you should be aware of, which can include distribution of any gains, risks related to securities within the portfolio, tax consequences, and fees and expenses. The data quoted herein represents past performance and is not indicative of future results.

Crowdfunding Getting started Meet Sponsume :) Sponsume offers a new way of exploring innovative ideas and helping turn them into reality. We are a crowdfunding platform where creative people sell perks and rewards to fans in order to fund their project. Fans make their favourite project happen by buying its rewards. Sponsume is open to all creative and innovative ventures, big or small, in a wide variety of areas: film, theatre, photography, dance, social enterprise, new technologies, gaming, transmedia, fashion, sport, festivals, music, journalism, gastronomy, animation, publishing… Raise funds & build a community

Set and Vent Collection Process The SET collection involves several steps from inception to completion. Silicone molds are made of the specific shapes required which are then cast with concrete. The stainless framework is set within the concrete in the molds which provide the strength to the concrete shape. Competitive Landscape » IP Education With IP Street, you can: Track patents and patent applications filed by a competitorIdentify gaps in your intellectual property portfolioGain insights into potential competitive threatsIdentify inventors of any technologyFind patented technology and published applications relevant to your productsIdentify who owns the patentsAssess the quality of key patents and individual claims (beta version) Getting IP Street analytic tools is easy for Alibaba members. Alibaba is a proud sponsor of a discount for its members. Buy now and use the promotion code ALIBABA to save 40% off the retail price!

Build a mini cnc machine for $45 - My various projects I am a PCB designer by trade with 3D modelling experience in design of small enclosures. Creating physical 3D models on the cheap is something that I've been interested in for a while. Building a scaled down CNC machine to learn how stepper motors, 3D axis controllers and CNC software works at a minimal cost was my goal. I've managed to do this for only $45 and a few evenings. Things you will need: A electronics recycle depot. ABOUT US - Global Inventions Global Inventions Ltd business was formed in 1994 and now has associate offices in UK, USA, Japan, India and Kenya. We are committed to becoming an important catalyst in the transformation of conceptual ideas from designers, inventors and students to successful products. We specialise in high-volume, low-technology, innovative consumer items and patented inventions. Our products typically retail for between US$5.00 to US$80.00 and include consumer items, design, games, mobile phones / accessories, photography, watches etc. We offer 3 modes of financing and marketing new inventions which are:

Crowdfunding Secrets: 10 Tips for Highly Successful Campaigns As crowdfunding makes gains in popularity, the battle for pageviews and pledges has become increasingly competitive, especially on portal sites that feature thousands of live projects at once. If you’re depending on a Kickstarter feature to kickstart your campaign, then you could be in trouble. So how do you ensure that you’ve optimized your campaign for success? CNC machined curve hanger by kittipoom songsiri for karv sep 17, 2013 CNC machined curve hanger by kittipoom songsiri for karv curve hanger by kittipoom songsiri for karv ‘curve hanger’ by kittipoom songsiri is just one of the products designed as part of a larger collection for new furniture company ‘karv’. the brand focuses on primarily manufacturing plywood products via CNC machine–plywood selected as a main medium because of its strength and applicability to the industrial process. for these reasons, the layered wood boards are cut into many pieces with various curve shapes at once which might not be practical in other production methods. joints and all other components are carved out using the simple technique, executed in high quantities. the product assembly requires only gluing and clamping which additionally reduces costs.

Collective IP Collective IP about Our story. Collective IP was founded in 2011 with a singular mission: Accelerate the commercialization of global R&D through a marketplace that uniquely surfaces ideas, technologies and inventors; and quickly catalyze the connection between buyers and sellers of these assets in a revolutionary way. To accomplish this goal we built the world’s most comprehensive and accurate organization of technologies emerging from universities, companies and inventors. The Collective IP platform provides technology transfer and corporate licensing professionals with a unique asset marketing platform, while simultaneously delivering an unprecedented search solution for business development professionals who focus on asset identification within companies and technology transfer organizations.

The Machine to be Another BE ANOTHER LAB is an interdisciplinary art collective dedicated to investigate embodied and telepresence experiments. We believe that the understanding of the “self” is related to the understanding of the “Other” and that more than individuals, we are part of a broader system called humanity. Under this perspective, we search for innovative possibilities on the concepts of embodied interaction, extended body and extended mind by mixing low-budget digital technology with social relations, Web and also neuroscientist methodologies. We develop Creative Commons tools based on OpenKnowledge and are collaborating with experimental psychologists and neurologists to develop usage procedures to ‘the machine’ as a low-budget rehabilitation system, and also as an immersive role playing system. CONTACT US: Investigators: