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A Free Student Response System for Teachers ExitTicket Systems Level Student Response Solution

A Free Student Response System for Teachers ExitTicket Systems Level Student Response Solution

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Mrs. Patton's Patch: Math Anchor Charts from the Year Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your summer! I have been busy moving classrooms and schools, because yet again I have a new assignment next year. This one I'm pretty excited about. How to Compose a Quality Comment! The fabulous Miss Wyatt, from The Student Blogging Challenge, asked if I would guest post about commenting. I ♥ commenting and am happy to contribute! Blogging has many parts: the post, the comments, and the sidebar. A Very Useful Tool to Create Educational Animated Videos on Google Drive December 21, 2014 PowToon is a very powerful web app which you can use on Google Drive to create beautiful animated videos and presentations. PowToon provides you with all the necessary animation tools you’ll need to immediately begin creating your own professional-looking animated explainer videos and animated presentations. It has an easy to use interface with pre-designed templates and a variety of style libraries to choose from.

Announcing Stamps: Get Instant Feedback from Your Class! Today we are excited to announce Stamps, a new way for students and parents to provide instant feedback on your Remind messages! With Stamps, you can easily ask questions and get quick answers from your class in real-time. For example, you can find out who is going on a field trip, who is confused about a new topic you introduced, or even, who likes the messages you’re sending. It’s simple. You send a message to your class, just as you’ve always done with Remind.

50 Free Android Apps Being Used In Education Right Now I’ll admit it. I’m a fan of Apple products. But that doesn’t mean I don’t yearn for some of the fabulous features on Android phones too. Until the day when Apple and Google merge (ha!) Daily 5 Math *For presentation handouts/slides, see below. Daily 5 Math is a program inspired by the Daily 5 ELA program developed by the Sisters. I saw a need of something sustainable to help differentiate my math instruction in a split class and I wanted to ensure that students were meaningfully engaged in active learning activities instead of doing rote busywork.

Using Padlet as a Formative Assessment Tool Padlet (formerly known as Wallwisher) has been around for a while now. It acts as an online bulletin board where users place “digital sticky notes”. These digital stickies can contain text, web links, uploaded files, photos, and even video! They can be anonymous or students can be required to sign in. 12 Free Online Quiz Makers to Create Online Quizzes I often receive a lot of questions about how to make online quizzes for free. Here is a collection of 12 free online quiz making applications I collect after days’ collection. These apps will help you make quizzes for online use for free. Do you know of any other free online quiz makers that can be helpful?

Chat is Now Available on Remind! Chat is now available on Remind! Using the Remind app or website, Chat lets teachers initiate safe, simple, one-to-one conversations with a student or parent in their class. I’m excited to walk you through Chat in the Remind app (iOS or Android) and answer some common questions about getting started. How do I start using Chat? Once you have version 5.0+, you’ll immediately notice the Chat icon as a new tab in your navigation bar along with Home, Classes and You. After clicking the Chat tab, teachers can start a Chat with any subscriber over the age of 13.

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