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Craig Barton: Statistical Associates: Editorial Board (listed alphabetically) Nicholas Allen Assistant Professor Department of Psychology Ohio University USA Micah Altman Director of Research - MIT Libraries Head/Scientist, Program on Information Science Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution USA Craig Barton Research Consultant Higher Education Studies Graduate Research Enterprises (DBA) Walden University USA Shawn M. Nate Breznau Postdoctoral Fellow Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences Department of Sociology Germany Max K. Chakema C. Jonathon A. Mark Dobeck Assistant Professor of Business Strategy & Business Analytics The Monte Ahuja College of Business Cleveland State University Faculty member, International Institute of Analytics (IIA) USA André Faro Professor Department of Psychology Federal University of Sergipe (UFS) Brazil Ruslan (Ross) Flek Assistant Professor of Mathematics Director of Quantitative Reasoning Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts (New York) USA Craig W. Robert J. M.

Best Tutorials For Cinematic Visual Effects Advertisement Today, too many websites are still inaccessible. In our new book Inclusive Design Patterns, we explore how to craft flexible front-end design patterns and make future-proof and accessible interfaces without extra effort. Hardcover, 312 pages. It doesn’t matter whether you are a designer, a developer, an artist or an amateur learner – at some point you need to improve the quality of the original picture or video. In this post we present best vfx tutorial for visual effects in movies (with Adobe After Effects, 3DSMax etc.) that will hopefully teach you how to create impressive videos which can be used for your presentations or websites. Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link Best VFX Tutorials For Visual Video Effects Link The 007 Intro5 This tutorial shows you how to achieve the classic introduction of James Bond films using only basic After Effects plug-ins. Energy9 Create a complex energy scene with CC particle world in Adobe After Effects. Realistic Car Hit39 Old Film look41

Free Teacher PD Welcome to a new episode of Free Teacher PD: Part 1 of Using QR Codes to Engage Students, with Carol Nelson. Quick Response codes, or QR codes, have sometimes been referred to barcodes on steroids. These small digitized squares are used for storing encoded information into a small, two-dimensional space that can be read by Smartphones and other handheld devices, such as iPads, web cameras, or QR readers. Originally they were used in the automotive industry, but QR codes are not just for car parts anymore. In this and the next podcast episode, you will discover how to create QR codes to use in your classroom. Simple, free QR generators allow you to create codes that can link to YouTube, text, SMS, email, URLs, and more. QR codes are a great way to integrate technology with a real-world application. So… Let’s get learning!

Free Technology for Teachers Independent Researchers for Hire - Locations Note: To ensure fairness, this list displays in random order each time it is viewed. Be sure to view the entire list. Diane RovedoHallett’s Comet140 Beech StFranklin, MA 02038Telephone: (774)571-0281E-mail: hallettscomet@gmail.comResearch Specialty: Historical and genealogical records research (including photographic and still images) at all NARA facilities in New England and New York; The American Antiquarian Society and its affiliates; Presidential Libraries in the Northeast, and State Libraries. Other research inquiries considered, including Land, Court, and Military Records. Cynthia CampbellThe Center for African American Genealogical Research, Inc. Kelly MillikenNationwide Research and Consulting (NR and C Company)24 Preble StPortland, ME 04101Telephone: (207) 791-2852Fax: (207) 791-2858E-mail: info@nationwideresearch.comResearch Specialty: Document retrieval, due diligence, criminal record research, customized projects. Steven B. Joseph V. Diane M. Gregory T. Forrest L. Michael L.

@ at MoMA Ray Tomlinson. @. 1971. Here displayed in ITC American Typewriter Medium, the closest approximation to the character used by a Model 33 Teletype in the early 1970s MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design has acquired the @ symbol into its collection. It is a momentous, elating acquisition that makes us all proud. But what does it mean, both in conceptual and in practical terms? Contemporary art, architecture, and design can take on unexpected manifestations, from digital codes to Internet addresses and sets of instructions that can be transmitted only by the artist. The acquisition of @ takes one more step. In order to understand why we have chosen to acquire the @ symbol, and how it will exist in our collection, it is necessary to understand where @ comes from, and why it’s become so ubiquitous in our world. A Little History The @ symbol used in a 1536 letter from an Italian merchant Arroba sign in document from the 1400s denoting a wheat shipment from Castile Ray Tomlinson’s @

Podcasts for teachers TWT #82 Les Burns (author of Teach on Purpose) TWT #81 Jodi Rice (AP Language Advisor) TWT #80 Anita Jordan (retired teacher, mother to a novelist) TWT #79 Dan Tricarico (The Zen Teacher) TWT #78 Sarah Donovan (Ethical ELA) TWT #77 Erika Nielsen Andrew (Teaching Channel) TWT #76 The Best Lesson Series: Literature TWT #75 Laura Bradley (Edutopia Facilitator) TWT #74 David Bosso (Connecticut Teacher of the Year) TWT #73 Terry Heick (Teach Thought) TWT #72 — Penny Kittle (Book Love) TWT #71 — Michael Dunlea (Hope Street Group Fellow) TWT #70 — Anglea Watson (The Cornerstone for Teachers) TWT #69 — Rafranz Davis (The True Identity of a Teacher) TWT #68 — Edutopia’s Social Media Team (Elana Leoni and Samer Rabadi) TWT #67— Dan McCabe (Changing Mindsets) TWT #66 — James Sturtevant (Connecting with Students) TWT #65 — Cheryl Costello (Tech Specialist, CT) TWT #64 — Brianna Crowley (ASCD Emerging Leader) TWT #63 — Michael Flynn (Elementary Education on the post-secondary level) TWT #61 Preview of “The Test”

Becoming a consultant | Proposal Writing | Funding Research | Knowledge Base | Tools For the right person, working as an independent consultant can have many advantages, including setting one's own schedule and priorities, working with a variety of clients, and developing a wide range of personal skills and experience. However, like any start-up, launching your own consulting business involves some financial risk and a great deal of personal commitment. While working independently often provides for greater personal freedom, it may also involve an inconsistent workload and an unpredictable income. Consultants must be well-organized and self-disciplined in order to effectively manage their time and resources while working with several different clients at any given time. Experience/credentials: As a consultant, you are the product. More articles about nonprofit consulting» Selected resources below may also be helpful.

Design Search Code Manual - Table of Contents - Introduction 1. The General Guidelines provide broad instructions and procedures for coding and interpreting the design search codes. 2. Each design search code is a numerical classification index that codifies design figurative elements into categories, divisions and sections. The design search codes act as the equivalent of a filing system for paper records. For example, a five-pointed star would be coded in category 01 (celestial bodies, natural phenomena and geographical maps), division 01 (stars, comets) and section 03 (stars with five points). The design code manual also contains explanatory notes and specific guidelines that provide instructions for specific code sections, cross-reference notes which direct users to other code categories, sections and divisions, and notes describing elements that are included or excluded from a code section. 3. The individual coders for design trademarks have been instructed to look at the designs from two aspects.

The Edupreneur Podcast Widgets Magazine Today’s retirement is very different. For more and more seniors, retirement is a liberating experience filled with options never before available. Because today’s seniors are healthier and more active, planning for retirement involves much more than just financial planning. It involves thoughtful planning about what you want to do with the rest of your life, whether it’s starting your own business, part-time work, consulting, volunteering, mentoring, a variety of leisure activities, or a unique combination tailored to your needs. (Click here to read about whether to work or not to work in retirement.) This section of our site describes Web sites that post jobs for seniors and retirees. Employment Web Sites seeks to identify and certify companies that are most-suited and most friendly to workers over age 50 and match them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or project that matches their lifestyle. Your Encore Inc. Books

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