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Go Mobile - In Under 2 Minutes

Go Mobile - In Under 2 Minutes

Free Blog App Maker Creatavist Storytelling without limits. Whitey Bulger WBUR Boston Issue 9 | May 2013from Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs) by Toby Altman“Father’s Day” by Bobby Fischer“The Beast Deer” by Cassandra de Alba“[What Happens in this Town Stays in this Town]” by Katie Byrum“If You Never Get to Mendocino County” by Matthew Wade Jordanfrom Rhetoric for Carpenters (proverbs)Toby Altman(a) Do not allow insult:language should be a thimbleto shield your brother’s thumb.(b) Do not tell your firstbornthe story of Isaac:you just never know.(c) Do not let yourself speakabout the unknowable. Bodega: Issue 9 The Rider’s Prayer Sarah Menkedick Make beautiful multimedia stories for apps, ebooks, and the Web with a free Creatavist account . This handle is already taken. By creating an account, you agree to the Creatavist Terms of Service Send Us Feedback Send

New Paradigm for Professional Development Written by Mark Brumley New Professional Development Plan I’ve written earlier posts about using Twitter for professional development and the need to change our current PD model. Now let’s look at a sample social media professional development plan. This follows a Diffusions of Innovations stategy: Knowledge, Persuasion, Decision, Implementation and Confirmation. This post will introduce the Knowledge phase. Consume Step 1: Knowledge phase – Start with a consumer-based model In the consumer-based professional development model, teachers are not creating content as part of their PD, they are just receiving information and then acting, in a limited fashion, upon this new information. To introduce teachers to this, I show a live feed from with an educational hashtag. TIP: To show a feed from any Twitter hashtag, type in your browser and then the hashtag. TIP: What if you don’t have a professional development day to introduce this?

App Inventor Get Started Follow these simple directions to build your first app! Tutorials Step-by-step guides show you how to create even more apps. Teach Find out about curriculum and resources for teachers. Forums Join community forums to get answers to your questions. Twitter In Schools-A Getting Started Guide The end of the school year is upon us however many are looking forward to next year. You may be thinking what can you do differently next year? How can you stand out above the crowd? How can your school become a larger part of the school community? While Twitter is beginning to catch on with many educators, schools are lagging in their adoption of the platform. But let's think about it. But where do you start? Think First-There are a few questions you and your team (and it should be a team) will want to ask and answer before you jump in: What do you want to do with this account? Who Are You- A profile will go a long way in letting people know who you are. Hashtags- A good idea is to also come up with a hashtag. Promote- The account does no good if no one knows about it. But I Don't Want To Be On Twitter-You may find resistance to the idea of a school Twitter account because folks don't want one of their own.

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