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It Gets Better Project

It Gets Better Project
Posted May 7, 2012 by Gary Nelson A Letter to Any Teen Who’s Thinking About Suicide Dear friend, Let me start by telling you that I love you. No, I don't know you at all. I might have passed you at the mall or caught a glimpse of you driving down the road, but chances are you live far away from me, in another state or even in another country. I love you just the same.

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Power and Control: Domestic and Intimate-Partner Violence in LGBTQ Relationships by Carolyn Wysinger No one actually knows this story but me and God. Seven years ago I was in a relationship with another woman. She was beautiful, smart and had a great career. We shared a mutual respect for family, food and good times. The woman was also an abuser. The War on Suffrage “Nine little Suffergets, Finding boys to hate, One kisses Willie Jones, And then there are Eight.” Ten Little Suffergets tells the sad tale of ten little girls who lose their pro-suffrage leanings when they spy shiny objects like toys, men, and the Sandman. The 1915 picture book ends with the final baby suffragette cracking her baby doll’s head open. “And then there were none!” ends the book on a gleeful note.

DC Entertainment Launches 'We Can Be Heroes' Humanitarian Fundraising Campaign DC Entertainment has announced a new corporate, “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign fronted by silhouettes of its Justice League characters designed to benefit Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps’ humanitarian efforts in Africa. Targeted at the horn region of the continent, which includes Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, the fundraising efforts are primarily centered around providing families and children in need with essential food, water, and hygiene items. According to DC’s press release, 13 million people are currently in need of critical assistance in Somalia alone, due to the region’s current famine crisis. Donations of any amount made at the We Can Be Heroes site will reportedly be matched by DC Entertainment 100 percent, with 50 percent of branded “We Can Be Heroes” online merchandise sales being donated to the fund (unless you buy in Maine, Massachusetts and Alabama). From The Source:

Freedom From Religion Foundation - Wikipedia The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is an American non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin with members from all 50 states.[2] The largest[citation needed] national organization advocating for non-theists, FFRF promotes the separation of church and state and educates the public on matters relating to atheism, agnosticism, and nontheism. The FFRF publishes a newspaper, Freethought Today 10 times a year.[3] Since 2006, as the Freethought Radio Network, FFRF has produced the Freethought Radio show. History[edit] The FFRF was co-founded by Anne Nicol Gaylor and her daughter, Annie Laurie Gaylor, in 1976 and was incorporated nationally in 1978.[4] The organization is supported by over 23,500 members[5] and operates from an 1855-era building in Madison, Wisconsin, that once served as a church rectory.

The Time Tribe - Episodic time travel adventure game by Karen B Wehner Not a backer but want to keep up with Time Tribe news? Sign up at IF WE REACH $30k, we will add a whole new narrative storyline to a time travel destination of your choice!! UPDATE: WE DID IT! Drinking Liberally Trump’s national security chief resigns, the White House can’t get its story straight on who knew what and when they knew, and Flynn kept getting briefings even after the DOJ warned he could be blackmailed. Executive orders are stopped by courts, but Trump advisers say they can ignore judges, as they try to appoint a Supreme Court justice, and as ICE detains DACA recipients and other folks just for not having ID. Israel and China policy change on the fly, legions of civil servants resign en masse while others go rogue within departments that are being led by a Swamp Cabinet of kleptocrats, oligarchs, and autocrats. Puzder is sunk, Conway is scolded, campaign aides were emailing with Russia, Trump handles North Korea in public over dinner, and finds time to tweet against critics and companies to divert attention from his team’s impeachable offenses. If you’re feeling nervous, you’re not alone as this is all a matter of National Insecurity.

where is your line? » Blog Archive » Lina Srivastava: Badass Activist Friday It’s Friday, and we all know what that means! Interviews with your favorite badass feminists and activists. Whether social media queens and kings, creative artists, sex educators, or just kick-ass personalities, these people harness righteous anger, instigate movements and inspire cultural change. We’re here to honor them and their work, but more importantly, to highlight how we can all get up, plug in, and Just Start Doing. Today’s badass is Lina Srivastava. My life as a gay Muslim drag queen He was told to choose between marrying a woman or living a life of religious devotion and celibacy. “The notion of being gay is non-existent in Muslim culture,” he says. “It was deemed that once I had a relationship with a girl, everything would be fine and my heterosexual tendencies would suddenly be switched on.

Eating Liberally Americans may be deeply divided about what ails our country, but there's no denying we're a nation of unhappy campers. Danes, on the other hand, consistently rank as some of the happiest people in the world, a fact attributed at least in part to Denmark's legendary income equality and strong social safety net. Forbes recently cited another possible factor; the Danes' "high levels of trust."

Transmedia Activism and Docs at the NYFF Looks like I’ll be joining a panel at the New York Film Fest this Saturday night at 7pm to speak about transmedia activism and documentary films. If you are in town and interested in the subject, please stop by and say hello (while asking a question in the Q&A perhaps). The event is in the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater at 144 West 65th St, which is a good space for this type of event (seriously, it’s great for a conversation). Here’s the description from the festival (more panelists TBA):

Reading Liberally Tonight, as the President takes to the podium in the Capitol, members of Drinking Liberally take to bars across America. This is the 9th year running that Drinking Liberally is hosting State of the Union Watch Parties, and you're invited to join. Find your local chapter on our DL map and see if they've promoted a special watch party for tonight. And whether you're a host or a guest, bring some games to your local event. MoveOn Uses Fox News Hoaxes, Van Jones And The Roots In Anti-Austerity Campaign WASHINGTON -- It seemed, at the time, too surreal to be true. In late May, a YouTube user named Hiropro999 posted a video to the site showing the ticker outside of News Corp.'s Manhattan headquarters being hacked and reprogrammed with an anti-FOX News script.

Laughing Liberally by Ben Lust This past Wednesday, I went to my first event as an intern for Living Liberally. "Stand Up for Freedom!" presented by the PEN American Center and featuring Laughing Liberally, was a huge hit. In a quick summation before I begin, the night was highlighted by many wonderful first-time experiences. Haiti Disaster Relief Update! Justin Finch-Fletchley and I have one more show – tonight in New York City – and we are thrilled to inform you that we have surpassed our original goal of raising $1,000 for disaster relief in Haiti. In fact, tonight’s show will most likely put us over $1,500 raised! Given the fact that most of our shows have been small house parties with 15 to 30 people in attendance, this accomplishment is astounding. We want to thank everyone who’s contributed to this effort and taken the time to learn about Haiti and to really care about what’s happening there. You’re an inspiration to us and you’ve helped a very worthy cause. Matt

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