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It Gets Better Project

It Gets Better Project
Posted May 7, 2012 by Gary Nelson A Letter to Any Teen Who’s Thinking About Suicide Dear friend, Let me start by telling you that I love you. No, I don't know you at all. I might have passed you at the mall or caught a glimpse of you driving down the road, but chances are you live far away from me, in another state or even in another country. I love you just the same.

Le Vent Tourne Le module transmédia mené entre Janvier et Avril 2013 par Lucie Poirot et Alexandre Pierrin à l'école des Gobelins, s'est clôturé le 05 avril au Comptoir Général à Paris par la présentation des cinq dispositifs transmédia élaborés par les étudiants. Au cours de 8 séances, les étudiants de l'école des Gobelins ont découvert toutes les étapes de conception d'un dispositif transmédia, de l'invention de la Bible des personnages à la séance de pitch devant des partenaires. Parallèlement à cet apprentissage, les étudiants étaient chargés d'imaginer en groupe un dispositif transmédia qui puisse être mis en place à l'occasion des 5 ans de La Ruche, espace de travail collaboratif pour les entrepreneurs sociaux où Le Vent Tourne a ses bureaux.

Epic Gallery: 150 Years Of Lesbians And Other Lady-Loving-Ladies click here for more posts from “the herstory issue” // “the way we were” I really threw myself into Herstory Month, in June, eating every accessible herstory archive on the internet and spending hours in the library, accumulating massive stacks of borrowed books which I stored at the foot of my bed. My girlfriend was not a big fan of the stacks of books at the foot of the bed. I was looking for words but eventually, also, for pictures. FCKH8 The Harry Potter Alliance A modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice Unheard Voices: Stories of LGBT History The History and Impact of Anti-LGBT Slurs In this lesson students listen to the oral history of an advocate for LGBT family rights, and use her personal story as a vehicle for considering how anti-LGBT attitudes are formed. Students explore the derivation of the words “gay,” “faggot” and “dyke” in order to better understand the long history of judgment and hate behind these words. They also reflect on the testimony of LGBT teens about the impact of terms like “that’s so gay.”

StopBullying.GOV The Feminist eZine - 1001 Feminist Links and Other Interesting Topics Stop Bullying Now! Secret Lesbians — 19th Century Queer Couples 1. 1891 – Photo by...

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