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ArchitectureWeek - 2009.0603

ArchitectureWeek - 2009.0603
Brooklyn is a hub of innovative architecture and design, with dozens of young professionals commissioning or undertaking their own eco-sensitive renovations to existing brownstones and low-rise attached buildings throughout the borough. Tighthouse, a Passive House brownstone retrofit, sits at the end of a string of two-story buildings constructed in 1899 that share a tree-lined block with larger brownstones built around the same time, centrally located off Fifth Avenue in the neighborhood of Park Slope. It is the first certified Passive House in New York City and meets the standards for new construction, surpassing the EnerPHit certification. Remodeling Approach The unique retrofit of a 110-year-old house by the Brooklyn-based firm Fabrica 718 could serve as an important model for the many urban and suburban residences that need energy-saving renovations.

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Lilypad, a prototype of auto-sufficient amphibious city LILYPAD, A FLOATING ECOPOLIS FOR CLIMATICAL REFUGEES 2100, a large crowd of ecological refugees Further to the anthropogenic activity, the climate warms up and the ocean level increases. According to the principle of Archimedes and contrary to preconceived notions, the melting of the arctic ice-floe will not change the rising of the water exactly as an ice cube melting in a glass of water does not make its level rise. However, there are two huge ice reservoirs that are not on the water and whose melting will transfer their volume towards the oceans, leading to their rising. LeveridgeDesign It has been one of those serendipitous weeks where one product has come at me from all different angles, in this instance the ubiquitous guitar. First I made contact on Facebook with an old college friend and read about his new guitar design and build venture in the UK: Then I was contacted by a young entrepreneur from NYU, Rafael Atijas, with a really unique and very creative idea, His creative web campaign to generate seed funding to strike the first major chord into the chorus of mass producing the idea is brilliant.In the designers own words:

Maison de la Lumiere by Duilio Damilano This house in Bologna, Italy was designed by Duilio Damilano. The house was born from two fundamental requirements: to avoid the stereotypes of the residential buildings in the region, and to realize a technologically advanced house. In order to answer the first demand, the modern house is separated from the surrounding context by walls of green bushes to allow for something new to emerge. architectural photography » The White Hot Act of Gothic Home » Popular, architecture, church architecture, gothic architecture, paris, styles: gothic, whitehot In terms of architectural history there are some buildings which are supercharged with energy. The Basilica of Saint Denis near Paris is one such building. Walk over to the Chancel and the Sanctuary and look up at the vaulting in the ambulatory and here you will see where the Gothic style was born. This building is the starting point of all things Gothic as we know it today.

Alila Villas Uluwatu by WOHA Opening in early 2009 are the Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali, Indonesia. The 14.4 hectare development offers three-bedroom contemporary Balinese villas for sale, as well as a hotel for those on holiday in Bali. Alila Villas Uluwatu has been designed by the Singapore based WOHA. Visit the website of Alila Villas Uluwatu – here. Visit the WOHA website – here. 7 Clean Minimalist Homes Minimalist style is based on the ideas that “less is more” meaning the less objects the better the space will look. Here is a spectacular list of 7 clean minimalist homes. Whether you like or dislike the minimalist style these homes should leave you calm and less stressful. 1. Casa C by architects Duilio Damilano 2. Garden and Sea by architect Takao Shiotsuka 3. Orr House by Swatt Architects 4. Woodside Bay Home by Hillery Priest Architecture

Maison de la lumiere by Damilano Studio Maison de la lumiere in Bologna, Italy was designed by the Damilano Studio. The architects wanted to break the mold of typical houses found in the area while creating a technologically advanced home. Visit their website for more information. Images by – Andrea Martiradonna Pirihueico House / Alejandro Aravena Alejandro Aravena was selected as one of the 20 essential young architects by Icon. Architects: Alejandro Aravena, Jorge Christie, Victor Oddó Location: Pirihueico lake, Chile Built Area: 350sqm Construction start: 2003 Completion: 2004 Materials: Stone, Wood, Glass Budget: 1.000 US$ / m2 Photos: Cristobal Palma We were asked to design a summer/winter house in a remote landscape in the most southern part of Chile. More than a design, the client wanted, first of all, an equation that included every possible aspect that one could consider to be included; the design then had to be just the resolution of that equation.

50 Strange Buildings of the World (Part II This is the part II of the very popular list of 50 strange buildings which has been and is being copied (stolen) by many bloggers. If you wish to post it on your blog or website, feel free to use up to 20 buildings from this list and give a proper link to our website ( as the source article. I hope you enjoy this weird, odd, bizarre and incredible looking arcitechture! After looking at this magical collection of buildings, don’t forget to check Part III (and also Part I if you haven’t seen it yet) of this very popular architecture post series. 1.

Hanse Colani Rotor House Designer Luigi Colani has created a space-saving house with a six square meter cylinder inside that contains a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. + The cylinder rotates left or right bringing the room you want into view of the main living room. There's a separate toilet and a small hallway, and everything is controlled with a remote. View of the cylinder from the living room. The house was designed for young professionals who need minimal space while they focus on career. High Fashion Home Blog: Top 10 Green Architecture Projects 2008: Inhabitat Inhabitat featured the top 10 most impressive green architecture projects in 2008. I really only wanted to highlight a couple, but I really couldn't help myself. These projects are absolutely jaw-dropping feats of ingenuity and innovation.

A Swirling Green Roof Tops Nanyang Art School in Singapore If art school was in our future we might opt to study under, or on top of, the amazing green roof at the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, designed by CPG consultants. This 5 story facility sweeps a wooded corner of the campus with an organic, vegetated form that blends landscape and structure, nature and high-tech and symbolizes the creativity it houses. The glass façade provides a high performance building envelope that reduces solar gain and heat load while allowing the benefits of natural views and daylight into creative spaces. The glass walls provide a visual exchange between indoors and out allowing students and teachers to experience the building, the surrounding landscape and the interior plaza as fluid spaces. Diffused natural daylight is abundant throughout studios and classrooms, filtered through the surrounding foliage.

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