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Writing Tips for Kids 3 - Developing Characters. By Susan Stephenson, This is the third in my new series of writing tips for kids.

Writing Tips for Kids 3 - Developing Characters

Over coming weeks you’ll see new short articles, each of them addressing young writers and dealing with a topic helpful to them. I’ve created a new List for these articles and will add to it over time. What’s So Great about School Libraries? By Deborah Robins and Susan Stephenson, To those in the know, a school library is a vital resource for students.

What’s So Great about School Libraries?

As author, Jackie French, says: Yet some still have questions, and others haven’t taken time to think about it. “If students have Google, why do they need a school library?” “Our school doesn’t have a library any more, and my kid gets by.” “A school library - just some place with books where you need to be quiet, right?” I asked teacher librarian, Deb Robins, passionate advocate for school libraries, to help us understand what a really great school library would look like. Today, October 16, is an important time to think about school libraries because tonight at 7.00 pm AEDT is the launch of the Students Need School Libraries Campaign.

This worthwhile campaign's mission is: The Book Chook: Ideas for Children’s Book Week 2018. By Susan Stephenson, Children’s Book Week in Australia 2018 will be celebrated from August 17 - 24.

The Book Chook: Ideas for Children’s Book Week 2018

The CBCA theme this year is: Find Your Treasure! There will be so many opportunities for fun with reading, for learning, and for creating. I love the idea that books can be treasures and all we need to do is find them. (Getting books into the right hands is one of the many things my librarian friends excel at, so cheers to them all!) I have had so much fun making the PDF resources below to share with those of you who want to celebrate Children's Book Week with kids! + Here are two PDF posters I made that you might like to use to advertise Children’s Book Week 2018. . + This year’s theme makes us think immediately of pirate treasure! + Adults who love to get into the spirit of Book Week will be thrilled by this theme.

. + Book Week Parade? The Book Chook: Activities for Kids - Children’s Book Week 2018. By Susan Stephenson, Earlier this week, I reminded you that Children’s Book Week in Australia will be celebrated from August 17 - 24 in 2018.

The Book Chook: Activities for Kids - Children’s Book Week 2018

The CBCA theme this year is: Find Your Treasure! The Book Chook: Help Kids Detect Fake News. By Susan Stephenson, “Fake news” is a term that has exploded in popularity recently.

The Book Chook: Help Kids Detect Fake News

It is often used to describe articles and memes that have been deliberately fabricated to manipulate opinion or misinform. Many educators prefer to concentrate on developing critical media literacy skills in students rather than buying into a debate over whether news is fake or not. However, I want the title of my article today to reflect what people may use in a Search. Popular Posts. Word and Image Puzzles for Kids. Rebus and other word and image puzzles can be lots of fun for kids.

Word and Image Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles help kids think creatively and analytically. Because they are often a little cryptic, it can be very satisfying when they are solved! Add an extra layer of complexity and challenge kids to create their own puzzles for others to try. How Do Kids Write a Book Review? A book review is just one person's reaction to a book they have read.

How Do Kids Write a Book Review?

Book reviewers try to give honest feedback about a book they've read, and they do it in different ways. Most book reviewers write for an audience who are looking for a book to read. Here's one plan that might work if you're are not sure how to get started. Creating Digital Stories with iPad. Creating Digital Stories with iPad by Susan Stephenson, I love to find ways for children to create digital stories.

Creating Digital Stories with iPad

Apart from the fact that I applaud kids creating ANY stories, digital storytelling has the added benefit of including technology. Much to do with tech is inherently motivating for kids, and digital tools provide many different formats for them to explore. So here’s my beginning list of iPad apps that can be used in some way to tell a digital story, either oral, in picture form, written or a combination. Resources for Maker Ed. Maker Ed is a wonderful new way of thinking about something that’s been around for a while: practical projects or “making”.

Resources for Maker Ed

I love this idea because of my passionate belief in the importance of creating, and of encouraging kids to create at home and at school. Making can be incorporated into different curricula, and maker spaces set up in classroom corners, libraries or be pop-up spaces that enable more fluidity. Materials for making can be as varied as paper, buttons, LEGO, fabric, or clay and as technologically advanced as photopolymer for 3D printing, special kits or books about coding.

Many of my librarian friends are embracing, or considering the maker movement, as a logical extension of their emphasis on inquiry-based learning, so I set out to research and find some resources to recommend to them. There are thousands more resources out there, but I have limited my list so it won’t become overwhelming. Useful Articles and Websites Websites Concerning Materials for Making. Activities for Maker Ed. Students will have ideas for projects they want to undertake in a Makerspace, and as they get more involved in making, more and more ideas will flow.

Activities for Maker Ed

But it’s a good idea to have some resources built around making specific projects, especially in the preparing stage. Working out a plan, involving staff and school community, finding spaces, flexible seating and storage ideas are all important ideas covered in the articles listed in Resources for Maker Ed. Today I want to share a short list of ideas and activities that focus more on practical making activities. But first, a quote to light the way. “The aim of this site is to inspire and support teachers to go beyond the basics in bringing LEGO-based engineering to all students. TINKER and PLAY ARTS and CRAFTS WEBSITES with Projects, Activities and Challenges Instructables - DIY instructions shared by makers. Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Cardboard Tube. Creative Prompt for Kids - Start with a Cardboard Tube by Susan Stephenson, Because I love to find ways to excite children about writing (and reading, and learning!)

, many of my Prompts tend to relate to writing, at least in part. Yet I certainly don’t think that creating with words is the only, or the best, way to create. What I hope is that children can start with one of my prompts, then play around with it until they grab a spark, and take off with an idea. Using Comic Editors with Kids. All My Children’s Book Week Posts. All My Children’s Book Week Posts by Susan Stephenson, There are only a few weeks now until the official dates for celebrating Children’s Book Week in Australia in 2015. How exciting! This year I’ve split my customary long posts up into more manageable suggestions of ideas to help you and the children in your lives celebrate.

The theme this year is “Books light up our world.” In 2015 we had: In 2014 we had: In 2013 we had: In 2012 we had: Bonus: May books continue to light up our world so very brightly! Book Chook Bag of Tricks. Every teacher, parent or anyone who deals with kids has a bag of tricks. My bag of tricks is ever-expanding. It has grown over my years as a teacher, parent, aunt and friend. In it I put language games, reading, writing and thinking activities I think kids will enjoy, and even some tips for doing things the Book Chook way. It's my pleasure to share my bag of tricks with you. I'll add to it as time permits. Now let's take a look at some tricks. The Word Game.