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We have assembled a wide array of PBL-related resources created by BIE and collected from fellow PBL travelers. The resources are organized into three broad categories: things to read, to watch, or to interact with. Things to read include blogs, books, articles, and research about PBL, and also written documents you can use – rubrics, project planning forms, student handouts, and other materials for planning, assessing, and managing projects.

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Education-2025 - Project-Based Learning Project-Based Learning (PBL) "Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." As we witness more and more technological advances that are engaging students outside of the classroom, teachers must alter the way they use projects. Mundane projects that are strictly assessed but do not provide any real-world applications are stunting the growth and creativity of students.

Major Advantages and Challenges of the OER Movement Digital content has never been so accessible. The burgeoning Open Educational Resources (OER) movement reflects wider trends in the K-12 space–rapid shifts to blended learning and personalized instruction. As we approach another school year, some teachers will navigate the world of OER for the first time while others who have some experience, will begin seriously integrating it as an integral part of their daily instruction.. And for good reason: The benefits of OER are almost as endless as the number of resources themselves. Yet, implementing OER isn’t without challenges.

AC History Units Along with historical knowledge and skills, the Australian Curriculum: History places emphasis on teaching and learning the following key historical concepts. These concepts represent the 'big ideas' of the discipline of history. Students who understand these key concepts are able to operate 'within the discipline', to think and act in ways similar to those used by historians, at levels appropriate for their stage of development. The key concepts provide a focus for historical investigation, a framework for organising historical information and a guide for developing historical understanding.

Common Core Activities with Frolyc 8 Jan Frolyc is a terrific tool for teachers looking to design their own lesson-based activities. Teachers can create activities for students like: completing a graphic organizer, identify cause and effect in a passage, draw a response to a question or take a quiz. Students can access activities that are assigned to them by a teacher using Frolyc’s iPad app Activity Spot. As students complete the activity, teachers will receive feedback on student progress in real time! Not only does Frolyc let you customize your students’ experience by designing activities, teachers can access a library filled with Common Core aligned activities created and shared by other teachers.

MOOCs are Changing the Way the World is Educated - Webologist In the last few years I have seen, and participated in, some excellent online courses that are run by some of the world’s top universities. My introduction to free online education was when FutureLearn sent me an email to introduce some of their first courses. Today I heard about Coursera, another provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), in a BBC article. MOOCs are becoming the hot new thing. Resources for Assessment in Project-Based Learning Project-based learning (PBL) demands excellent assessment practices to ensure that all learners are supported in the learning process. With good assessment practices, PBL can create a culture of excellence for all students and ensure deeper learning for all. We’ve compiled some of the best resources from Edutopia and the web to support your use of assessment in PBL, including information about strategies, advice on how to address the demands of standardized tests, and summaries of the research.

BlendKit Course Introduction The BlendKit Course is a set of subject matter neutral, open educational resources related to blended learning developed by Dr. Kelvin Thompson and available for self-study or for group use. Periodically, these materials will also be used as the basis for a facilitated open, online course. The goal of the BlendKit Course is to provide assistance in designing and developing your blended learning course via a consideration of key issues related to blended learning and practical step-by-step guidance in helping you produce actual materials for your blended course (i.e., from design documents through creating content pages to peer review feedback at your own institution).

Nine things you didn't know about PowerPoint - Belinda Jennings - ABC Splash - Throughout my career as a teacher I have seen many ICT tools come and go. Some have revolutionised the way I teach and seem to be permanent fixtures in my lesson preparation such as video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo, screen capture tools like Jing and Sreencast-o-matic and blogging apps such as Wordpress and tumblr. Some tech has initially seem like it might be the ‘next big thing’ but ends up too difficult to learn or just not that practical. I think good technology is not the latest and shiniest tool but simply technology that works for you. PowerPoint is something that might be perceived as old technology, but it's something I can't imagine ever giving up and it can be used to enhance student learning. Here are nine reasons why.

ISTE 13: My Delayed Ah-Ha Moment!! This was my first trip to ISTE. I dreamed of attending ever since Maureen Brunner shared at an ILF (Indiana Library Federation) conference session 2 years ago. I literally felt myself drool at the possibility of being surrounded by educators who saw the wonder and potential in using technology as a tool to further our students' education. After watching two ISTE's come and go, I knew it was time to make things happen. After working on my husband for months, planning out how to make the trip as affordable as possible since my district was unable to send anyone, I finally won his support.

This is the portal for a vast array of resources available at the Buck Institute. The primary reason for the category of collaboration is that this page has links to various interactive professional learning opportunities as well as other resources. by chedwards Oct 10

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