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TeachMeAnatomy - Making Anatomy Simple

TeachMeAnatomy - Making Anatomy Simple
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Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple: 9780940780972: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Easy Notes On 【Head】Learn in Just 4 Minutes! The Head is the globe shaped ,topmost portion of the body, that consists of the skull, brain and sensory organs that includes , eyes that allows to have a vision, ears for sensing sounds and maintaining equilibrium (balance), nose that identifies and senses various types of smell, and tongue that identifies and senses tastes. The head also provides openings for respiratory and digestive systems, that also acts as a starting point. The head can be divided into two portions; the cranium and the face. The cranium (a.k.a the skull, the braincase etc) consists of brain. The openings for eyes , nose, and mouth oral cavity is located in face. A little description of comparative anatomy makes the differentiation between the size of cranium and face simpler to understand. The sense of smell is just one of the earliest sensitivities. The supremacy of guy in animal kingdom is because of his large well-developed brain, which gives him the infinite power of thinking, reasoning, and judgement.

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Easy Notes On 【Cranial Nerves】Learn in Just 4 Minutes! Cranial nerves are the 12 nerves that emerge directly from the brain. Out of the 12 pairs of the cranial nerves, the initial 2 pairs originate from the forebrain and the next 10 pairs originate from the brainstem. They may be numbered 1 to 12 in the craniocaudal sequence of their connection on the brain. The cranial nerves are usually designated by Roman numerals. Interactive Anatomical Interface Please hover over the figure to get a brief info about the body parts. Please rotate the device for better visual interaction. The 12 pairs of nerves are: A tiny bundle of nerve fibres closely related to the olfactory nerves is named the 13th pair or ‘O’ pair of cranial nerves. Cranial Nerves Origin The cranial nerves are the 12 paired sets of nerves. Midbrain: from the posterior side of the midbrain the trochlear nerve (IV) originates. Functional Parts A cranial nerve is composed of motor fibres (motor nerve) or sensory fibres (sensory nerve) or both the motor and sensory fibres (mixed nerve).

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