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Project Based
EdTech Freebies to Integrate into your Classroom... quality sites to create and share projects! A few of my favorite sources for having students collaborate and publish work: Turn your photos & videos into pure amazing.Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy. Capzles: Time Captured. All of your media, your life, your stories. Sonic Pics for itouch devices. Prezi offers a unique format to the traditional slideshow presentation. Xtranormal turns type (or text) into speech. Glogster provides a digital platform for students to create a multimedia poster. Storybird has become one of my new personal favorites. Fantastic Freebies: Just click a link below to access the goodies! (Linkup closed)

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12 Timeless Project-Based Learning Resources 12 Timeless Project-Based Learning Resources by Shannon Dauphin Project-based learning is becoming increasingly popular as teachers look for a way to make lessons stick in the minds of their students. According to Edutopia, studies have shown that students who use project-based learning remember the material much longer and have healthier attitudes toward education. Project-based learning is based on the idea that students learn best by tackling and solving real world problems. Students are much more engaged with the subject matter and look to the teacher as more of a coach who guides them through their own reflections and ideas.

Tiny Tech Tips "Tiny Tech Tips" by Erin Klein in support with Amanda Plum Integrating Technology into Primary Classrooms Each week, we will bring you an actual example of how we are using technology with first grade students. 8 Steps To Design Problem-Based Learning In Your Classroom What Is Problem-Based Learning? by TeachThought Staff What is problem-based learning? One definition, if we want to start simple, is learning that is based around a problem. The Techie Teacher: Research Tool Website: I am not sure about other state tests, but Virginia 3rd grade SOL tests had graphic organizers all over our tests this year! Graphic organizers are awesome tools to help organize information and I use them a lot. However, I want to combine graphic organizers and technology more in my 2nd grade classroom this upcoming year (yes..I am headed back to 2nd..woooo weeee!) One idea I am going to try out with the little ones is using research search engine.

42 Fill-in-the-Blank Prompts For Students To Design Their Own Projects 42 Fill-in-the-Blank Prompts For Students To Design Their Own Projects by Terry Heick So often, we make learning more complicated than it has to be. Local planning requirements are usually at fault here–plan this way and prove that you’ve done so here and here, fill out this and this, etc. Those legitimate concerns aside, the following series of fill-in-the-blank prompts can be used by teachers to create lessons, students to create projects–or teachers to collaborate with students to create lessons–or projects. Or, well, you get the idea.

The Techie Teacher: Parent Technology Survey Freebie I just created a Parent Technology Survey that I plan on sending home at the beginning of the year. This will help me better understand how accessible technology is for each student. It will also give me an idea of who will need extra support with the different technology devices I plan on using this year (desktops, netbooks, SMARTboard, iPads, iTouches, digital cameras…) Also, I would love to give technology based assignments as an alternative to written homework. PBL Gallery Home | Getting Started | Modules | Resources | About Us View the work of teachers who developed and implemented PBL units/mini-units. Feel free to download and use the PBL as a template for your work with students.

The Techie Teacher: Timeline Computer Project FREEBIE+Cool App Today I was invited into a 5th grade classroom to help students create a digital timeline using Timeline Maker. Earlier in the week I had emailed a brainstorming sheet for the students to fill out before I got to the classroom: click {HERE} for the document. This morning we modeled how to use the Timeline Maker website before students started to transfer their events to the computer. This was a very quick and easy project that the students enjoyed! Problem-Based Learning or Just Another Project? Use This Checklist to Find Out A few days ago I posted Amy Mayer’s comparison between assigning projects and developing project-based learning in the classroom. Due to its immense popularity, I decided to do some more research on helpful charts for teachers trying to implement PBL in their classrooms, and was thrilled to come across this checklist from the good folks at BIE: This checklist is a fantastic way to ensure that you are on the right track with shifting away from “doing a project” and moving towards project-based learning. Even if you are still at the planning phase, this is a great graphic to get you thinking about the essential elements you should include in your next project-based learning unit! Happy checking, y’all!

The Techie Teacher: Writing Picture Prompts Need some FUN picture prompts for your students to write about? Check out these images: For more entertaining pictures, check out Big Universe Learning. High school stops fighting, learns to love students and tech At the public New Tech High School in California, students bring their own laptops and are encouraged to use Twitter in class. The New Tech High School in Napa allows students to bring in their own computersInstead of limiting access to social media, school teaches about digital responsibility Custom program using Google Apps puts assignments, grades in the cloud Napa, California (CNN) -- Many high-school-age students are hooked on their phones and computers.