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6 iPad Apps That Help You Create Interactive Study Guides

6 iPad Apps That Help You Create Interactive Study Guides
With the end of the semester drawing near, so are the plans of preparing students for final exams and standardized tests. Check out these six iPad apps to create fun, engaging, interactive study guides for your students. 1. ScreenChomp - Create a list of equations for students to solve. 2. 3. 4. 5. Students love to use engaging activities to review and prepare for exams.

Technology and Education | Box of Tricks Posted by José Picardo on September 4, 2012 Introducing new vocabulary in an engaging way is one of the greatest challenges for language teachers. Remembering vocabulary is arguably the greatest challenge for language learners. That’s why I’m always on the look out for new and exciting ways to present vocabulary items to students in a memorable way. Wordfoto is an iPhone and iPod app that allows you turn any photograph into a mosaic made up of your chosen words, which can then be used to reinforce vocabulary learning or other concepts, not just in languages, but in a variety of other subjects. Once you have created your picture-mosaic, you can tweak the colour and fonts further by choosing from some preset themes. If you don’t own an iPhone or an iPod – or if you don’t fancy spending £1.49 ($1.99) – you could consider Tagxedo, a browser based tool that allows you to achieve similar results for free. What do you think? José Picardo

Breaking Research: Most Apps Bad - EdTech Researcher My EdTechTeacher colleagues Beth, Greg, and Tom have been pouring over educational apps. Lots and lots of apps. As practitioners, their instinct is that the vast majority of educational apps are terrible. Shovel-ware. Flashcards. So, we've developed a framework for thinking about teaching with tablets that focuses on using a handful of curation and media creation apps: one for annotation, one for curating, one for web browsing, one for audio creation, one for video creation, one for screencasting, and so forth. But, of course, our position is based on practitioner-wisdom and experience—both of which I value highly—rather than research—which I also value highly. So, I looked forward with great anticipation to receiving a report from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and the New America Foundation on Pioneering Digital Literacy in the Wild West.

Jumbled Sentences – A Series of Free Writing Apps for iPads Jumbled Sentences is a series of five free iPad apps designed to help students learn to construct sentences. The apps provide students with drag and drop activities in which they sort jumbled words into sentences. The sound can be turned off and on in each app. When the sound is turned on students can hear the words read them by the narrator. The narrator also reads the sentences that students construct. The app provides students with immediate feedback on each of the sentences that they build. Click here for Jumbled Sentences 1 Click here for Jumbled Sentences 2 Click here for Jumbled Sentences 3 Click here for Jumbled Sentences 4 Click here for Jumbled Sentences 5 Tags: ELL, ESL, free ipad app, free ipad apps, language arts

Ways to Evaluate Educational Apps I am conducting a series of workshops in Florida and was asked to share a rubric to help teachers evaluate educational apps as part of the workshop. In 2010 Harry Walker developed a rubric, and I used his rubric (with some modifications by Kathy Schrock) as the basis for mine. (Read Harry Walker's paper Evaluating the Effectiveness of Apps for Mobile Devices.) I kept in mind that some apps are used to practice a discrete skill or present information just one time. Others are creative apps that a learner may use again and again, so it's a challenge to craft a rubric that can be used for a wide span of purposes. My rubric also emphasizes the ability to customize content or settings and how the app encourages the use of higher order thinking skills. Here's what I chose to spotlight in my rubric: Relevance The app’s focus has a strong connection to the purpose for the app and appropriate for the student Customization Feedback Student is provided specific feedback Thinking Skills Engagement Sharing

Techie Teacher: Free Apps All Month!! It's hard to believe that March is already here! Did you know it's National Reading Month? To celebrate, Auryn, Inc. is giving away a free interactive reading iPad/iPhone app each day of March! Today's interactive book is by Dean Koontz. Take advantage of this amazing promotion and download each free book daily! This will be great for your primary classroom or your own children! Check out the free book schedule below and don't miss out!