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Business Social Network | Brand Yourself Online Microsoft Translator | Conversations | Break the language barrier Global Students- Global Perspectives Projects | Langwitches Blog I am pleased to share with you an opportunity for Middle School Students to collaborate on a global perspectives project. Mark Engstrom, the Assistant Principal and Middle School Geography teacher at my new school in São Paulo, Brazil, and his collaboration partner, Laurie Clement, a MS teacher in Windsor, Canada, have put together various projects to connect middle school geography students from around the world and to facilitate collaboration among them. This past school year, our students in Brazil worked together with students from Canada, USA and Sweden. They are expanding this opportunity to more schools and countries. Take a look at the outline of the project below and get directly in contact with one of the Program Coordinators: Mark Engstrom Graded School Sao Paulo, Brazil via Twitter (@markaengstrom) email Laurie Clement St. Purpose: To facilitate student growth within a global environment. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Curiosity and Imagination 9.

Visit these 3 most famous Mexican restaurants of Boston, MA | Brian J. Meehan Blog If you are a foodie and want to taste something you are still to taste, you should visit Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the famous places for delicious cuisines. People from across the world come here to taste different types of food, specially Mexican food. Here are a few Mexican restaurants: Tenoch (Photo If you want to taste Mexican pressed sandwich or any other traditional food, you should visit Tenoch. (Photo Credit: Olecito (Photo Situated at Springfield St. in Cambridge, this restaurant is known for offering high quality tacos, burritos, tortas and quesadillas. Villa Mexico Café Situated at Water St. in Boston, MA, this cafe offers authentic, homemade Mexican food. (Photo So, are you ready to taste Mexican dishes in these awe-inspiring Mexican restaurants in Boston? Like this: Like Loading...

Mystery Skype I, Meenakshi Uberoi, Education Evangelist & Founding Director of De Pedagogics, am passionate about coaching, teaching and learning. I design curriculum and train educators to equip and assist them in creating innovative, challenging and enriching classroom environments that are conducive to students becoming life-long learners. I am based out of Gurgaon, India and am proficient in conversing in 3 languages- English, Hindi and Punjabi. My aim is to drive programs to accelerate technology benefits in education with a scope of activities that cover the full spectrum of learning scenarios, including: student programs, teacher PD programs, K-12 learning technologies, 1:1 personal learning infrastructure and supporting educational content. A MIE Fellow and MIE Master Trainer, I am also a resource person for Pearson & for Shri Ram New Horizons and am ready to connect with educators across the globe between 18:00 – 10:00 EST (6:30 am – 10:30 pm India time).

Global Read Aloud | One Book to Connect the World An overview of Fairview Hospital of Great Barrington by Brian J. Meehan PowerPoint Presentation - ID:7717000 The hospital is renowned across Massachusetts because it offers 24 hour physician coverage and telemedicine capabilities. Its emergency team treats nearly 12,000 patients each year. Fairview also maintains a wide arrangement of ancillary services for its patients, which include diagnostic and therapeutic services in the areas of cardiology consultation, cardiac rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging (including digital mammography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and 64-slice CT scan), endoscopy, physical occupational and speech therapy, nutritional and diabetes counselling, surgical care, etc. services. According to Brian J. transparency, safety of patients, and exemplary care. hospitals providing family-centred care with compassion and respect.

Learn - Teachers’ Guide to Global Collaboration Use this guide to engage your class in... Global Project-Based Learning Intercultural Communication Letter & Package Exchange Global Collaboration Connecting through Virtual Reality International Calendar 2014 | Returned Peace Corps Volunteers International Calendar