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Erasmus+ homepage

Erasmus+ homepage
Erasmus+ Project Results The Erasmus+ Project Results is the single information point on European education, training, culture and youth projects. Erasmus+ is on Facebook Interested in new opportunities to study and train abroad? On our official page you'll find all the information you need. eTwinning The free and safe platform for teachers to connect, develop collaborative projects and share ideas in Europe.

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Working with Project Classes This is an entry for everyone currently working at an ELT summer school somewhere in the world! It’s not always easy and there’s a lot of hard work – hopefully this post will help out a bit! I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy my summer school experiences immensely over the years and one of the things I’ve enjoyed doing most has been the project classes. Powerful Online Tools Hosted By: Arfah Farooq from Spark+Mettle, Louise Kavanagh from Catch 22, Sam Sparrow from vInspired and Katie McPhee from EventBrite. Friday 16th May, Ground Floor, 14:30 “A whirlwind overview of the latest online tools supporting organisations and young people to become more socially active and aware. In this session you’ll hear mini talks about, and see demonstrations of, those tools, including Spark+Mettle’s Up tool for young people that tracks and enables young employees to match what they’re doing with their personal career goals and soft skills development. Learn about Catch22 and their Plan.Do tool which is the first ever social action app that helps young people to make a difference in their community and gain employability skills. And also hear from vInspired about their Task Squad tool which fills short-term staffing needs by posting information on paid tasks to a community of 100,000 young people.

MOOCs are Changing the Way the World is Educated - Webologist In the last few years I have seen, and participated in, some excellent online courses that are run by some of the world’s top universities. My introduction to free online education was when FutureLearn sent me an email to introduce some of their first courses. Today I heard about Coursera, another provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), in a BBC article. MOOCs are becoming the hot new thing. CSS Galleries: Free Web Designs for Download A visually appealing website design will not result in lots of recurring visitors if you don't have good content. In contrast bad, old-fashioned, or boring designs may well be accepted by a loyal readership if you have good content. To have both good content and a good design is invaluable. People who want to publish on the web do not need any knowledge of HTML, CSS and the like to get a site up and running. Many providers offer one-click installs of systems such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla.

European Master in System Dynamics Scholarships Currently, for the 2016-2018 cohort the European Master in System Dynamics will have the following scholarships available: 3 Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus full scholarships with a maximum amount of €49.000,- covering the participation costs, travel and installation costs and living costs of the programme5 EMSD consortium scholarships of €16.900,- covering the participation costs of the programme (ie. waiving the tuition fees and insurance costs of the programme).

Excel English Language School, London, UK A course designed for teachers who are not English language specialists, who now find that they are expected to teach in English, and who need to improve their language skills so they can perform better in the English-medium classroom. The course will help you to improve your competence and fluency in English at the same time as learning specific teaching skills – such as leading discussions and structuring lectures. The course offers 22.5 hours of input including one excursion each week, and you can also join our regular programme of cultural and social activities after class, in order to fully benefit from your time in London. Participants should have at least an Intermediate (B1) level of English. Additional Fees Registration Fee: £99

The importance of blogging in ELT My mentor to start blogging: the amazing Vicky Loras! When I started blogging a few months ago, I was just thinking about sharing my thoughts and teaching experiences. I didn’t expect to develop such a community, a friendship with other teachers from around the world.And , sometimes, I think I learn and take so much and give back so little…My motto is: SHARING IS CARING! Many colleagues, ask me all the time about what a blog actually is or how it helps teachers …Well, a blog (short for weblog) is a frequently updated website that often resembles an online journal. It’s so easy to create and update a blog – it requires only basic access to the Internet, and a minimum of technical know-how.

Fresh Badge Generator - Create Very Web 2.0 Badges - FREE! Point-N-Click your way to create Web 2.0 images in less than 20 seconds without any software at all! " Create Astonishingly Attractive, Professional, Eye-Pleasing Web 2.0 Images - Without Any Software in Literally Less Than 1 Minute - Saving You Thousands of Dollars and Hours! " GoEuro Scholarship About the Scholarship At GoEuro, we work hard to bring Europe closer together. Our mission is to improve access to all towns and cities across the continent, making travel easier, whether it be by train, bus or plane. Traditionally, figuring out how to get to destinations without airports has been a complicated process, particularly in foreign countries. It's important to us that travellers don't miss out on discovering fantastic cities like Bath, Segovia, Soest or Namur, which is why we’re determined to help them find the best ways to get there.

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