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The Emperor’s Castle- Thomas Hillier, Bartlett School of Architecture We’re gonna bring you another thesis project today. This one is from Thomas Hillier at the Bartlett School of Architecture. It’s quite a different project than our post yesterday, but definitely amazing. The detail in the models, and the care taken to interpret a story into an architectural solution is really amazing. Check it out after the jump.Thomas uses a great mix of illustrated pages, and models to create his narrative, and turn it into an architectural solution. Split in 3 chapters, the project moves from a 4 act original story, to architectural interpretation, to final product. Chapter I: The Emperor’s castle originates from a mythical and ancient tale hidden within a woodblock landscape scene created by Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaker, Ando Hiroshige. Act I: The First Meeting As time passes the happy couple begin to neglect their duties. Act II: Duties Neglected Act III: Eternal Punishment Act IV: The Last Meeting The Princess's Knitted Canopy The Igusa Rush The Emperor's Origami Lungs

Sports & Convention Center at Jacobs University, Bremen / Germany by MAX Dudler & DIETRICH Architects photo by Stefan Müller Project Details: Location: Bremen, Germany Type: Sports – Public Client: Jacobs University Bremen GmbH Architects: A collaboration between MAX DUDLER – and DIETRICH Architekten + Ingenieure – Building Area: 4450 m2 gross surface area Design and Construction Period: June 2010 until June 2012 Construction Cost: 8 million Euros Photos: Stefan Müller Jacobs University is a private, state-recognised university with an international outlook, located in Grohn, a district of Bremen. photo by Stefan Müller The Sports and Convention Center stands on its own within the university’s park-like campus. The building’s central hall can be used in many ways as either a single-, dual- or quadruple-use sports hall for nearly all types of indoor sports at a national league level. Corridor // photo by Stefan Müller The Gallery // photo by Stefan Müller Sports Hall // photo by Stefan Müller Fitness Center // photo by Stefan Müller Plan Mass Plan

Dezeen - architecture and design magazine Guía para buscar trabajo fuera de España Qué oportunidades de trabajo puedes encontrar, qué requisitos se piden a los profesionales, cuáles son las recomendaciones a seguir antes de emprender viaje en busca de empleo, qué enlaces te pueden ser de interés. Son algunas de las cuestiones que se abordan en los reportajes que hemos ido publicando durante semanas en Portalparados y que ahora recogemos en una guía que pretendemos que os pueda ser útil si tenéis pensado salir de España para trabajar en el extranjero. Son países muy distintos pero todos tienen un denominador común: hay empleo. Con seguridad alguno de ellos puede ser de vuestro interés. Eso sí, la recomendación general para todos ellos es tener una oferta firme de empleo antes de lanzarse a la aventura. Te proponemos un rápido viaje por algunos de los países más atractivos para buscar trabajo en estos tiempos de crisis. Trabajar en Emiratos Árabes Trabajar en Canadá Trabajar en Estados Unidos Trabajar en Ecuador Trabajar en Argentina Trabajar en México Trabajar en Brasil

Design Seeds® | find your palette #5edbbe #243a73 #7d197b #d13aae #ccb7c6 Find The Palettes You Love color hand posted 04.19.14 comments 0 lavender brights posted 04.08.14 comments 2 sponsored links global blues posted 04.04.14 comments 1 color sprung posted 04.03.14 comments 3 shuttered hues posted 04.02.14 comments 0 pigmented palette posted 03.31.14 comments 1 color play posted 03.28.14 comments 2 lantern hues posted 03.24.14 comments 0 a door tones posted 03.23.14 comments 4 elephant hues posted 03.20.14 comments 0 posted 03.17.14 comments 5 celebrate color posted 03.15.14 comments 1 next page >>> ShareThis Copy and Paste Theater For Magicians – Sara Shafiei – The Bartlett UCL Whatever they are doing at the Barlett School of Architecture UCL they seem to be doing an amazing job at pushing their students to extraordinary limits. Sara Shafiei ‘Theater for Magicians’ is an extremely imaginative and rich proposal. Playing on the notions of illusions created by magicians and the actual illusions portrayed through vantage points. SCHOOL: The Bartlett UCLSTUDENT: Sara ShafieiPROFESSOR: Marcos Cruz and Marjan CollettiLOCATION: The National Botanical Gardens, Rome, Italy The project attempts to portray how magic and illusion can become an inherent part of the architectural design, which foregrounds the engagement of the user in the building. The proposal begins by exploring how Harry Houdini’s ‘Vanishing Elephant’ trick is manifested within Albrecht Dürer’s ‘cone of light and vision’ to merge showmanship, optics and illusion.The resultant building, a Theatre for Magicians, is located in the National Botanical Gardens in Rome. Like this: Like Loading...

Projects C+S Architects Published 3 days ago. Photo by Alessandra Bello. All Rights Reserved Besonias Almeida Published 3 days ago. MONOatelier Published 6 days ago. © MONOatelier . Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Published 4 days ago. © Adam Mørk . Published 4 days ago. © Torben Eskerod . Haworth Tompkins Architects Published 6 days ago. © Philip Vile . Alessandro Verona Published 27 days ago. © Massimo Crivellari. Published 22 days ago. © Massimo Crivellari. João Paulo Loureiro Published 8 days ago. © José Campos . Published 10 days ago. © Adam Mørk . Published 11 days ago. © Adam Mørk . Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, Brandlhuber+ Published 10 days ago. © Torben Eskerod . BAAS Jordi Badia

Core77 / industrial design magazine + resource / home M2DS architects: X BIENAL - III Muestra PFC 2009 20 Proyectos Fin de Carrera - BEAUX 09 En ella se presentarón los Proyectos de Fin de Carrera de 20 arquitectos recién licenciados seleccionados entre más de 260 de toda España a través de la III Muestra PFC. A continuación los 20 proyectos seleccionados para la muestra PFC: Para acceso a la memoria de los proyectos aquí mostrados y más información sobre los demás participantes: III Muestra PFC Fuente:

Grasshopper (Explicit History) Same Area Voronoi using Galapagos I have been quite fascinated by the recent development of Galapagos for Grasshopper. This is a simple example of its application set up to solve for a 10-point voronoi division within a user-defined boundary where all the parts are divided as equally as possible in terms of their areas. Gradient Patterns Testing different patterns with grasshopper. Pagora Bench Playing with hopper and Maxwell 2 Two Surfaces Twisted Box It’s been a while I’ve played with Grasshopper. In order to use the definition, first define a box, and some geometries within the box as your base component. Two Surface Space Frame (Rhino Explicit History) Ah so, the new version of the Explicit History plug-in for Rhino is out. This is another way of creating space frames using U/V divisions from two surfaces. crtli_gh_space_frame.wrmcrtli_gh_space_frame.3dm Rhino Explicit History Surface Blend