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The Emperor’s Castle- Thomas Hillier, Bartlett School of Architecture We’re gonna bring you another thesis project today. This one is from Thomas Hillier at the Bartlett School of Architecture. It’s quite a different project than our post yesterday, but definitely amazing. The detail in the models, and the care taken to interpret a story into an architectural solution is really amazing. Check it out after the jump.Thomas uses a great mix of illustrated pages, and models to create his narrative, and turn it into an architectural solution. Split in 3 chapters, the project moves from a 4 act original story, to architectural interpretation, to final product. Chapter I: The Emperor’s castle originates from a mythical and ancient tale hidden within a woodblock landscape scene created by Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaker, Ando Hiroshige. Act I: The First Meeting As time passes the happy couple begin to neglect their duties. Act II: Duties Neglected Act III: Eternal Punishment Act IV: The Last Meeting The Princess's Knitted Canopy The Igusa Rush The Emperor's Origami Lungs

Sports & Convention Center at Jacobs University, Bremen / Germany by MAX Dudler & DIETRICH Architects photo by Stefan Müller Project Details: Location: Bremen, Germany Type: Sports – Public Client: Jacobs University Bremen GmbH Architects: A collaboration between MAX DUDLER – and DIETRICH Architekten + Ingenieure – Building Area: 4450 m2 gross surface area Design and Construction Period: June 2010 until June 2012 Construction Cost: 8 million Euros Photos: Stefan Müller Jacobs University is a private, state-recognised university with an international outlook, located in Grohn, a district of Bremen. photo by Stefan Müller The Sports and Convention Center stands on its own within the university’s park-like campus. The building’s central hall can be used in many ways as either a single-, dual- or quadruple-use sports hall for nearly all types of indoor sports at a national league level. Corridor // photo by Stefan Müller The Gallery // photo by Stefan Müller Sports Hall // photo by Stefan Müller Fitness Center // photo by Stefan Müller Plan Mass Plan

ARCHITECTURAL MODELS December 10, 2018 December 4, 2018 December 3, 2018 November 30, 2018 November 19, 2018 Theater For Magicians – Sara Shafiei – The Bartlett UCL Whatever they are doing at the Barlett School of Architecture UCL they seem to be doing an amazing job at pushing their students to extraordinary limits. Sara Shafiei ‘Theater for Magicians’ is an extremely imaginative and rich proposal. Playing on the notions of illusions created by magicians and the actual illusions portrayed through vantage points. SCHOOL: The Bartlett UCLSTUDENT: Sara ShafieiPROFESSOR: Marcos Cruz and Marjan CollettiLOCATION: The National Botanical Gardens, Rome, Italy The project attempts to portray how magic and illusion can become an inherent part of the architectural design, which foregrounds the engagement of the user in the building. The proposal begins by exploring how Harry Houdini’s ‘Vanishing Elephant’ trick is manifested within Albrecht Dürer’s ‘cone of light and vision’ to merge showmanship, optics and illusion.The resultant building, a Theatre for Magicians, is located in the National Botanical Gardens in Rome. Like this: Like Loading...

Projects C+S Architects Published 3 days ago. Photo by Alessandra Bello. All Rights Reserved Besonias Almeida Published 3 days ago. MONOatelier Published 6 days ago. © MONOatelier . Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter Published 4 days ago. © Adam Mørk . Published 4 days ago. © Torben Eskerod . Haworth Tompkins Architects Published 6 days ago. © Philip Vile . Alessandro Verona Published 27 days ago. © Massimo Crivellari. Published 22 days ago. © Massimo Crivellari. João Paulo Loureiro Published 8 days ago. © José Campos . Published 10 days ago. © Adam Mørk . Published 11 days ago. © Adam Mørk . Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter, Brandlhuber+ Published 10 days ago. © Torben Eskerod . BAAS Jordi Badia

aroe maquetas Architecture for atheists imagined by Bartlett graduate Bartlett School of Architecture graduate Kacper Chmielewski has developed a new style of architecture specifically for atheists, including a shrine to the oak tree (+ slideshow). Building on the philosophies of Alain de Botton, who in 2012 advocated Atheist temples for London, Chmielewski proposes a series of structures intended to inspire awe without any references to religion. He calls the project Atheistic Architecture. The designer claims that by 2040, less than one per cent of Britain's population will be a member of the Anglican Church. "The institution of church has become a monument to the past, both in terms of the community and its architecture," Chmielewski explained. "These beautiful temples are decreasingly used for spiritual reasons and are more often being converted into commercial coffee shops – a saddening waste of their potential." "In Religion for Atheists, Alain de Botton writes about the need for a new typology for atheistic temples," the designer told Dezeen.

Europaconcorsi Young Architect Guide: Building Great Architecture Models Michael Riscica is a Licensed Architect from Portland, Oregon. He publishes a weekly blogpost on Young Architect for Architecture Students and Young Architecture Professionals. Michael wrote the book How To Pass The Architecture Registration Exam and is currently working on a book about ARE 5.0. Last week I built a simple foam core model for a client after several years of not building any kind of model. Thankfully, I quickly learned I still have the skills of the accomplished model-builder I once was in architecture school. OK, I’m being dramatic, but building architecture models was something I always took a lot of pride in. During architecture school, everyone has their own strengths. Add To Collection Save this image to a collection Photograph © Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images In a design class, I typically used models to express myself every step of the way. As the semester progressed and I learned more about my design solution, the quality of the models started to evolve. 1. 2. 3.

The Migrant Garden Team — Migrant Garden © The Migrant Garden Team . Published on June 23, 2015. Migrant Garden supports the active debate inside the Faculties of Architecture and Design. Migrant Garden promotes the culture as an horizontal value. Migrant Garden points out the necessity of a proactive participation of Italian and international students inside the faculties. © Andrés Emiliano Maloberti . In the ancient and evocative cloister of the 14th century there will be an installation of 40 bird-nests, projected and designed by the well know firms. Nieto Sobejano © Andrés Emiliano Maloberti . Another aim of the exhibition is to stimulate a debate among the same architectural firms, investigating which are the connection or severance elements between generations , different formations, geographical origins and how those differences can influence the design approach. Pezo Von Hellrichshausen Tsuneyama + Nousaku Luca Molinari fala atelier Michele De Lucchi Francesco Librizzi Miniatura Matilde Cassani Go Hasegawa Point Supreme