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Free Bead Patterns, Tutorials and Handmade Accessories

Free Bead Patterns, Tutorials and Handmade Accessories

Beaded Jewelry Diva Snow-Globe Soap Dec19 by Brenda Ponnay Stuff their stockings with something they can wash their hands with!By Brenda Ponnay What’s cuter than a button, small enough to fit in a stocking, won’t rot your teeth and leaves you squeaky clean? This is technically just “melt and pour” soap so it might be considered cheating to some hard-core soap enthusiasts but I’m not about to mess with lye or distilling vodka when I’ve got a small child acting as my personal assistant. First you’ll cut up the glycerine into 1-inch chunks. Don’t be fooled by the picture above. After you’ve poured the glycerine, let it cool just enough to form a thin skin on the top. After all your toys are arranged, you can add your snow. Next you’ll pop it in the freezer for about twenty minutes or until the cubes are cool to touch from the underside of the ice cube tray (be sure to check the middle). I used a small paring knife to shave off some of the irregularities on the bottom but that was purely aesthetic.

Finishing Viking Knit Chain | Gail Nettles Finishing viking knit chain, to turn it into a necklace or bracelet, can be daunting at first. You have this beautiful chain you've carefully knitted and sent through the drawplate...but what do you do next? (Don't forget, I have posts on directions for viking knit, using a draw plate, choosing wire and the relationship between dowels and petals.) Not to mention my new tutorial Introduction to Viking Knit! Deciding on Embellishments First you need to decide if you want any embellishments on your chain. If you want to put on a pendant that is a close fit to the chain, you probably want to put it on (or at least put the bail on) before finishing the ends. Of course, you might want no additional embellishments; the chain alone is beautiful, just as it is! Finishing the Ends The ends of the viking knit present somewhat of a dilemma. The answer is with an end cap. For your average viking knit chain, you want an end cap or cone that is at least 6mm in diameter on the large end. Making End Caps

Bracelet cuir tendance double rang perle verre filé papillon turquoise Bracelet cuir tendance double rang perle verre filé papillon turquoise : Bracelet par la-flamme-de-lili sur ALittleMarket Statut : Professionnel Nom de la société : La flamme de Lili Siret : 503324295 Livraison : entre 2 et 8 jour(s) Modes de paiement : Carte bancaire , PayPal , Porte-monnaie , Chèque , Virement bancaire Avantages client : Satisfait ou remboursé - droit de rétractation de 7 jour(s) à la réception de la commande La Flamme de Lili SIRET 50332429500016 Champ du moulin Route de Montpellier 34270 Lauret Contact : laetitia[a] Conditions générales de vente Toute prise de commande au titre d’un produit figurant au sein de la boutique «  La flamme de Lili  » suppose la consultation et l’acceptation préalable des présentes conditions générales de vente. Article 1 : Les présentes conditions générales ont pour objet de définir les droits et obligations des parties dans le cadre de la vente en ligne de biens proposés par La flamme de Lili  au consommateur.

Component of the Month - The Making of "Pie" Beads Remember these? Tomorrow is the Component of the Month Reveal of designs using my "Pie" beads ... meanwhile, I thought you might like a little peak into how I made these little hollow beads... First I roll out a thin slab of porcelain. Then after cutting out ruffle-edged disc shapes, I form each into a dome shape using a copper form. Each of these domed discs will be one half (side) of a Pie bead. I tap down and flatten the edges to form a rim for joining the halves later. Once they have dried a little bit on the dome form, I use my own handmade porcelain stamps to create the pattern on each side. Then, when the porcelain has reached "leather hard" state, I remove the halves from the copper form. I use scraps of porcelain to create a creamy white slip (watery mud). Looks kinda yummy but I'm certain it isn't edible! I carefully roughen (scratch) the surface areas of the rims to prepare them for joining. Then I paint on some slip and stick the two halves together. Voila!

Googely Eye Bracelet I saw this on Martha and knew it would be perfect for our Monster's Inc themed costumes (assuming we actually wore them this year). It's just google eyes glued on a bracelet. I bought the plastic bracelet at Wal-Mart for $4 then raided the kid's craft cupboard for their dollar store google eyes. Easy, quick, cute and cheap. I wore it all Halloween weekend and even to church on Sunday with black and white. I got more compliments on that than most jewelry I wear on a regular basis! Home page dahliacorsage 堆糖网 分类 首页 热门 最新 良品购 特卖惠 家居生活 美食菜谱 手工DIY 时尚搭配 美妆造型 婚纱婚礼 设计 古风 插画绘画 壁纸 头像 文字句子 旅行 摄影 人文艺术 影音书 人物明星 动画漫画 植物多肉 生活百科 搞笑萌宠 搜索含 的内容 搜索含 的商品 搜索含 的专辑 搜索含 的糖友 新浪微博腾讯 QQ 淘宝腾讯微博豆瓣 关联账号登录: 登录 注册 yaxi 发布到 幸福❤杂货 专辑中 2012-05-08 10:10:17 不织布多层花瓣胸花,利用不织布,能做出这样仿真的花朵! 关注 查看完整专辑461119 来自:用户上传 收集 腾讯微博 豆瓣 人人网 赞1 评论 0 添加评论... 评论 你可能感兴趣 还被收集在 > 默认专辑440饰品1900手工1100 标签 还没有标签 活动 哇塞! 截止日期:2014年04月23日 标签集帮助中心关于我们加入我们免责声明堆糖收集工具 ©Copyright by 堆糖 2010-2013, all rights reserved 备案 沪ICP备10038086号-1 确定要删除? 确定取消