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Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates.

Open Source Web Design - Download free web design templates.

Backyard Accents Essential bookmarks for web-designers and webdevelopers | CSS, Color Tools, Royalty free photos, Usability etc. For more useful and inspiring content related to design and web-development visit Smashing Magazine — a magazine dedicated to web design and development. If you think this web-project is useful, please consider making a donation using the button "Donate via PayPal". Support the further development of the project! updated/SaturdayJuly26th Although the "pocket edition" of Web-Dev-Bookmarks wasn't officially released one week ego, it has already been tagged, linked and bookmarked by thousands of users. updated/MondaySeptember19th Since the project "Web-Dev-Bookmarks" was slashdotted, digged, furled, mentioned on, Stumble Upon, 456bereastreet, CSS Beauty, Lifehacker, remarked by Cameron Moll, Jeffrey Zeldman and linked on 1688 pages, it was literally overflooded with visitors and traffic. Over 31,000 users came across "Web-Dev-Bookmarks" over the last 7 weeks, more than 130,000 hits were made. Every donation counts. Please support the project (USD) Please support the project (EUR)

Al's Chicago Style - the BEST Chicago Style Hot Dogs, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Gyros and Hamburgers outside of Chicago An Overview of Current CSS Layout Techniques Introduction Learning how to use CSS for creating web sites is a pain in the ass. It’s not easy and it will hurt you. When it comes to understanding the world of standards based design, you have to think medieval. There are few manuscripts to guide the way and the few monasteries dedicated to the craft are mostly filled with men. That said this overview will cover the current strategies used around the web to build the foundation of every CSS-based web site: layouts. They’re Just a Bunch of Boxes There is a fierce and complicated history and dialectic to follow when it comes to the evolution of the XHTML and CSS architectures. In regards to creating layouts, I recommend paying particular attention to W3C’s ideas in Chapters 9 and 10 on the Visual Formatting Model . 1. The layout of these boxes is governed by: box dimensions and type. positioning scheme (normal flow, float, and absolute). relationships between elements in the document tree. W3C Visual Formatting Model 2. Fixed vs.

Welcome to the Kathleen O'Haco Gallery - Limited Edition Bronze Sculptures Automatic HTML table formatting with JavaScript This article is also available in SPANISH A member on the Forum mentioned in a post how he was working with (or trying to work with) an article he recently read by a guy named David F. Miller. Basically, the article had some interesting JavaScript code that automatically changed the background color of every 2nd row in an HTML table. The reasons for wanting to do this are many; here are a couple of big ones: To make the table look good To make the table information easier to read You can see an example here. I want to point out a couple of things: This is for tables that are being used to present data. Because of that (the PHP thing), when I first took a look at the article, I did not pay much attention. So I got the JavaScript code, and put it to use on my page. I could have taken the easy way out, and just manually colored the many table rows. I got out my nerd-cap and started banging away at the JavaScript and CSS code that made this nifty script work. Applying the CSS.

Scottsdale Vein Center 70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding Advertisement CSS isn’t always easy to deal with. Depending on your skills and your experience, CSS coding can sometimes become a nightmare, particularly if you aren’t sure which selectors are actually being applied to document elements. An easy way to minimize the complexity of the code is as useful as not-so-well-known CSS attributes and properties you can use to create a semantically correct markup. We’ve taken a close look at some of the most useful CSS tricks, tips, ideas, methods, techniques and coding solutions and listed them below. And what has come out of it is an overview of over 70 expert CSS ideas which can improve your efficiency of CSS coding. We’d like to express sincere gratitude to all designers who shared their ideas, techniques, methods, knowledge and experience with their readers. Update (29/05/2007): Brazilian-Portuguese translation of the article2 is also available. 1.1. 1.2. 1.3. Keep containers to a minimum. 1.4.

Enter The Sombrero Mine | 20 Websites That Made Me A Better Web Developer | Six Revisions : Web Development and Design As a web developer, if you’re to be successful, you have to have a constant yearning for learning new things. In an industry that evolves rapidly, you’ve got to keep up or you risk being obsolete and outdated. Keeping up with trends, weeding out the fads, and adopting new techniques to your web-building arsenal is an essential part of being a web developer. I spend (literally) most of the day in front of the computer and even in my spare time, I choose to read, learn, and keep up with web technology news. I’d like to share 20 websites that have broadened my knowledge, expanded my skill set, and improved the quality and efficiency of my web development projects. 1) Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability Alertbox is Jakob Nielsen’s bi-weekly column that discusses web usability. His columns cover topics such as the merits of breadcrumb navigation to Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes. 2) 3) A List Apart 4) Getting Real by 37 Signals 5) Digg / Technology 7) mootools