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DIY Lanvin-inspired Pearl and ribbon necklace

DIY Lanvin-inspired Pearl and ribbon necklace
Supplies- Satin Ribbon-I used two different sizes but you don't have to. Large rhinestone pendant Assorted sizes of pearl beads Beading thread Thin lace trim First I started by beading the pearls onto the thread. I did a graduated beading to add some interest. I beaded the pearls with the thread still attached to the spool, this way I could make sure I had enough length. Continue beading the large pearls and then begin incorporating the small pearls again working back up to the large pearls. Once your done beading, tie a knot large enough for the beads to not move around on each end. Then I took about a yard of ribbon and laced it through the loop of the pendant. Pull both ends of the thread through the pendant loop. At this point I decided I wanted to add some lace trim to the necklace. At the opposite end of the pearls you should have the ends of the lace trim. Voila! Thoughts- -I think I'm going to sew the lace trim to the pearl beads. Enjoy! xoxo, Amanda

Anthro Necklace Week – Paisley Rebirth Necklace Anthro Necklace Week Day 4! In case you have not visited this week – it is officially Anthropologie Necklace Week! 5 Days of Tutorials ending in 5 Lovely Giveaways!! If you need to catch up, here are Days 1, 2 a & 3. Pretty-In-Pinking Tutorial Pontentilla Bib Tutorial Narcissus Net Tutorial Today we are creating the Adorable Paisley Rebirth Necklace. Where on earth do they come up with the names for these?? Here is mine: And here is theirs: This one is a blast to do. I went with a little darker colors than they did because I just fell in love with the fabric in the scarf I found. Here’s your handy dandy tutorial!! Materials: Sewing Machine (you can hand sew it, it will just take longer) Supplies: Scarf or lightweight fabric (you need enough for a 33″ x 12″ piece)Silver chain – 4 yardsSmall pieces of different chains2 Large beaded pieces or pins (I bought these at Michaels)Needle and matching thread Cut out your fabric – you need a 33″ x 12″ piece. You can see that my fabric was pretty sheer. Comments

Think Crafts Blog – Craft Ideas and Projects – CreateForLess » Blog Archive » How to Make a Cool Button Pendant Welcome Guest Blogger, Diane Gilleland, from the Blog and Podcast “CraftyPod”. CraftyPod is made by me, Sister Diane – aka Diane Gilleland. I’ve made things my whole life, and would gladly give up most household chores for an afternoon of serious crafting. How to Make a Cool Button Pendant How to Make a Cool Button Pendant at Here’s what we made at Church of Craft yesterday: Button Pendants. So, you begin with some small pieces of plastic canvas. Next, gather some cool buttons. Okay, now we’re going to wire these buttons to the plastic canvas. Take about an arm’s-length piece of wire. Poke the leading end of the wire back down through the other set of holes – again, passing through both the button and the canvas. Now, here’s something to watch out for as you pull your wire through the canvas: it will want to twist up. Let’s add a shank button to our pendant now. Place your shank button where you like it on the pendant, and then look at it from the side, like this. . . .

Explore more. Web pages, photos, and videos | Trash to Couture original DIY tutorials Click on the links below the pictures to see the page. A beaded fabric flower necklace tutorial Lately, I've noticed both Etsy and Anthro featuring fabric beaded necklaces. I've also noticed a lot of fabric flowers. So, I decided to combine the two and make myself this necklace. I was going for a Halloween type vibe, but I think it can pass for a post Halloween necklace too. As a matter of fact, it would be a great Christmas gift. Scratch the Halloween theme! Below is a tutorial on how to make the necklace. Supplies Necklace fabric: 2" to 3" strip by width of fabric (43"). Instructions Step 1. 1) To determine how wide the casing should be, wrap the fabric around your bead and make note of how much fabric was used. 4) Dab the fabric ends with fray check. Step 2. 1) Insert one bead at a time through the casing. 2) With matching thread, wrap and tie off the end of the right bead. 3) Insert your needle under the fabric and pull the thread through. 4) Once the needle and thread have reached the space between the 2 beads, wrap the thread around the space. Next we'll make the flowers.

Lace Flower Hair Pin Another little project. Nothing fancy but easy and very cute. All you need is 7 inches of lace, a needle and thread, a small piece of felt, a glue gun, and a bobby pin. I found my lace in the dollar bin at JoAnn’s Fabrics. Lay out your lace in front of you on a flat surface. Stitch 6-7inches of lace. Pull the thread tight so the lace ruffles. Once you have checked that the flower looks like you want it to. Cut a circle from the felt that is slightly smaller than the circumference of you flower. Then turn the bobby pin over and begin glueing the lace spiral to it. Once your flower is secure and your glue has cooled you can use the hair pin.

make something monday :: ombré infinity scarf The ombré trend has stolen my heart this year as it has with so many of you I am sure. I can't resist the subtleness of it, so bohemian and soft. I bought some Rit dye earlier in the summer and had fun experimenting with a few projects and came away with this easy infinity scarf using only dye and an XL white t-shirt. It's really the perfect early fall piece to add into your wardrobe as the weather starts to change and this thing is a snap to make. Here is what I did: Supplies: Rit dye - I used liquid rubber gloves XL white t-shirt bowl for dying scissors I followed the directions on the dye bottle and used a bowl in the kitchen sink. I then just dipped one half of the shirt into the dye going crosswise not up and down and let it sit for about ten minutes then nudged a little more of the shirt into the dye bath giving it a few minutes again. I set the shirt out to dry in the sun and then went ahead and ran it through the wash to get any excess dye out. See that, easy as pie really.

mini scalloped felt flowers Another felt flower! These are easy and so cute. I made them by first cutting out flowers with my Go Baby! Rose of Sharon die. You could cut a flower shape out by hand easily, too. Mine were about 3″ wide. Then I started cutting a spiral shape like so… Continue til you get to the middle, ending with a little circular shape. Then starting with the outside end, glue and roll toward the inside. Continue gluing and rolling… …then at the end tuck and glue the little circular shape. A finished little rosette! I added three to a headband, and they also look really sweet on clips! **Also, a few people asked where I got my elastic headbands-I found them at the dollar store awhile ago! **I used a plain old hot glue gun for the gluing!

flowers for your fingers.....before & after.. on a recent trip to charlotte russewith my 15 year old girli spotted this fabulous yellow metal ringat the register when we were buying her some baseball tees..... i removed the large fake pearl in the middle of it....i love that the paint chippedand now the middle looks sort of rusty and vintage....well, i have loved it so muchthat i went back to see if they had any other colors..........all they had was black...... not being a black flower sort of girl,i was disappointed,but then i started thinking, .......spray painti'm not a very good painter,(i leave that to my pal, who is fabulous at it :)but this was super easy.....first i took out all the pearlsand then....... i love how they turned out!!i still have a couple more,....i'm thinking red or turquoise..........i know, i went a little ring crazy!