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DIY Lanvin-inspired Pearl and ribbon necklace

DIY Lanvin-inspired Pearl and ribbon necklace
Supplies- Satin Ribbon-I used two different sizes but you don't have to. Large rhinestone pendant Assorted sizes of pearl beads Beading thread Thin lace trim First I started by beading the pearls onto the thread. I did a graduated beading to add some interest. I beaded the pearls with the thread still attached to the spool, this way I could make sure I had enough length. Continue beading the large pearls and then begin incorporating the small pearls again working back up to the large pearls. Once your done beading, tie a knot large enough for the beads to not move around on each end. Then I took about a yard of ribbon and laced it through the loop of the pendant. Pull both ends of the thread through the pendant loop. At this point I decided I wanted to add some lace trim to the necklace. At the opposite end of the pearls you should have the ends of the lace trim. Voila! Thoughts- -I think I'm going to sew the lace trim to the pearl beads. Enjoy! xoxo, Amanda

Owl Purse I made a few owl purses recently. They turned out so cute that I wanted to share the idea. I love to sew and feel as though I have a knack for making things up. I found a picture of an owl purse on the internet and then just went at it! The design for the owl comes from Gingercake. The little detail that I added was a baby owl pocket on the back! On this purse I repeated the main owl shape twice – on the pocket decoration and on the pocket itself.

* Pearl & Ribbon Accordion Necklace DIY * * 1″ Ivory Bark Ribbon {about 2-1/2 yards} …glam it up for Fall with velvet ribbon!* Large Pearls* Needle/Gutermann Thread {Eggshell} * Snip pearl string for loose pearls * Begin about 1/4 way down the ribbon – pinch and thread needle through it * Thread loose pearl onto needle, then fold ribbon, thread needle through then add another loose pearl. * Continue until you reach desired length. * When you reach desired length, reinforce the pearls by threading the needle back through the entire length of the pearls/ribbon. * Tie a loose knot in the ribbon at the end of the pearls just to finish it off

mini scalloped felt flowers Another felt flower! These are easy and so cute. I made them by first cutting out flowers with my Go Baby! Rose of Sharon die. You could cut a flower shape out by hand easily, too. Mine were about 3″ wide. Then I started cutting a spiral shape like so… Continue til you get to the middle, ending with a little circular shape. Then starting with the outside end, glue and roll toward the inside. Continue gluing and rolling… …then at the end tuck and glue the little circular shape. A finished little rosette! I added three to a headband, and they also look really sweet on clips! **Also, a few people asked where I got my elastic headbands-I found them at the dollar store awhile ago! **I used a plain old hot glue gun for the gluing!

Nationals Headband- A Glee DIY I think the outfits for Nationals this year were adorable. After the mess that was the Regionals outfits, these were a huge improvement. I really loved the headbands and after looking at them I realized how DIY-able they were. Supplies- 1 inch black satin headband Tacky Glue 1 1/2 inch black satin ribbon-1 yard I started off by making two ribbon rolls/tubes, one 5 1/2 inches long and one 4 1/2 inches long. After they were glued I pinched the ends flat to make sure the loops weren't too puffy. Then I glued the smaller one on top of the bigger one. Once the glue was all dry I glued the bow off-centered to the headband. Because they had such a big budget for this episode a lot of the clothes are expensive and way out of my budget so making this headband was a fun way to sorta have something from the episode. xoxo, Amanda

DIY Map Pendants Posted on April 25, 2012 by Christina DIY map pendants require next to zero skill to make. But your guests don’t have to know that. DIY map pendants are perfect for destination weddings. DIY Map Pendants Tutorial You will need: Size your map so that it will fit within your 25mm pendant blank. Place your glass cabochon on the image get an idea of placement. Place three drops of diamond glaze on the back of your glass cabochon. Place cabochon onto image. Cut around glass cabochon. Add e-6000 glue to back of cabochon using a toothpick or the end of a bamboo skewer. Press cabochon inside pendant blank. Add jump ring. Add cord.

How to Make an Oversized Friendship Bracelet In case you haven't noticed, the friendship bracelet is back. And surprisingly, nothing has really changed about it. From the fashion pictures I've seen, they're the same old bracelets I wore in grade school. So, I decided it might me nice to make an oversized version of the bracelet. Instead of using the the traditional material of embroidery thread I used cotton yarn. The method I'm using to make the bracelets is the exact same way I used to make them in the 5th grade. Supplies:Cotton yarn in various colorsScissors To get the correct length of string for you wrist, wrap the yarn around your wrist loosely three times and then add a couple more inches for good measure. Cut as many pieces as you wish to use. Line up all of the yarn. Tape loop down or hook it onto something to keep the bracelet from moving while you make it. Line up your string in the order you want your stripes to go on the left hand side. Starting with the string on the very left, tie a knot around the white string.

Fabric Scrap Necklaces and Headbands I have a never ending stack of scraps of fabric that I can’t seem to find any use for, but I don’t ever want to get rid off. I always think I’ll figure something to do with them and YEARS have gone by and the stack lays there, growing rapidly but never touched. Finally, for the first time I was so happy to find something to do with them after seeing someone wearing one of these!!! I made braided necklaces and headbands. My girls and I LOVED them! It only took us 5 to 10 minutes to make 4 of them, so it is super easy!!! I do have to say they are addictive!! What you need: - 3 different fabric scraps (preferably long so you don’t have to keep tying scraps together) - Security pin - sewing machine or needle and thread. - If making a headband, elastic. Instructions: - Take your fabric and cut a little snip at the beginning and tear the fabric all the way to the end. - About an inch apart, make another snip and tear all the way down. - Do this with all 3 of your fabrics. You are done!!

TUTORIAL] Book Page Necklace I introduced this necklace a while back and sold a couple at the facebook sale, but since my shop is going in a different direction, I've decided to share the tutorial for this necklace. MATERIALS NEEDED: 30" of chain 2 pages from an old book 1 piece of poster board Glue 1 quarter Scissors Varnish Matches Pearls Jump rings Lobster Claps [1] Cut two pieces of chain, 15 1/2, and 18 inches long. [2] Attach the two chains at both ends with small jump rings: [Should look like this] [3] Rip out 2 pages from an old book. [4] Trace a quarter on the book page: [5] Cut out the tracing: [6] Paint cut-out with varnish: [7] Use a match to burn the edges of the cut-out: [8] Use a hammer and nail to punch a hole into the cut-out: [9] Attach a jump ring through the hole: [Repeat steps 4-9 to make 7 of these book page pendants] [10] Attach 7 pearls to jump rings: [11] Plan out where all the pendants and pearls are going to be on the necklace: I'm linking to these parties.