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DIY Star Lantern

DIY Star Lantern
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Stenciling with Bleach So here’s tutorial #3 in the bleach series! It’s an easy way to customize a shirt, fabric by removing color instead of adding it. For my first project I used a $1 doily as my stencil. I placed it on a navy t-shirt and sprayed a mist of bleach over top: I moved the stencil to another location and sprayed again. You can see the color starting to change at the top: Navy….turning to a dark pink/purple: Finished: You can also use vinyl or freezer paper stencils. I used a sponge to dab the bleach around the stencil and I used a spray bottle to mist around it: Once the shirt began to change colors, I sprayed the back of the shirt with bleach. Bleach stenciling is an easy way to add lettering to a shirt too. Finished! Visit the other two projects from this week by clicking the images below:

How To Make a Secret Hollow Book: The first step into making the hollow book is to select a book. Make sure this is a book your own, and not one belonging to the library, or your family. I suggest rummaging through books at yard/garage sales. Make sure it is a hardback; otherwise you will cut all the way through the other side when you are cutting out the insides.You'll also need: Elmer's white gluea container to hold glue solution (I've chosen a film canister)X-acto knife, and/or box cutter. Both if you have thembrush to apply glue solutionpencil/penruler, or other rigid straight edgeSelect a page that you want to be the first one cut out, and save that page to be cut out at the end. Mix a solution of white glue and water. Holding the remaining pages together, brush the edges with the glue solution - enough to soak in pretty well, but not too drippy. Allow this to dry, but use a spacer so the first couple pages, and the front cover don't get stuck. When dry, open the book to the first glued page. Happy hiding.

Cards paper by Yolanda Tascon on Packing Tape Image Transfers I love image transfers. It’s something I’m always using in my journals but there are so many other fun uses for them. All you need to make a transfer is a photocopy of an image or words and packing tape. You can also use printouts from a laser printer or magazine pages. First, take a strip of packing tape and place it over the images you want to transfer: Then use the back of your scissors or the side of your fingernail to make sure the tape is adhered firmly: Next, dip the tape and paper into a bowl of water to wet the back: Using your fingers, start to rub off the paper from the back of the tape: Like magic….your image is left behind on the tape! I like to use the transfers to wrap special letters before I mail them. It’s like having custom tape: Another idea is to take a small canvas and use the images for artwork: I used a paint brush to add craft paint to bubble wrap to use it as a stamp: I just used my hand to press it down: An easy printed pattern! Then I added my packing tape transfers:

DIY Rubber Slime Stretchy, a bit bouncy (not too slimy) and tons of fun to make and play with - this DIY rubber slime is sure to be a hit in your house. This "recipe" is similar to what some are using for a homemade silly putty. I wouldn't quite call this silly putty although it's pretty similar. Silly Putty is more dense than this. I decided to name it Rubber Slime since that's what it reminded us of. You'll need liquid starch, glue (a bit stronger formula than the classroom glue) and food coloring (optional). Pour some glue into a bowl (this glass bowl I used was very easy to clean up) and add food coloring if you're using it. Mix it up well and then add some liquid starch. Start mixing. It will get hard to use a spoon or a stick so you'll have to start using your hands The mixture will start changing as the starch and glue mix together. If your mixture starts to look like this but it still a bit sticky you can let it sit for a bit. It can be stretched out or torn See how it's sticking just a bit?

DIY String Art Hi guys! Dina here from Honey & Fitz back with another tutorial. This time I’m showing you how to make some string art for your little one’s room! Rather than deal with hammers and cutting wood, I decided to do this project using cork tiles. Here are the supplies you’ll need: Cork tiles // Linoleum Nails // 3M Hanging Strips // Contact Cement Stack the cork tiles on top of each other and use your contact cement to glue them together. I really wanted the look of a white background for my string art so I decided to paint the cork. Once the paint has dried, flip your cork tile over and apply your hanging strips. Create your template using whatever font you like. When you’ve traced the entire template, carefully remove the paper. Tie your string in a double knot onto your first nail now, and start weaving in a back and forth fashion. When you reach the end of your letter, tie another double knot onto your last nail. What do you think?

Build Your Own Grid-It Tech Organizer in a Vintage Book No! NOOO! As cool as this may look, I just cannot do this! Say I actually went through with this, probably under deep sedation, then what would I have? The only way I can see myself going through with this would be to find a book that I so thoroughly DESPISE that I would want to carry around with me for the rest of my life a perpetual reminder of the eternal spite and loathing that I have for that author and his or her lump of inestimable drivel. Then, in the tears of the vanquished, I would see my own reflection and despair for the irreperable harm that I've caused to not only another book - but to a fellow book lover. No, Melanie Pinola, I cannot do this.

20 DIY Home Decor Ideas using Decorative Paper I recently shared a hub about different ways pretty patterned papers, like scrapbook paper and others, can be used for different craft projects and a few of them were home decor crafts but there are still so many things you can do with decorative papers, especially for home decorating purposes. Using pretty paper to update furniture and other decorative pieces can really help give things a fresh new look. A few other things you can do is use it to decorate candles, create beautiful wreaths and chandeliers and lots of other decorative items. Scrapbook paper is wonderful, but I know what you may be thinking. One more thing- You will see Mod Podge mentioned a lot in this hub.

52 Weeks Project 19 DIYs For The Artist In You DIY Ring Bowl Made from Oven-Bake Clay Posted on September 13, 2012 by Christina I have done countless DIY projects over the past four years, and honestly, this DIY ring bowl is one of my all time faves. Why? It’s easy. After the wedding you can display it as a cherished handmade keepsake from your wedding. The inspiration for this project came from Esther over at WhollyKao. Want to make one of these for your ring bearer to take down the aisle? You will need: 795 gram package of White Oven Bake Clay (I used Sculpey brand. Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Form your clay into a ball and place on Silpat or piece of parchment paper. Roll it out to approximately 1/4 inch. Take your fabric doily and position it how you want it to appear on your bowl. Position your lid on the clay, just to get an idea of where you want to create your cut-out. Peel back doily. Position your lid and press firmly on the clay. Remove excess clay and save for future projects. Use a chopstick to create two holes at the top of the piece. Form your little birdies.

DIY Mini Photo Studio | Nick Drinks Our household is spawning blogs like bunnies. Since I need all the help I could get, I thought it would be good to up my photo game. We’ve been using a bay window to take some of our pictures. The goal was to combine a light tent and an infinity wall all in a desktop model. All the wood was cut at i3 Detroit, my local hackerspace and brought home for assembly. The hardest part was figuring out the curve. A few coats of flat white paint and some lights from the hardware store and this is starting to look like a little studio. Cover the walls in ripstop nylon from the fabric store and you are all set. Check out some more pictures here as well as the sketch-up files (right click save as). Author Description Nick Nick is a cocktail enthusiast from Royal Oak, Michigan.

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