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10 cool art retreats Make no bones about it. The dying whimper of New Year's resolutions driven into the ground, barely surviving two months into 2016: we hear you. Especially when said resolutions entail the creative sort—be it kickstarting a new series of paintings or writing a new book—and the demands of everyday life make creative regeneration a bit of a hardship. You can blame the 21st century for all your problems. Think the daily onslaught of 'friend updates' inviting one to spiral down into a slippery social media black hole, with the effect of laying on thick, the guilt of procrastination nipping at your ankles 24/7.

Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell: heart-breakingly beautiful photographic series in memory of an extraordinary life Kirsty Mitchell's Wonderland series has been three years in the makingAll costumes, wigs and sets were constructed on a shoestring budgetSome images took up to five months to createShe would often wait an entire year to find the perfect natural setting for her shots By Stephanie Hirschmiller Published: 14:11 GMT, 17 May 2012 | Updated: 09:34 GMT, 18 May 2012 Kirsty Mitchell's late mother Maureen was an English teacher who spent her life inspiring generations of children with imaginative stories and plays. Following Maureen's death from a brain tumour in 2008, Kirsty channelled her grief into her passion for photography. Talking About Writers' Residencies: An Interview with Stephanie Elizondo Griest A version of this interview originally appeared in The Practicing Writer, May 2008. by Erika Dreifus Stephanie Elizondo Griest is another practicing writer I've come to know courtesy of e-mail. When she was awarded a residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts last year, Stephanie contacted me, a past KHN resident, with a few questions about my experience there. But it soon became clear to me that as much as I've learned about residency programs in my life as a practicing writer, Stephanie knows much more!

Plastic Cups Become Fields of Snow It’s not the first thing you think of when you see a package of plastic cups, but Tara Donavan has been making beautiful sculptures with the mass produced items… and they look a lot like fields of snow. By taking transparent plastic cups and stacking them at varying heights, then placing them side-by-side, she makes a rolling field of white. It looks almost soft enough to make a snow angel. See Also Huge Magazine Sculptures Swallow Objects Whole Donovan’s works use products like Scotch tape, styrofoam cups and drinking straws to create sculptural works with a biomorphic style. Because of their mostly brilliant white color, the shapes take on an inviting and clean feeling often resembling snow or soap bubbles.

Martha's Vineyard Writers Residency — Providing established and emerging writers of poetry, fiction and non-fiction with time and space to create The Martha’s Vineyard Writer’s Residency was established in 2007 with a simple mission: to give writers of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, and plays a place in which to create or complete new works. Residencies will be held April 1st-May 15th, 2014 and September 15th-October 31st, 2014. Writers may chose to stay two to six weeks. Each resident is given a private room with a bath in an historic inn in Edgartown, Massachusetts, on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Best Art Schools in America and Europe Art Schools: Origins and History Human art burst into life during the tiny period 30,000-15,000 BCE, when a host of cave painters began decorating cave walls in Southern France and Spain, and rock carvers across Europe began to produce small female sculptures known as Venus figurines. Who were these incredible prehistoric artists? Who taught them how to paint? Who kept alive the painterly traditions of mixing ochre pigments or fashioning brushes from selected types of animal hair?

Frosty Crop Circles Made With Snowshoes The time it takes to create great art is often unfathomable, but imagine if snow were the medium and each piece could take up to ten hours! That sounds excruciating! Snow artist Simon Beck does just that, creating intricate geometric patterns reminiscent of crop circles in the snow, often on top of lakes, in the middle of the night! He plans his designs with a ruler and protractor, then straps on his snowshoes, and super-sizes the pattern with his footsteps. Most of his designs are completed at the ski resort Les Arcs, in the French Alps, where he lives for the Winter. the Spring Creek Project The Spring Creek Project offers two residency programs: The Cabin at Shotpouch Creek is a two-week residency for two participants applying together. Click here for Collaaborative Retreat Application The Andrews Forest Writers' Residency is 7 to 14 day writer's retreat in the Cascade Range. Click here for Andrews Forest Residency Application To learn more: Andrews Forest Writers' Residency

Top 10 best art colleges in the world Compiled is a list of the top ten art colleges in the world. Irrespective of the economy, art graduates have always had it rough with the amount of competition in the field. Having the name of a good art college on your CV speaks volumes about your ability.