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100 Handmade Gift Tutorials

100 Handmade Gift Tutorials
If you’re looking for handmade Mothers Day gift ideas, this post has one hundred of them! Making gifts for Mother’s Day is sure to create priceless memories. Handmade gifts are always my favorite when it comes to the holidays. I like to give them, and I LOVE to receive them! If you’re looking for DIY handmade gift ideas this is definitely the place to be! {Use THIS LINK to pin this post!} 1. Edible 76. 90. More from Slap Dash Mom Easy Chocolate Peppermint Bark White Chocolate Coffee Bark Recipe Need more inspiration? 101 Simple Handmade Gift Tutorials from Everything Etsy137 Inexpensive Handmade Holiday Gifts from Crafty Nest30 Handmade Holiday Gifts from Sew Mama Sew100 DIY Gifts from Online Classes16 Gifts in a Jar from Tidy Mom

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50 Homemade Gifts You Can Make for $10 or Less We all love gifting. However, we know that it’s hard to give gifts to all your friends ’cause let’s be real, it can really add up. However, Christmas is the perfect time for gift hacking, our new term for making wondrous gifts for your friends that won’t break the bank. This year, try sending them a gift they can make themselves, or DIY a gift for them!

Homemade Origami Valentine Card: Kissing Lips Popup Looking for an origami Valentine card idea? Why not give your Valentine a big smoochy kiss with these pop-up origami kissing lips. They’re a cinch to make, and then you just glue them into the inside of a card. Think outside the box with 115 gallon reef bowls Hi! My name is Dave Lackland and I was raised and educated as an artist. I have 30 years experience creating and maintaining marine aquaria so when it came time for a show case system in my own living room, it had to be something different, something that would make friends and visitors smile and /or laugh. Fun with Foam Printing - Easy Tutorial I loved this idea because not only can you recycle these horrid polystyrene containers, but the process is really simple. You could even use tracing paper and trace your design so you don't even need to be able to draw. You could make a whole series of cards like this or just a colorful print to hang on your wall and cheer up the place.

25 DIY Gifts for Travel Lovers Looking for cheap and easy gifts for all the travel lovers you know? Maybe you need a little something for yourself to remember your last vacation? Well, you will LOVE these DIY gifts that you can make in minutes! I’ll admit that I could start traveling and never stop…it’s an addiction, but I’m really alright with it. Maybe you’re like me or you have family members that you never know where there’re at this week. These are the kind of gifts they will treasure…trust me! Cran Judy-Ann Think back to your 21st birthday and what are the things that you are most excited about? Of Course. You are now legally allowed to drink and buy alcohol. If you are the "ideal" 21 year old, you have not experienced too much in drinking and are pretty new to this whole world of mixed drinks. So often the main question that stumps many new drinkers is the simple "What would you like today?".

Rubik's cube chest of drawers Unsurprisingly, there are lots of bits of furniture around that are based on the Rubik's cube; coffee tables are particularly popular, and for 980€ (!!), you can even buy a Rubik's cube locker. I wanted to do something different, and use lazy Susan bearings to achieve at least one axis of rotation - they're cheap, really strong, and add a wacky dimension to a chest of drawers. The design is simply three boxes, each containing a single drawer. Their construction is basic - they're made of 1/4" and 1/2" plywood (which you should get precut at the lumber yard into two 2'x8' sheets), and assembled using a brad nailer and wood glue. This method of construction is super fast and precise, and results in really strong objects. DIY Picture Tiles - You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again Lately I’ve been having this huge urge to decorate the house. This is big news. I do not decorate.

Pink Stripey Socks: Paint your own galaxy umbrella Inspired by Carl Sagan's quote, "We are made of star-stuff," I painted this galaxy umbrella: On the outside the umbrella is black. But open the umbrella up and wow, you're now standing under a galaxy full of twinkling stars. Let's get crafting! {Everything} In A Jar – Handmade Gifts With just a little over 10 weeks until Christmas, it is already time to start thinking about gifts! The more gifts that can be taken care of ahead of time, the easier the holiday season will be. I came up with a really fun idea that can be customized to pretty much any person or occasion called: {Everything} In A Jar Today, I am going to show you the ones I made for teachers!

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