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Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace

Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace
The Cato Institute is pleased to announce that Leszek Balcerowicz, former Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Poland, will receive the 2014 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty, a $250,000 biennial award presented to an individual for achievement in promoting freedom and individual liberty. “Leszek Balcerowicz’s contributions to the advancement of liberty and free markets in Eastern Europe cannot be overstated,” said Cato CEO John A. Allison. “Poland now serves as a model that other countries may follow in transitioning from socialism to a humane economy based on individual responsibility and the rule of law.” The prize will be presented during a dinner at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York on May 21, 2014. Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion, Russian pro-democracy leader, and global human-rights activist, will deliver the Keynote Address.

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Strengthening democracy through private enterprise and market oriented reform Sparking Debate on Economic Policy in Nepal Samriddhi wins an award at the Asia Liberty Forum in Kuala Lumpur. By Sarita Sapkota, Samriddhi Cato @ Liberty Nuclear negotiations with Iran continue in Vienna. Skeptics remain many: everything depends on whether the ruling elite, and not just President Hassan Rouhani, is serious about reform. Iran should demonstrate its commitment by respecting religious liberty. The most celebrated case of persecution today is Saeed Abedini, an American citizen born in Iran and sentenced to eight years in prison last year for “undermining national security” by the Iranian government. A Muslim convert to Christianity, his “crime” in Tehran’s view apparently was aiding house churches.

Other Authors Recommended by Pierre Goodrich Lord Acton (1834-1902) In addition to the names inscribed on the walls of the Goodrich Seminar Room in the Library at Wabash College, Indiana, Goodrich also recommended the works of the following authors. Also see: Hot Policy Wonks For The Democrats: The New Realists Michèle Flournoy hardly seems like a renegade. As president of the Center for a New American Security, she and her colleagues have assigned themselves the modest-sounding mission of coming up with a pragmatic foreign policy platform for the next president. But within the progressive foreign policy establishment, this makes them revolutionaries. “Part of what we’re saying is, let’s have some clear-eyed analysis based on the facts,” said Ms. Flournoy in an interview in her Washington office a few blocks from the White House. “Let’s focus on what works for a while.”

Are Capitalism, Objectivism, And Libertarianism Religions? Yes!: Greenspan And Ayn Rand Debunked download On ebooks search engine, Free download: Dr Albert Ellis, world renown psychologist and founder of the cognitive branch of psychology, diagnosed and debunked Ayn Rand as a manic depressive whose philosophy is clearly dysfunctional. Please read his book, "Are Capitalism, Objectivism, and Libertarianism Religions?" where he shows the Utopian and self-defeating essence of her philosophy which she deifies into "good" and "evil". One only has to consider the linchpin phrase, "the invisible hand", to see the occult wishfulness of her and Adam Smith's work.

Hit & Run : Reason Magazine PwCWith tax season upon us, if you were a foreign business owner regarding all of this scurrying around to file forms and pay the United States government its take, would you consider the activity as relatively attractive compared to the alternatives? Or would you consider it a turnoff? To judge by rankings released last year by the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (you can call it PwC), businesses may venture into the Land of the Free for market opportunities, but that may well be despite a pretty uncompetitive tax regime. Books and Titles Art | Economics | History | Law | Literature | Music | Philosophy | Political Theory | Religion | Science | Sociology | War and Peace Alphabetical List of all Titles | Liberty Fund Books online These are places to go to if you are looking for books, articles, pamphlets, audio, and other titles: Title search by key wordSee the 20 most recently added booksView an alphabetical list of all titlesTitles are organized into “collections” such as: Subject Areas or Disciplines [see below for a list]Topics of a more specialized nature, for example Free TradeSpecial Collections of high scholarly note, such as the Ludwig von Mises Library and the Toronto University Press edition of The Collected Works of John Stuart MillOther Collections, such as Primary Sources and the works of the Founding fathers of the American Republic and the U.S. More Information about the Collections Topics: Many titles are assigned to more specialized Topics such as, Free Trade, Freedom of Speech, or Natural Rights.

Fighting Facebook, a Campaign for a People’s Terms of Service Reuters Facebook is on the defensive again. Members of the social networking site sued the company for co-opting their identities in online ads, and Facebook agreed to revise its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” and offer a $20 million settlement. The case has drawn less attention than the dorm disputes portrayed in The Social Network, but the impact is far wider. An underpublicized aspect of the dispute concerns the power of online contracts, and ultimately, whether users or corporations have more control over life online. Similar class action suits have been leveled against the popular photo-sharing application Instagram, and the mother of all platforms, Google. Fed up with the “contracts” these companies force on their customers, some people are finally striking back.

Wex Welcome to Wex, LII's community-built, freely available legal dictionary and legal encyclopedia. What is Wex? Wex is a free legal dictionary and encyclopedia sponsored and hosted by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School. Wex entries are collaboratively created and edited by legal experts. More information about Wex can be found in the Wex FAQ. Here's a list of all pages. Daily Brickbats : Reason Magazine Seirra Olivero, 13, says she was suspended for telling other students about their legal rights. Olivero says she told other students at her Sparrowbush, New York, school that did not have to take a state English test. She says a teacher told her to “shut my mouth.”

Declassified CIA Docs: Cheney is a Flagrant Liar The National Security Archive has obtained through a FOIA request newly released CIA documents pertaining to 9/11 . There do not appear to be any great revelations in the release, although one of them further illustrates what a liar former Vice President Dick Cheney is. The fact that the Bush administration, and Dick Cheney in particular, actively promoted the falsehood that Saddam Hussein was somehow tied to al-Qaeda and the attacks of September 11th is at this point uncontroversial. It was a deliberate propaganda campaign to help rally Americans to support a war on Iraq that had already been decided upon. Despite heavy redactions, one of these just-released CIA documents reveal that one day before Cheney’s appearance on Meet the Press, the CIA confirmed in a briefing that was sent to the White House Situation Room that “11 September 2001 hijacker Mohamed Atta did not travel to the Czech Republic on 31 May 2000.” MR.

Ken Dychtwald Ph.D.: New Retirement Rules: Caught Between the Dow and the Tao The current financial "reckoning" is causing large numbers of pre-retirees to seriously rethink their current and future lives. While these distressing times have caused many retirement dreams to shrink or even disappear altogether, they're also providing a much-needed social/financial/spiritual wake-up call. There's an existential battle going on to create a better balance between the Dow and the Tao - between the material and the spiritual, work and play, spending and saving, now and tomorrow. Yes, these are tough times, but I think they are perceived to be so partly because we've had it pretty darn good for so long. Our grandparents and parents certainly endured tougher sledding than this. Nevertheless, dealing with today's problems is a challenge for all of us: to be hopeful when we've lost a lot of money and time; to be encouraging when friends and relatives need our help or have lost their jobs; to be positive when there's so much vitriol and negativity in the media.

Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University (CNS-ASU) The Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI) was created to accelerate the formation of a community of scholars and practitioners who, despite divides in geography and political culture, will create a common concept of responsible innovation for research, training and outreach – and in doing so contribute to the governance of emerging technologies under conditions dominated by high uncertainty, high stakes, and challenging questions of novelty. “Responsible innovation” (RI) is an emerging term in science and innovation policy fields across the globe. Its precise definition has been at the center of numerous meetings, research council decisions, and other activities in recent years. But today there is neither a clear, unified vision of what responsible innovation is, what it requires in order to be effective, nor what it can accomplish. Representatives from VIRI Network Member Institutions, Summer Meeting 2015 Mission

Economics Blog Today is “Blog Action Day;” here’s an apparent mission statement from the official website: “Today thousands of bloggers will unite to discuss a single issue–poverty. We aim to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web!” I’ve been telling people for weeks that economists are the wet blankets of the world, so keeping this in mind I thought I would offer a few ideas about what we can do to reduce poverty around the world. 1. Free Trade and Open Borders.

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