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United States History & Government. Early America & United States Constitution. Rothschild's Water Wars, Vaccinations & Future Cities. Moyers & Company. Costs of War: 225,000 Lives and up to US$4 Trillion. Costs of War. Nuclear Explosions in WTC. Law/legal. Independent news. Government. Judge: “NSA exceeded the scope of authorized acquisition continuously”

Yet another Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) judge has blasted United States intelligence officials for disregarding the court’s guidelines for domestic surveillance of American e-mail metadata traffic, a program that ran for around a decade before ending in 2011.

Judge: “NSA exceeded the scope of authorized acquisition continuously”

“[National Security Agency’s] record of compliance with these rules has been poor,” wrote Judge John D. Bates in a 117-page opinion (PDF) whose date was redacted. Fighting Facebook, a Campaign for a People’s Terms of Service. Reuters Facebook is on the defensive again.

Fighting Facebook, a Campaign for a People’s Terms of Service

Members of the social networking site sued the company for co-opting their identities in online ads, and Facebook agreed to revise its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” and offer a $20 million settlement. The case has drawn less attention than the dorm disputes portrayed in The Social Network, but the impact is far wider. An underpublicized aspect of the dispute concerns the power of online contracts, and ultimately, whether users or corporations have more control over life online. Similar class action suits have been leveled against the popular photo-sharing application Instagram, and the mother of all platforms, Google.

Fed up with the “contracts” these companies force on their customers, some people are finally striking back. Individual Liberty, Free Markets, and Peace. USA, and Its History. Justice Department wants to control iTunes store. Everything You Wanted to Know About the DoJ/AP Controversy. Declassified CIA Docs: Cheney is a Flagrant Liar. The National Security Archive has obtained through a FOIA request newly released CIA documents pertaining to 9/11 .

Declassified CIA Docs: Cheney is a Flagrant Liar

There do not appear to be any great revelations in the release, although one of them further illustrates what a liar former Vice President Dick Cheney is. The fact that the Bush administration, and Dick Cheney in particular, actively promoted the falsehood that Saddam Hussein was somehow tied to al-Qaeda and the attacks of September 11th is at this point uncontroversial. It was a deliberate propaganda campaign to help rally Americans to support a war on Iraq that had already been decided upon. Top Secret America. Why we spy: The war on terror is Obama's Vietnam. Kafka’s America –

In a bizarre and ludicrous attempt at “transparency,” the Obama administration has announced that it asked a secret court to approve a secret order to allow the government to keep spying on millions of Americans, and the secret court has granted its request.

Kafka’s America –

Late on Friday, July 19, 2013, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC)—a secret court which operates out of an undisclosed federal building in Washington, DC—quietly renewed an order from the National Security Agency to have Verizon Communications hand over hundreds of millions of Americans’ telephone records to government officials. Gulf Oil Spill. What Was That All About? by Justin Raimondo. A recent poll showed most Americans didn’t know enough about Chuck Hagel to have an opinion on his confirmation as Secretary of Defense.

What Was That All About? by Justin Raimondo

You’d never know that, however, with all the drama emanating from Washington on the subject. So did all that sound and fury signify nothing? What seems like an inside-baseball brouhaha actually maps a seismic shift in the way Americans think about war, American foreign policy, and the peculiarities of our "special relationship" with Israel. War – Here was a contest in which the contrast between the combatants could not have been starker. On one side: Hagel – who volunteered to be sent to Vietnam, was awarded two Purple Hearts, and spent a good part of his public service career fighting for veterans of that criminal war. Hot Policy Wonks For The Democrats: The New Realists. Michèle Flournoy hardly seems like a renegade.

Hot Policy Wonks For The Democrats: The New Realists

As president of the Center for a New American Security, she and her colleagues have assigned themselves the modest-sounding mission of coming up with a pragmatic foreign policy platform for the next president. But within the progressive foreign policy establishment, this makes them revolutionaries. “Part of what we’re saying is, let’s have some clear-eyed analysis based on the facts,” said Ms. Flournoy in an interview in her Washington office a few blocks from the White House. “Let’s focus on what works for a while.” Ms. Syria Dossier: Another Failed Argument by Virginia Tilley. The U.S.

Syria Dossier: Another Failed Argument by Virginia Tilley

Government has released an "Assessment of the Syrian Government’s Use of Chemical Weapons," which argues that the Syrian regime was responsible for a devastating chemical weapons attack on civilians. The statement is presented as justification for U.S. military intervention in Syria, as punishment or deterrent against Syria for violating the international norm prohibiting use of chemical weapons.

This document requires our closest attention. Analysis, by this writer and others, of the famous speech by Colin Powell to the United Nations Security Council on 5 February 2003 justifying the invasion of Iraq identified many holes and weaknesses later confirmed as faulty intelligence and distorted analysis.