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Economic Crisis Currency Strategies and Solutions

Economic Crisis Currency Strategies and Solutions
Books , Interviews , Videos » Bernard Lietaer and Jacqui Dunne promoting “Rethinking Money” at The Big Picture show on RT with Thom Hartmann Rethinking Money points out that there is a way, in fact a thousand ways, to stop our current juggernaut towards global self-destruction. There is a system of solutions already in place in localities throughout the world where terrible problems have existed. The changes came about, not through the redistribution of wealth, increased conventional taxation, bond measures or enlightened self-interest from corporate entities, but rather, by people simply rethinking the concept of money. With that restructuring, everything changed.

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The Problem / Follow the Money - Investigate any major sector of human activity and you will discover the same people are in control, benefitting financially, literally making out like bandits Investigate any major sector of human activity and you will discover the same people are in control, benefitting financially, literally making out like bandits. Check it out for yourself. By getting a clearer picture of the hidden economic incentives that are driving this unseen robbery, we can create more effective solutions to the problems facing humanity.

Currency Proposals Commercial Credit Circuit (C3): A Financial Innovation to Structurally Address Unemployment This paper explains how mutual credit systems can help small and medium-size businesses face the current banking and economic crisis and deal with the problem of cash flow shortage. Businesses can take an initiative to … “Natural Savings: How to Save Forests with Savings for and by the Poor?” Digital Money Forum: Innovation that matters for the majority [Dave Birch] That there is an interplay between the technology and monetary policy is obvious. Look what is going on in Africa. People who aren't allowed to hold dollar bank account hold dollar-denominated mobile top-up vouchers instead. Ugandans without an effective electronic payment system are using M-PESA from Kenya to execute local transactions in Kenyan shillings.

Goodbye to the office Factories used to be arranged in a straight line. That's because there was one steam engine, and it turned a shaft. All the machines were set up along the shaft, with a belt giving each of them power. The office needed to be right next to this building, so management could monitor what was going on. 150 years later, why go to work in an office/plant/factory? Bernard Lietaer: A big picture look at challenges and opportunities in the complementary currency movement In this series of interviews with the movement's pioneers, we take a big picture look at challenges and opportunities in the complementary currency movement. In this first interview, Bernard Lietaer offers his perspective about what questions we should be asking and what issues we should addressing in order to build momentum as a movement and gain greater credibility Actionables Address the movement's weaknesses and build on its strengths by: Improving our data collection system to enable better academic analysis of the impact and viability of complementary currency projects Drawing upon our diversity of initiatives and perspectives to support bigger picture thinking and develop larger-scale solutions Gathering the movement's intelligence about leverage point projects and opportunities, and making them more visible to potential funders and supporters.

Webisteme This is my second post on defining a trust metric for Ripple, or in fact any peer-to-peer credit network which relies solely on trust. In my last post, I looked at a simple approach based on measuring the average ratio of credits and debts for a user. While this wasn’t a bad start to thinking about the problem of trust in general, it suffered from being too simple (I’ll explain why.) Slow Money Services The Salsa Client Services team handles all new client set-ups as well as custom projects such as data clean-up, large-scale content and campaign migration, webpage customization and custom reporting. For more services including everything from strategic consulting to development, we have a community of partners ready to help too. Support The folks in support help you be successful in Salsa in a friendly, clear and efficient manner. You can count on the support specialists to ask you questions to target the specific problem and determine how to best address your concerns.

Monnaies virtuelles: enjeux et perspectives - TechToc Tv, web Peut-on s'enrichir avec de la monnaie virtuelle ? Je sais j'utilise un raccourci facile... mais c'est tout de même une des premières questions (un réflexe naturel, non ?) à la lecture de ce sujet. Parmi tant d'autres... Pour répondre à l'invitation à participer à ce tournage, veuillez sélectionner l'option appropriée ci-dessous. I confirm my response, and also send a word to the organizers: Symbionomics: Stories of a New Economy by Alan Rosenblith Symbionomics is a media project about the new economy. As we face unprecedented global challenges, people all over the world are fundamentally reimagining economics. We’d like to capture visions, ideas, and experiences that tell a new story.

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