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CREATE AUTOPILOT SITES IN UNDER 1HR THAT BRING IN 100,000s VISITORS & $1,000s IN MONTHLY REVENUE! Italian Political Science. Ipsos Public Affairs - The Social Research and Corporate Reputation Specialists. What We Do - Expertise. Public Affairs. European Affairs Consulting Group: Public Affairs Agency in Brussels ~ Services. The range of services that eacon provides, includes the following: Integrated EU Advocacy eacon practices integrated EU advocacy.

European Affairs Consulting Group: Public Affairs Agency in Brussels ~ Services

In strategic planning, we take account of the three most important EU institutions, notably the Parliament, Commission and Council. We further include the national perspectives of relevant member states. EU Representation We give support and advice in establishing and maintaining an appropriate EU presence. Monitoring Monitoring entails the continuous observation and research of developments, decisions, issues and programmes of relevance to a specific organisation or company. Strategy consulting Strategy consulting provides an analysis of the relevant framework conditions, players and vested interests within the political field.

Studies and Analysis Studies and analysis may be conducted in terms of theme, challenge faced or in respect of the decision-making process. Networking Funding Event Management. Public Affairs – Burson-Marsteller – United Kingdom. Practices & Specialities.

Public Affairs – Burson-Marsteller – United Kingdom

Public Affairs Agency. Brevia Consulting has appointed ComRes to undertake regular opinion polls of MPs to understand their views towards key policy issues and the reputation of brands.

Public Affairs Agency

This provides a unique insight into the policy priorities of our elected officials which are tracked over time to see how their opinions have changed. We recommend ComRes to our clients following a series of successful surveys which have produced rich quantities of data. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and specialises in reputation and communications research, hard to reach stakeholder audiences, and policy and political research.

At Brevia, we have extensive experience in media campaigning and work with clients to deliver their messages to the media more effectively. Whether your company is seeking national or regional coverage, our consultants understand the importance of targeting the right audiences and tailoring the right message. What Does A Public Relations Agency Do? Services » Political Intelligence. Political Intelligence offers a full range of public affairs services.

Services » Political Intelligence

We take the time to develop an understanding of the business needs and goals of our clients and use this knowledge to produce programmes of public affairs activity designed to achieve concrete results. Strategy Campaign Planning: We combine our political understanding, policy research and media analysis with our clients’ business knowledge to plan comprehensive campaigns that deliver on business objectives.Messaging: We develop evidence-based arguments to ensure our clients’ positions are seen as compelling by relevant stakeholders. We work with our clients to ensure they are well-briefed to communicate key messages effectively.Strategic Counsel: We offer a sounding board to our clients, challenging them on their approach but also suggesting alternative solutions to problems in order to achieve their business goals.

Intelligence Outreach. Public Affairs Agencies. Public Affairs Public Relations Group The Public Affairs Consultancy Practice Group is a cohesive, highly disciplined global consortium of leading public affairs agencies.

Public Affairs Agencies

Their work combines government relations, trade associations, non-profit organizations, media communications, issue management, corporate social responsibility. Public Affairs – Burson-Marsteller – United Kingdom. Public Affairs - Capabilities. Strategic Intelligence: We use the tools of traditional political research to serve clients who are the targets of negative campaigns by critics, activists, plaintiffs or other adversaries seeking to damage their reputation.

Public Affairs - Capabilities

Our expertise combines crisis communications, political communication, and legal training with an investigator’s ability to obtain and interpret information from a variety of sources and then synthesize it quickly and discreetly. We equip our clients and their stakeholders with the information they need to maintain or enhance their reputations; to supply context around key business decisions and announcements; and to help them lead the public dialogue about their company, their industry or their cause.

On the front end, we diagnose issues or events that could jeopardize a client’s reputation, including lawsuits, boycotts, protests and stakeholder pressures. Grassroots Engagement: If there’s one thing we do well, it’s moving people to act. Servizi di promozione delle relazioni istituzionali, media monitoring e media relations - ES -Comunicazione. Remarkable engagement services. Public Affairs. As the global financial crisis has shown, business, government and consumers are more interconnected than ever.

Public Affairs

In this new 21st century reality, communications strategies must harmonize these three constituencies. Public Affairs – Burson-Marsteller – España. Áreas de especialización Public Affairs Las decisiones políticas y legislativas tienen una repercusión directa tanto en la vida de los ciudadanos como en entidades de carácter público o privado.

Public Affairs – Burson-Marsteller – España

La necesidad de los ‘public affairs’ El buen funcionamiento de toda compañía depende, en última instancia, de la cuenta de resultados.

La necesidad de los ‘public affairs’

Su primer interés es ella misma, sea cual sea el contexto político, económico y social en el que desarrolle y planee su actividad. Sin embargo, esta primigenia –y sólo aparente- vocación introvertida de las empresas no es contradictoria con su innegable –y necesaria- condición de actores sociales y políticos. Las empresas no sólo tienen una inclinación natural hacia la política, sino que son actores políticos de primer orden.

Por eso, para muchas de ellas, la gestión de lo público es un elemento esencial de su éxito, en especial, en sectores regulados y estratégicos. Las empresas deben asumir ese papel político -natural y legítimo- que desempeñan y controlarlo. A esa voluntad estratégica de participar en la actividad política es a lo que llamamos gestión de asuntos públicos. Public affairs industry. The public affairs industry has developed over the last 50 years from being an ‘optional extra for the PR department’ to ‘an operational necessity in the boardroom’. [1] There is some disagreement over exactly what the public affairs industry encapsulates.

Public affairs industry

While often equated with the lobbying industry, the public affairs industry is far broader. Lobbying is in fact only one element of what a public affairs practitioner does. Public Affairs. Public affairs is about ensuring your message is heard and acted upon in the corridors of power. Engaging politicians effectively is about more than highlighting problems.

It’s about proposing solutions as well. Developing a compelling case, forging alliances and speaking to the right people at the right time are all crucial to success.