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Exchange Rates

Exchange Rates

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Spread Betting | Financial Spread Betting The Financial Data Finder The mission of the Department of Finance is to provide an environment conducive to faculty research of the highest caliber and to offer nationally recognized instructional programs at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels. The department strives to develop its faculty throughout their careers in the achievement of excellence in teaching, research, and service. Our department houses faculty in financial economics, with research interests in corporate finance, asset pricing, and risk management. Exploring High Frequency Trading Ingrid M.

Fiat Currency Failure Means: ‘In Gold We Trust’ (NYSEArca:UUP, NYSEArca:UDN, NYSEArca:GDXJ, NYSEArca:GLD, NYSEArca:SLV, NYSEArca:GDX, NYSEArca:SGOL, NYSEArca:IAU Kevin Kerr: No matter where you live or travel — America, Europe, Asia, South America, China, etc. — you use fiat currency, at least in one form or another. Paper money (whose value is dependent on governments and not tied to any fixed standard such as gold) is just a fact of life. Our wealth and financial health are determined by the amount of money in our investments, bank accounts and other holdings. That is, they are subject to the daily fluctuations and whims of the currency markets. We’ll talk about how to best protect yourself from the unavoidable dangers of fiat money in just a moment. Graveyard of Currencies You might have become very nervous watching your personal holdings evaporate as the underlying fiat currency — whether it’s the euro, U.S. dollar, yen, pound, franc or most others — loses value. Around the globe, investors are scrambling to move their hard-earned wealth into a safe harbor that will provide them with real, tangible assets. Not a pretty picture at all. To discover the best areas in London for you just answer the questions below and on each of the tabs that follow. It'll only take a minute... How important is it to be near central London? How important is it to be near a park? How important is living in a trendy area1? How trendy an area is is based on average number of times it features in Time Out Magazine How important is it to have lots of restaurants nearby? How important is it to have lots of late night bars nearby? How important is it to have lots of coffee shops nearby? How important is it to have lots of retail shops nearby? How important is it to live in an area with residents of a similar age to you? How important is it to live in an area with residents of the same nationality as you? North London or South or perhaps you don't mind? Check this box if you don't mind living North or South ...and if you have a preference in which Underground Zone you live, tell us that too. Here's a summary of the information you have given us... Income:

Oil reserves A map of world oil reserves, 2013. Oil reserves denote the amount of crude oil that can be technically recovered at a cost that is financially feasible at the present price of oil.[1] Hence reserves will change with the price, unlike oil resources, which include all oil that can be technically recovered at any price. Reserves may be for a well, for a reservoir, for a field, for a nation, or for the world. Different classifications of reserves are related to their degree of certainty. The total estimated amount of oil in an oil reservoir, including both producible and non-producible oil, is called oil in place. Based on data from OPEC at the beginning of 2013 the highest proved oil reserves including non-conventional oil deposits are in Venezuela (20% of global reserves), Saudi Arabia (18% of global reserves), Canada (13% of global reserves), and Iran (9%).[3] Classifications[edit] Schematic graph illustrating petroleum volumes and probabilities. Proven reserves[edit] Unproven reserves[edit]

GOLD News and Views 09-Apr (USAGOLD) — Gold slipped back to the $1300 zone, weighed by a firmer dollar and a rebound in U.S. equities. The market is also awaiting the release of the minutes from the March 18-19 FOMC meeting, at 2:00ET today. There is expected to broad unanimity reflected in the minutes, as the March meeting was the first presided over by new Fed chair Janet Yellen. However, while there was a consensus on policy, The Wall Street Journal’s Jon Hilsenrath points out that Fed officials are unclear on why they agreed on rate strategy. An article in The Economist this week posits that central banks may now be financing governments on a permanent basis. That’s not the basis for QE cited by the central banks! The Economist makes the point that QE “makes democratic leaders less accountable.” The elected officials can keep cranking out trillion (or near-trillion) dollar budgets, driving the national debt ever-higher, with little consequence.

Useful Data Sets Last Updated: January 2014 This page provides information on how to collect data from a variety of sources. it also allows you to look at and download a number of data sets that you might find useful in corporate finance and valuation. If you have trouble viewing the data in your browser, you can download the data in excel format. I will try to keep them updated, and include the dates of the updates with the data sets. If you want to see the company-specific information, you can download the data on individual firms below. History and Philosophy: I am always flattered to see my data used, but I want everyone using the data to be aware of how and why I put together this data, and the ways it can be best used. Important Data Source update: After twenty years of using Value Line for my US data updates, I have had to switch in 2014. I have switched to a combination of Morningstar, Bloomberg and Capital IQ data for all firms, with an overlay of my own modified industry categories. Data Sets